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My Keys to Success

Today is the first day of my mashup workout challenge.  This week the line up is:

  • Asylum 1: Vertical Plyo
  • P90x3: The Challenge
  • P90x3: MMX
  • Insanity: Pure Cardio // 21 Day Fix: Pilates
  • P90x3: Eccentric Upper // Yoga (stretch)

I’m pretty excited about this.  I have not done MMX or Eccentric Upper yet so it’s going to be fun to try a new workout mixed in with ones I know and love and will hurt.  Today was Vertical Plyo and it was good to get dumb with Shaun T again.  I’m already feeling it a little in my upper back and core so yay!  My big goal is to lose enough in the inch department that my clothes are beyond comfortable.  I have not gone shopping since I finished Insanity last year in a new size and I’m ready for that to happen again so let’s work.

Something I thought about a lot today with regards to this goal was answering the question: What do I do when everything is going in the right direction with my weight?  I wrote down 5 things that I really think I need to have as my daily checklist:

  • Shakeology: Honestly…this is a HUGE key for me.  When I have Shakeology in the morning for breakfast it sets my day up right because it hits my sweet tooth, fills me up, and reminds me of my goals.  I’m gonna be 100% transparent here.  I went through a time in my life where driving through Chic-Fil-A and picking up a milkshake for breakfast was something I did not regularly…but way to much.  Other days I’d go through McDonalds and pick up a smoothie.  I love cold shakes for breakfast, end of discussion.  So Shakeology is my power tool because (1) it hits that spot with WAY less calories and healthy whole ingredients (2) it fixes my stomach issues (3) and it mentally puts me in the right spot to be healthy all day.  It’s a lifestyle.
  • Snacks: I need to BRING a morning and afternoon snack.  And something filling.  Egg salad w/ a whole grain cracker or rice.  Oatmeal with fruit.  Essentially a mini meal, not like a bag of grapes or a little bar.  A good bar – a P90x or Protein Crunch bar – those work.  But mostly, I need to eat mini meals.
  • Salads:  I don’t like eating salads daily but I have realized that when I have salads daily I am much better in general.  I think this again goes to having something filling.  Raw veggies fill me up and keep me from overeating.  You really can’t overeat raw veggies.  Really.  And raw veggies are fantastic for health so it’s a win win.
  • Water: this is my biggest struggle.  BIGGEST.  Because it’s not really fun or sexy or delicious.  But when I am firing I’m drinking a gallon a day, end of discussion.  Right now…there is absolutely no reason I shouldn’t be doing this but it’s so hard some days to even drink 30 ounces.  No lie, in the middle of this I realized I had not had any water in hours and poured myself a glass.  But water keeps me full and has so many amazing health benefits!
  • Exercise: it’s not last because it’s least important.  It’s last because it’s my anchor.  Shakeology and Exercise bracket health for me.  Anyway exercise for me is the cheapest therapy that I could probably ever find.  No matter how I feel about my body when I wake up, when I do a workout I feel better.  I feel strong.  I feel like a fit beasterella and NOBODY can stop me.  In addition after a fantastic workout I have a stronger pull towards eating healthy.  After you push your butt through a stupid hard workout and realize it’s ONLY 500 calories burned…you don’t eat a package of 500 calorie cookies without having a second thought about it.  It’s a mental anchor to help me realize the impact of the foods that I want to eat have on me and how I can erase a workout really quick if I don’t check myself.

That’s pretty long but I wanted to share.  These 5 points are going to be my focus for the month.  If these are the power points…I must hit them to reach my goals.  I am going to track how I do to these daily and use them as a metric for improvement.

Asylum: Day 18

I am now officially into the 3rd week of Asylum – day 18 is tomorrow.  I am SO freaking in love with this program it’s not even funny.  The blend of strength and cardio is really right up my ally.  Considering Asylum vol 2 is pretty inexpensive (because it’s just the dvds and not all the equipment over again) it’s a done deal that I have that program in mind.  I actually have my programs mapped out from now until SUMMIT.  Yes, I already bought my ticket and am going to be in Vegas next year (omg can I tell you I just typed Vegans, lol) for my first Beachbody business convention and my first trip to Vegas.  I’m pumped.

