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Helping Busy Women & Mum’s reclaim their identity, build their confidence & strength,

one workout at a time...

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No more feeling like you don’t deserve to be put first & that you don’t matter.


As Female’s & Mum’s epecially, we naturally tend to put ourselves right at the bottom of the list of priorities, but why should we?

We would hate it if our friend or child didn’t take care of themselves, so why are you any different?

Your health is your lifeline. It keeps you going. It allows you to enjoy the precious moments in life, making memories with those you love. Without your health, you can’t enjoy those moments. So putting your health first needs to be a priority for you.

Great things happen when you put your health as a focal point, trust me!

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about kimberley

I’m a 34 year old Mummy to a 3 year old little boy. I always wanted to

be a PT teacher & after getting a degree in PE, i decided it wasn’t for

me. Fast forward 15 years & I’ve gone full circle in helping adults

now become fit & healthy!

After having my son, I completly lost myself, feeling like I didn’t know

who I had become & like I didn’t really matter any more. It took me a really hard time in my life to start putting myself first, but I fell in love with the process & fitness then became a solid part of my life, building me into a stronger, more confident woman, & in turn, better Mother.

Keeping fit & being healthy has always been important to me, but now it’s a fundamental part of my life which comes before everything, but as a result, has made me realise how fitness positively impacts everything I do. To say it’s completely changed my life is an understatement.

I now run multiple businesses, I’m a parent, with a very busy life, but

I get it done because there are SO many benefits to it.

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Online Coaching

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Personalised Workout Plans



There’s nothing better than training with someone. Training alone, with no accountability makes sessions feel boring & you won’t be putting the effort in like you would if you’re being pushed through a session with me.

I’ll go through your goals with you & create you a bespoke plan to work through together, making it fun & motivating, leaving you feeling full of endorphins!

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If 1-1 Personal Training isn’t achievable for you,

I can support you virtually, designing a programme specifically for you & checking in with you every week to make sure you’re making the progress you desire.

Online Training is great way to be guided to achieve your desired results whilst empowering yourself to take ownership of your fitness goals.

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Nutrition will play a key part when working with me & is something I will watch closely when you get started.

I will guide you through example meal plans & advise you accordingly, based on your what you’re wanting to achieve with things to eat to suit your specific goals & needs.

This won’t be restrictive, but inclusive of the foods you already enjoy. You will be educated on better food choices & learn so much about nutrition.

We don’t shy away from nutrition here. It’s about being honest with yourself & learning that you can eat nutritious foods, enjoy meals out & still get results without cutting out everything you like to eat.


I started my journey in January 2022 when my son was just almost 18 months old.

I began training myself with my own knowledge & followed old routines I’d picked up along the years.

I then decided it was time to get my own coach so invested in myself & achieved some amazing things.

It has been the best thing I’ve done & something I wish I’d done much sooner.

I have never been as confident & I’m in the best shape of my life after having a child.

March 2021

5 Months Postpartum

November 2023

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reclaim your confidence

Forget about the old you, she’s long gone, the newer version will be happier, healthier & stronger!

I promise you, that you will wish you’d started this journey so much sooner, because you will fall in love with the feeling of feeling better!

Confidence will look amazing on you!

Believe it or not, my confidence was absolutely shattered & I was a shell of the person I now am & that’s all because I chose ME & turned to dedicating a lot of my time to my health & fitness.

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let’s get you


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my mission

It’s my mission to help women & Mum’s stop feeling lost & to regain their identity & become the people they scroll through Instagram looking at & wishing they can be.

You CAN be that person. It’s YOUR TIME now.

I get it, you’re busy, feel like you’ve no energy & like you’ve nothing in the tank left to work on you. Well let me show you how you can get your energy back & return to feeling like you’re made of strong stuff...because you ARE!

The minute I started working on my fitness, my health improved, physically & mentally. I was able to manage daily life & the stresses & strains of everyday things in a much better way.

There’s honestly no better feeling than working on you, I promise you!

Get ready to become the best every version of you & regain that confidence you long for, just like I did.

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Sessions based at:

Santo’s Health & Fitness,

Greenfold Way,



1:1 personal training

2:1 group training

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