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Ultimate Reset Round 2 Results

I am completely RESET ya’ll ūüôā

How do I feel now that the Ultimate Reset is over? ¬†Pretty freaking FANTASTIC. ¬†I’m sleeping better, my stomach issues are gone thanks to the lack of dairy, I’m not craving sugar, and I feel strong. ¬†Energized. ¬†Feeling so refreshed and positive and in a great mood. ¬†I lost 24.6 lbs and 15.75 inches overall. ¬†Most of the inches were in my core but they came from all over – bust, waist, hips, thighs, arms. ¬† Comparison photos…night before I started to the last night of the reset. ¬†I didn’t post the morning as the comparison because I wanted to keep it consistent.


As I mentioned before, moving and everything else in the month or two before the reset had really given me a fluffy middle and stress was causing me to have some bad habits resurface. ¬†My goal of the ultimate reset for me is never an amount of weight. ¬†It is a tool in my portfolio that I use to bring my habits into alignment with my goals so I can continue with success down the line. ¬†And for the second time I feel like this program has done that for me, so it’s definitely rated a successful endeavor for me for that reason. ¬†I’m in this for the long haul ūüôā

So what is next for me? ¬†Right now I am getting back on the workout train with all the DVDs I have at home and yoga. ¬†I am planning on a mix of Les Mills Combat, Les Mills Pump, and TurboFire. ¬†I am doing these workouts to get back into the groove of things and to start getting my body ready for INSANITY. ¬†My INSANITY challenge group starts May 20th (deets here!) and I know that after not working out for 21 days I need to ramp up for that. ¬†I did Les Mills Combat 30 min Kick Start today and it whipped my butt…that’s why I need to ramp up.

Diet wise, I am going to continue eating vegan for a few more days at least, then adding in eggs and very limited dairy to slowly build back up. ¬†I don’t plan on being vegetarian for life, but I do plan on sticking to a mostly plant based diet again. ¬†That has been working for me very well for the last few months.

Ultimate Reset Redux: Day 17

I am so close to being done with this reset I can taste it! ¬†This is the point in the program where the sheer volume of salad starts to be a bit much for me. ¬†Not because I don’t like salad…but because I dislike eating essentially the same kind of salad every. single. day. ¬†It starts to get old, especially in week 3 because the grains are gone so you are eating a fruit and vegetable (with oils and seasonings) diet for the most part. ¬†If I were in charge of the reset I would have way more hot lunch items (and some totally hot lunch items) in the program. ¬†But alas, I’m not the one in charge of that, I just work here ūüôā ¬†I will stop complaining about my rabbit food to say that I do like the variations of dinners this phase. ¬†I did learn that for the lemon pepper kale that doubling the lemon juice was NOT necessary to double the recipe…noted. ¬†Last night I didn’t double the lemon juice and it was much better. ¬†But other than that, everything has been delicious. ¬†One of my favorite perks of the reset is learning all the different ways I can prepare vegetables and still like them. ¬†This was a skill I simply did not have pre-reset and to me a vital skill for anyone trying to eat healthier.

I also realize how my taste buds have changed. ¬†The first go round some of these meals were flat out disgusting to me. ¬†The edamame dish…I hated it. ¬†This time I did not, I actually liked it. ¬†The kale doesn’t taste flavorless/gross. ¬†Veggies not steamed/boiled/cooked to a mush are all good. ¬†My taste buds changing is something I didn’t¬†thoroughly¬†appreciate until the past few weeks. ¬†I ¬†knew my diet was very different and the cravings were diminished but I don’t think I realized I had actually acquired a taste for these vegetables over the past 7 months.

Oh what else? ¬†Ah yes, what you really care about…my weight. ¬†As of the morning of day 15 (so 2 full weeks in) I had lost 19.5 lbs and crossed into the over 70 lbs total lost club! ¬†I’m now buying most of my little summer dresses in size large except for a few dress shapes where I still need an XL because I am a true pear and have junk in the trunk. ¬†It’s kind of trippy and I still buy stuff in the wrong size when I don’t try stuff on a lot because I forget that I don’t need the XXL anymore and I can walk into a lot of stores and just buy what I want because I can find it in a size that fits. ¬†Trippy.

I do know that I cannot WAIT do you hear me? ¬†WAIT to get back on INSANITY in a few weeks. ¬†Now that my body is slimming down and getting rid of the excess, I so am ready to get to sweating and get toned and slimmed down more in inches, especially in my legs, hips, and arms. ¬†Those three areas are my problem areas and with the strength + cardio combo in INSANITY I’m pretty sure that I will be able to tone this slimmer body a lot with this round. ¬†The challenge pack sale is over, but you can still join the Insaniacs on Facebook by sending me an invite on my FB page. ¬†There are 6 of us and growing that will be tackling this program in a few weeks. ¬†If you need the program you still have plenty of time to order and new orders of an INSANITY challenge pack will¬†receive¬†a welcome to the team package from me with a shaker cup and some Shakeology packets to get you started while you wait for your order to be processed and sent.