Anyway I digress and I will share my exact breakdown soon!  Back to Asylum vol 1 I want to dispel some myths.  For starters the cardio is VERY different from Insanity.  I know this is considered an Insanity graduate program, but it’s very different because of the introduction of the ladder.  That damned ladder is a PUNISHER.  There is a lot of jumping in this program and things like power jumps are now incorporated with other moves/bands so you have to have endurance and ability to do the move.  But other than seeing some of the same moves, the format doesn’t follow the HIIT style that he perfected in Insanity of 3ish min on/30 sec off, so it feels very different.  Lastly, Asylum is a strength program more than a cardio program.  This starts to put some serious lean muscle on your body.  Great shift if you have used mostly cardio to lose weight like I have.

One thing I have been focusing on with Asylum is getting my diet back on the consistency train.  I had fallen off the tracks and was bumping up and down.  I have been eating mostly vegetarian. Actually a lot of raw vegan to be honest.  I don’t classify myself as either – I like to eat what tastes good and is healthy but my body definitely prefers a lower fat/higher carb situation when those carbs come from produce mostly and grains secondly.  I’m not saying this is what you should eat.  I’m saying that through trial and error I am finding that I feel really amazing eating a mostly vegan diet.  When I am not eating vegan I am finding fish and eggs to be the animal proteins that my body is happiest with.  I do think everyone is a little different with their happy place and we should take time to experiment and see what works and I am happy to help you start those trials if you would like!  Anyway – I am being really great with my diet lately.  Eating clean and eating a lot of organic produce.  Since I started the program I am down 4lbs and I feel really energized again.  I also noticed that once I started eating more raw foods guess what?  My sleep is MUCH better.  Score and score.

I’m going to end here because it’s bedtime for me but I do have more I want to share with you about everything going on.  I have been SO busy the last few weeks but I’m going to definitely make time to share all this stuff!  I have a challenge or two starting soon, Asylum, the man’s new program, and my P90x3 start date!!!


Obesity as a Disease

Apparently back in June, the American Medical Association officially recognized obesity as a disease.  This recognition now opens the doors for tax deductions for obesity treatments, more coverage from insurance for drugs and surgery to “treat” obesity and official diagnosis by your doctor.  Essentially, you could state you “have obesity” the same way one would say they have diabetes.

Can I be honest with you?  I’m really really torn about this.

The first reason that I’m torn is I’m not really sure how you diagnose someone as obese.  And I am certainly concerned that since our medical community tends to be reactive instead of preventative, treatments will not get to the root of the issue…which is different for everybody.  The article brings up the obvious problems with using BMI as a diagnosis tool.  Especially since there have been studies that show for different ethnic groups the actual numbers for BMI may need to shift IF the point of BMI is to indicate an unhealthy weight.  How long do you have to be obese before you are  diagnosed?  Do you have to have attempted legitimate lifestyle changes (monitored??  on your own??  for how long??) before you are diagnosed as obese?  If you are obese and you lose enough weight to be considered overweight or normal weight, are you in remission from being obese?  Using the word cured seems kind of weird to me for this one.

All those aside, the biggest reason – is this going to become the new “I’m just big boned” going forward?

Now, there are some very real benefits to this, the biggest one I see is that if a child is diagnosed as obese, it will force the parents to face some real facts since the cause for a child’s obesity is probably much different than that of me as a grown woman.  Perhaps it will help the push for better school lunches and bring back physical education in schools.

I also think that if we can all decide that the FIRST treatment for obesity will be diet and exercise and perhaps a therapy session then I’m okay with that.  Perhaps if someone can get insurance covered referrals to a nutritionist or heck, a personal trainer, then that will get them started to make some lifestyle changes.  And why a therapy session?  Because for some (many?) people, there are some things that need to be worked out before they can even embark on a lifestyle change.  Many people who were abused, were involved with a traumatic incident, or as a result of a divorce or death in the family gain weight.  And for these people, maybe they have to handle that before they can get mentally in a place where they can make these life changes.  Not everyone who is obese needs this, but some people do. And just throwing them into surgery or on a pill doesn’t fix the problem that got them to where they are in the first place and won’t help them maintain a healthy weight going forward.

I also think that for many people this will force them to face facts. I know MANY of us that weren’t really fully aware of how bad off we were until we lost weight or something bad medically happened to us or we hit rock bottom.  Maybe if we can really start the work before rock bottom happens then people won’t get so sick (type 2 diabetes, heart issues, ect).

I guess I am a little biased on this one – I have had a doctor throw a weight loss pill prescription at me (one of the worst doctors I have ever seen btw – who does that the first visit).  He didn’t do ANY blood work first nor did he even ask me if I was exercising or about my diet.  And it didn’t help me at all.  I really hope that isn’t what starts happening now.  If we really want to “cure” obesity in America – it has to be an attack on all sides.  Working on getting rid of food deserts, lowering the cost of fresh foods (come one – it’s kind of ridiculous that I can buy a value meal from McDonalds for the same cost as 2 lbs of non-organic grapes or apples), educating people on how to eat and exercise, and changing our culture to embrace healthier habits in general (to include the chronic stress that is praised in America that raises hormone levels and aids to weight gain).  If we think the treatment is only about prescription pads and scalpels….I’m not sure we will really see the actual trend change.

What are your thoughts?  This another one that gets me wound up – must be wind up Kim week 🙂


Cheating…is it really ok?

The 4th of July holiday is like most holidays for us Americans.  We (usually, typically) have family or friends around.  And lots of food.  And alcohol.  Every region/family has their favorites, but for most of us, it’s not a salad and fruit holiday – it’s chips, BBQ, potato salad, cakes, pies, ice cream.  It’s a day of freedom and for most of us, that is also freedom from our diet.

If you follow me on social media, you know that I don’t participate in dieting.  Not because it doesn’t work, because it does for many people.  But it 100% does not work for me.  If it did I would have lost more weight when I was doing Weight Watchers and I wouldn’t have started my journey in January 2012 at the highest weight I have ever seen.  The reason I think it does not work is that it allowed me to change from obsessing about food to obsessing about points.  And then just like what happened with food, after so long of doing really well, something breaks and a binge happens.  And how do you recover from a binge?  You start obsessing about points and eating crazy perfect and depriving yourself.  Back and forth, back and forth.  A vicious cycle of total unhealthy thinking.

So what the hell does this have to do with the holidays?

It’s this.  Now, a few days away from the holiday and a day removed from the official weekend, I see so many people commenting about the fact that in order to enjoy the holiday, food must be consumed in massive amounts.  And that the holiday demands so much food that you feel awful then get restrictive and super clean to balance out the holiday. So Monday is the day to clean it up and detox and cleanse and….the dreaded start over.

Sounds familiar?

I thought about this for a few days and it took me a bit of time to figure out why this whole cycle really bothered me when I read about it.  But I think it bothers me so much because it really is a demonstration of the lack of moderation that happens on deprivation style diets.  That celebrations for many of us means eating things that we would NEVER eat on a daily basis or we plan in a cheat day so we can eat the things that we would eat in a much smaller quantity or not at all, but they all become totally acceptable because a date on the calendar makes it ok.

Let me be clear – I’m not anti-holiday or anti-dessert (or alcohol or bbq or any other delicious food despite my tree hugger eating mentality).  I love all that stuff, you don’t get to 300 lbs without liking a few cupcakes and eating a few burgers.  But I am anti cheat days.

I believe in injecting a little moderation into our lives daily/weekly/monthly/whatever so a certain cheat date isn’t built up as the “how many calories can I stuff into my body quickly” holiday.   Not because the food is bad, but because the cycle of saving up for a certain day mentally is not a lifestyle model.  Or is it?  It’s so common in the weight loss community that it is certainly not abnormal thinking or something that gets you a second look.  I’m almost 100% convinced that in life for reaching a certain weight/size goal you are better off being consistent, not perfect.

I guess I want to challenge anyone who reads this blog to start trying to live with a little moderation instead of deprivation/explode model.  If you made it through this entire ramble,  thank you!  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  This topic is a hard one – I think it’s very personal what diet works for you mentally and physically.  Although I do believe that they aren’t always the same answer as sometimes you have to go for sustainability mentally over sometimes faster weight loss that drives you coo coo for cocoa puffs.  And that overrides science.  Right?

Progress – 9 months in

Posting some new progress pics! I’m always kind of amazed at it. I still struggle sometimes with realizing how much weight I have lost – I still buy clothes too big and bring them home lol. I like pictures because the scale just doesn’t show you the change. What does 10 or 100 lbs look like? Hard to imagine for me. Also pics show what the scale can’t…like muscles 🙂 anyway – here I am:



I was 278 in the left pic and 214 in the right. 64 lbs down!! I will try to remember to do monthly updates 🙂

This week with insanity – whoa! As one of my girls in my fit bombshells group says – I am maxed out lol. Seriously though – its like starting over. I’m sore and feeling like I am going slow. But I’m burning 600+ cals a workout right now and seeing inches disappear – so it’s all good 🙂

Closet Stretch Time

So even with the summer shopping I did a few weeks ago, I’m finding I need to find new ways to stretch my wardrobe this summer.  I’m not ready to really spend the money on a new wardrobe – I’m hoping to just make it through this hot weather and to the fall without spending really any more money on clothes unless I really have to have it…or it’s workout gear because you know…I NEED it 🙂

With that said – I tried to shop strategically so I could get some pieces that I could attempt to make work along with some things in my closet that aren’t quite toooooo big yet.  I just wanted to share some of my hide the too big clothes/make it stretch techniques I am trying out.  Share yours too so we can make these closets stretch!

1. Belts.  This one is quickly becoming my favorite tip.  Bigger dresses and cardigans can be cinched and be worn for longer than they fit without one.  Cardigans over sundresses are also great for cooler days into the fall too.  Hit up clearance racks for cute belts in varying colors and thicknesses to use.

2. Layers.  Layers are trendy and also a great way to use bigger clothes.  Camisoles are fairly inexpensive (hello Old Navy) and can be bought in your new size and worn underneath.  The bigger outer shirt can also be belted and bloused for a nice look over jeans or a skirt.

3. Leggings.  Go buy some.  Because once you put on some leggings and your camisole from above, you can put on some of those bigger dresses or longer shirts and wear them even a little big.  These are great for casual looks for the weekend.

4. Maxi Skirts.  The fantastic thing about a maxi skirt is that they go well with many tops/cardigans and they will be great in the summer as you lose weight/tone up.  I have 3 of them and counting, lol.

Those are my strategies for the summer.  The only other thing left to say is to know when it’s time to let go.  You reach a point where you are too tiny to wear that 2XL shirt anymore and it just has to go.  I am still weeding through my stuff, but I had to start accepting that if I’m buying size L tops, the 2XLs probably need to GO.

So what do you do to stretch your summer wardrobe?  Share 🙂

And if you are looking for some ways to shrink out of your current wardrobe, check out the June Sales.  Lots of programs on sale including some of my favorites – Les Mills Combat, Turbo Fire and the Ultimate Reset 🙂

Hello Summer

This weekend is the unofficial start of summer. The weather is supposed to be warm, pools open, and everyone has a bbq party to attend.  But I was looking forward to something more important….the sales.  See, I had not really gone shopping for new clothes in bulk since around November.  I was squeezing into a size 18w.  It fit, but it was not loose at all and I felt like I was barely in them.  So this weekend I decided I would take a bit of money and go shopping for some new clothes.  All of my work pants are way too big in the I can take them on and off without unbuttoning them kind of way and if I don’t wear a belt you might see the undies.  Same with one of my 2 pair of jeans that was also an 18w.  I figured this weekend would be a good way to cost effectively shop for essentially most of a new wardrobe.  And it was!  I found some goodies on sale for sure and my most FAVORITE thing is this top!


This top is a size MEDIUM from Express.  I can tell you that me, this girl who has never shopped at Express in her whole life felt like Miss America.  I honestly cannot remember the last time a medium anything fit me…or if it ever did before.  My eyes were opened like my friend Lauren suggested they would be on this trip.  I ended up buying 5 pairs of new work pants to replace my current pants (all size 16 regular, not womens), a few new tops (size L mostly but a few M), a new pair of jeans (size 16), a new belt, 8 new bras (two band sizes smaller than the too big ones I had been wearing), new workout shoes (with all the pounding of insanity, you wear out shoes fast!), and some new shorts (size L – mostly for hot yoga, but I will use them for workouts too).  I was pretty impressed with my haul since I shop at an outlet mall that had huge sales, I didn’t spend nearly as much as I thought I would.  If you took the bras out, I didn’t spend much at all (you boys are lucky!!!).  As things went into my drawers the too big stuff was taken out and trashed or put in the donation pile because I really was on a mission to replace with things in the right size this trip 🙂

Since it’s the start of the BBQ season, I’ll leave you with a few of my BBQ tips for having a healthy meal without any pain.  Let me say – a BBQ is the easiest type of challenge for a healthy eater.  For one – people are usually perfectly fine with you offering to bring a side to share.  And for two – bringing your own thing to throw on the grill is painless for the host, so it’s less intrusive than say bringing your own food to a dinner party.


This was most of my prep for today.  I made the following:

  • Veggie Kebabs – so easy and usually appreciated by all attendees, even the meat lovers.  Chop up your favorite produce (I did mushrooms, peppers, onions together and pineapple and tomato together) and marinate.  Marinate in your oil of choice and your favorite seasonings or in your favorite salad dressing and throw on the grill
  • Corn – another easy one.  Place the corn on a piece of foil shucked and cleaned.  Brush with EVOO and sprinkle on salt and spike seasoning.  Wrap up foil and throw on the grill.
  • Raw Zucchini Salad – today I made a real simple recipe.  I’m not sharing because it needs work, LOL.  It was a great base but I want to play with it a little more to get it right.  Today’s was okay and since there was so much flavor in the other food it worked out.

These are just a few ideas and they can be modified for your diet.  Want meat that’s clean?  Just add chicken breasts to your kebabs.  Kebabs are a great share and eat type of food that everyone pretty much loves.

Okay that’s enough from me tonight.  I’m going to get to bed – week 2 of insanity starts BRIGHT and early tomorrow.  Well it’s a holiday – so not too early…but early enough since we have a brunch to attend!


Yogi Kim

Hey friends!

I am so so excited because I am going to spend the next few weeks doing YOGA in addition to INSANITY!  I have never done yoga in a real studio more than a one off class here and there.  I’ve done a lot of yoga with P90x One on One Fountain of Youth and P90x Yoga X over the past few months.  Also every workout program from Beachbody has a stretch/recovery workout at least once a week if not daily….so I have been stretching quite a bit lately and finding that it is something I really enjoy.  Increased flexibility is a HUGE athletic goal of mine.  It helps improve your range of motion (which means that I can get into better position for the different exercises and not get injured), relieves stress, and helps reduce recovery time post exercise.  It is in general really good for your body, especially when you are doing body punishing workouts like INSANITY.  You can’t expect to push your body to the limits without giving it the care it deserves and still function.

Yoga memberships are pricey and I don’t really know if I will be able to use it as much as I would want.  A lot of studios offer a very inexpensive 30 day rate for new students (mine was under $40 for a month of yoga, they want to get you hooked!) and it’s a good way to try out different types of yoga classes and see how often your schedule allows you to attend classes.   Most studios have varying packages – pay a year in advance, monthly rates, drop in rates or class punch cards – and doing the 30 day yoga challenge so to speak will let you figure out which type of membership is the right price or none of them are the right price because you hate going to a real live yoga class regularly 🙂

Anyway, I’m super excited to try this out.  I wanted to do it in conjunction with INSANITY because I’m going to be beating my body up pretty good in my AM workouts and I figured that the yoga classes in the evenings a few times a week will really help me stretch it out, especially the hot yoga classes!

Anybody else a yogi out there?  Any tips?  I have gone to hot yoga classes here and there, but not in many years (like 6).

Also sharing a progress photo.  The pic on the left is the side view of the picture in the same shirt in my header taken in September.  The pic on the right side was from this week wearing the same shirt, but different pants.  I had to finally throw those left side pants away because they were finally just way too big.  I’ll probably wear this shirt forever though, it’s a great reminder of how far I have come and how much I have changed my life and my outlook over the past months.  The crazy thing is, I had already lost 22 lbs BEFORE that picture was taken.  Definitely glad I am on the path that I am on these days.


Ultimate Reset Redux: Day 17

I am so close to being done with this reset I can taste it!  This is the point in the program where the sheer volume of salad starts to be a bit much for me.  Not because I don’t like salad…but because I dislike eating essentially the same kind of salad every. single. day.  It starts to get old, especially in week 3 because the grains are gone so you are eating a fruit and vegetable (with oils and seasonings) diet for the most part.  If I were in charge of the reset I would have way more hot lunch items (and some totally hot lunch items) in the program.  But alas, I’m not the one in charge of that, I just work here 🙂  I will stop complaining about my rabbit food to say that I do like the variations of dinners this phase.  I did learn that for the lemon pepper kale that doubling the lemon juice was NOT necessary to double the recipe…noted.  Last night I didn’t double the lemon juice and it was much better.  But other than that, everything has been delicious.  One of my favorite perks of the reset is learning all the different ways I can prepare vegetables and still like them.  This was a skill I simply did not have pre-reset and to me a vital skill for anyone trying to eat healthier.

I also realize how my taste buds have changed.  The first go round some of these meals were flat out disgusting to me.  The edamame dish…I hated it.  This time I did not, I actually liked it.  The kale doesn’t taste flavorless/gross.  Veggies not steamed/boiled/cooked to a mush are all good.  My taste buds changing is something I didn’t thoroughly appreciate until the past few weeks.  I  knew my diet was very different and the cravings were diminished but I don’t think I realized I had actually acquired a taste for these vegetables over the past 7 months.

Oh what else?  Ah yes, what you really care about…my weight.  As of the morning of day 15 (so 2 full weeks in) I had lost 19.5 lbs and crossed into the over 70 lbs total lost club!  I’m now buying most of my little summer dresses in size large except for a few dress shapes where I still need an XL because I am a true pear and have junk in the trunk.  It’s kind of trippy and I still buy stuff in the wrong size when I don’t try stuff on a lot because I forget that I don’t need the XXL anymore and I can walk into a lot of stores and just buy what I want because I can find it in a size that fits.  Trippy.

I do know that I cannot WAIT do you hear me?  WAIT to get back on INSANITY in a few weeks.  Now that my body is slimming down and getting rid of the excess, I so am ready to get to sweating and get toned and slimmed down more in inches, especially in my legs, hips, and arms.  Those three areas are my problem areas and with the strength + cardio combo in INSANITY I’m pretty sure that I will be able to tone this slimmer body a lot with this round.  The challenge pack sale is over, but you can still join the Insaniacs on Facebook by sending me an invite on my FB page.  There are 6 of us and growing that will be tackling this program in a few weeks.  If you need the program you still have plenty of time to order and new orders of an INSANITY challenge pack will receive a welcome to the team package from me with a shaker cup and some Shakeology packets to get you started while you wait for your order to be processed and sent.

And I leave you with this, a new updated full body photo.  I posted this on IG earlier this week, it’s from a shopping trip to Old Navy in one of my new size L dresses.  No I don’t know why I cross my legs weirdly when I’m standing, it’s something I do because I’m an awkward nerd when it comes to posing 🙂

How to Lose Weight for Beginners

Okay the title is a little tongue in cheek obviously. But I wanted to write a post for people as an intro so to speak about how to get started with healthy living/weight loss.  I wanted to write this after having a conversation with my cashier at the grocery store yesterday.  She was asking a lot of questions and reminded me of how I felt over the years of learning about fitness, nutrition, and health in general.  And I know that many many people feel the same way, intimidated by dieting and overwhelmed by all the options.  So here is your quick guide to start living healthier and losing weight.

1. Start moving.  Seriously.  You can walk around the block, pick up a dvd you already have at home, chase your kid around the living room, play with your dog.  It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are not sitting down.  Being sedentary is one of the biggest problems we have as a society.  A lot of us sit in a car to commute to work, then sit at a desk all day, then sit and watch tv.  This has to change, not just for weight loss, but for cardiovascular health.  One of the first things I bought myself when I started losing weight for GOOD was a fitbit. It tracks everything you do for movement and gives you goals it hit daily.  You don’t have to start with INSANITY or P90x…you can start with marching in place for 20 minutes while you watch tv to start establishing the workout habit.  Start with where you are now

2. Replace your beverages.  One of the easiest things to do as a beginner is to start drinking water.  If you drink juice or pop, starting now replace that with water.  Yes, you need to replace your diet pop too.  You can add lemon or lime or oranges or cucumbers to your water to add a flavor boost.  The reason for this is that for one, getting rid of juice and pop eliminates sugars (real and artificial) from your diet helps lose weight right off the bat.  For two, drinking water and being fully hydrated helps you stay full.  I’m sure you have read this before, but the hunger, thirst, sleep, and sex desire feelings all are very similar.  And most of us are not hydrated because it’s annoying.  Going to the bathroom all the time, carrying around water are not fun and can be really annoying…but it will keep you from thinking you are hungry when you are actually really looking for a drink of water.  Lastly, you will notice your sugar cravings will change since you aren’t putting so much sugar in your body.  Start with aiming for 64 oz of water a day and work up to a gallon.  I promise you will

3. Start making simple swaps.  Okay let’s start with the truths.  1. We all know fast food and junk foods like chips and candy are not good for our health/weight.  2. We all know that our portions should be much smaller than we would like.  Can we accept those 2 statements as fact?  Okay with that said, let’s start making simple swaps to bring out diet in line with a healthy diet that we just agreed on.  So for example.  Have an apple (and heck, add some dip if you really need it) instead of a candy bar.  Skip the McDonalds and make a casserole ahead of time and bring that portion to lunch at work instead of going to the drive thru.  Skip the giant bowl of pasta at a restaurant and go for a salad with dressing on the side + a smaller portion.  Things like this are not painful but start bringing you closer and closer to a clean diet.  When you are just starting out, these types of swaps are accessible and easy to swallow.

4. Find support.  This is crucial for most of us in any phase – beginner to advanced.  You need to find people that have your back, that you can be honest with, and that you can talk to when you are stressing and they won’t tell you to go ahead and eat a whole pizza to solve your problem.  It can be the internet (FB groups, Instagram (which has an incredible fit fam!)) or a family member, a personal trainer, a coach (like me!), or anybody else that you know will have your back.  It’s best if this person is already living a healthy life or with you on your journey so you have someone who can empathize with your struggles. If you are doing a specific diet plan like Weight Watchers or any of the Beachbody programs it is built in.  You can use sites like spark people to also find a good fitness/diet community.

Now of course there are many many ways to jump from these beginner steps to more intense things.  Some people go from zero to buying insanity and following the nutrition guide or doing the ultimate reset and jumping right in.  That is of course an option.  The point of this is to help give people that are not ready for that kind of leap some basic steps that they can follow to get started and start seeing success.  It’s also good for people that have chronic pain or anything that would prevent them from being able to do something intense.

Questions?  Let me know!