And I leave you with this, a new updated full body photo. ¬†I posted this on IG earlier this week, it’s from a shopping trip to Old Navy in one of my new size L dresses. ¬†No I don’t know why I cross my legs weirdly when I’m standing, it’s something I do because I’m an awkward nerd when it comes to posing ūüôā

Ultimate Reset – The Preparation

Oh man I am SO ready to do the reset again. ¬†I feel pretty gross lately. ¬†I have been struggling and struggling and struggling to get back on my game and that’s why we decided to move the reset up just a few days. ¬†The ¬†man pretty much was good to go early if I wanted to do it early so decision made. ¬†I haven’t been on any kind of scale in weeks…I’m more than terrified of what I’ll see on Wednesday¬†morning¬†when I do my measurements and weigh in pre-reset but I do know that I still fit in my clothes so it can’t be THAT bad…right? ¬†Having a bachelorette party, birthday, and 2 bridal showers in a 9 day period was a bit much for me and I am pretty bloated right now. ¬†TMI but it’s my blog so hey, my jorunal.

Anyway, yesterday I started my reset prep. ¬†The Ultimate Reset participant portal (appears on the website for login after you purchase the kit) is the first stop for me, even before going back into the guidebook. ¬†The reason for that is that the portal has grocery lists and the guidebook does not. ¬†The grocery list is broken down by week which is super helpful because having to go through the book and write it myself would be a pain in the butt. ¬†So anyway yesterday I went to the store and stocked up on what I was missing. ¬†It’s funny, the very first time I did the reset I had to buy pretty much everything, including a lot of the spices. ¬†This time I had to buy mainly the¬†perishables (produce, chicken, fish, eggs, hummus, guacamole), and some of the grains like tortillas and the fresh herbs. ¬†It was much cheaper ūüôā

As far as¬†preparation, really the only thing you can do before the reset is to cut back on crap food and shop. The first time I did this, I was coming off vacation with my girlfriends followed immediately by a long weekend with my husband in Memphis…so I was doing the opposite. ¬†Lots of alcohol, dessert, food, meat…just about the opposite of the recommended prep. ¬†This time I am coming into it with WAY less crap in my system, but not as clean as I would have liked. ¬†The biggest thing they warn against is cutting back on caffeine. ¬†I do drink tea pretty regularly, but I have cut back the last few days since deciding to move everything up. ¬†I can deal with sugar¬†withdrawal I do not want to contend with caffeine¬†withdrawal.

Next, clean your house. ¬†Clean it all up. ¬†Don’t keep temptations in the house if you don’t have the strength to get through the 21 days without it. ¬†If you don’t want to throw it out, box it up and give it to a friend or something. ¬†I have been slowly cleaning out the house the last few weeks, so I really don’t have any tempting food left. ¬†I mostly have random cans of beans as far as non-reset food…so nothing that would be a huge temptation, lol. ¬†Plus I actually like the reset food so I know going in that I’ll be ok.

And the one tip I want to leave with you – resist the urge to eat all your favorite junk foods the days before the reset. ¬†My husband is going through this and it’s SO hard to deal with from my end. ¬†Let’s eat this since we will be vegan for a few weeks, let’s go here, let’s have dessert every day! ¬†Resist this urge. ¬†For one – it just makes you feel like crap from all the extra stuff and for two – it’s not like you will never have it again – just not for 21 days. ¬†And I mean seriously – do you have pizza that often in a 21 day period? ¬†You probably don’t. ¬†Unless you are a college student or a bachelor. ¬†But other than that…it’s not like you would normally eat some of this stuff during that time period anyway. ¬†Don’t go into it with a mentality that it’s the end of the world because that will make these 21 days really really long. ¬†Just go into it that you are cleaning up your body and you will incorporate your foods back cleanly after and it helps.


Why I Believe in the Reset

Today I mostly wanted to remind everyone that the Ultimate Reset kit sale ends on the 14th.  The sale was extended because it was so popular in March through the middle of this month.  I will be doing the reset again starting on April 21st so if you order you will be able to start on the same day as me if you are interested in partnering up.  The reset is on sale for up to $50 up depending on the kit you need plus you can sign up as a coach and get an additional 25% off.  If you remember, this is when I initially signed up for coaching, to save that money when my hubby and I did the reset in September.

Why am I SO intensely recommending the reset? ¬†Several reasons, but the biggest being if you are struggling with your diet then this can be the trigger you need to get off the yo-yo and onto a better long term program. I struggled forever with how to stick to a diet. ¬†I would be awesome for a week or two and then just binge or overeat on sugar. ¬†I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t diet right….why I wasn’t able to be “normal” and lose weight. ¬†I still struggle with this thinking, but I have a WAY better diet than I did even when I was counting calories and points and all that stuff. ¬†I don’t struggle to say no anymore, I have control over my sugar addiction instead of being a slave to that and every fast food joint between work and my house. ¬†I don’t have bad skin because of all the crap I’m putting into my body and my life in general is a lot smoother because I am not fighting myself every day. ¬† ¬†Oh and I also lost 21 lbs…which is pretty awesome.

I am really excited about this round of the reset. ¬†I know what is coming after doing it once and after all the life that has been happening lately, I am really excited to reset because I NEED a reset. ¬†It’s going to suck to not workout for 21 days outside of walking and non-intense yoga. ¬†But as we all know – nutrition is way more important than the exercise for body change and nutrition is the part that most of us struggle with. ¬†And if your nutrition isn’t right I don’t care how many rounds of INSANITY you do, you won’t see the results you deserve.
I am asking you to consider doing the Ultimate Reset with me not because it’s a gimmick…but because it honestly is the best thing I have ever bought from Beachbody and the best money I have ever spent in the health and fitness catagory. ¬†It was my teach a girl to fish moment…it taught this girl how to treat her body with kindness in the food department instead of beating myself down with junk. ¬†My reset group will go beyond the reset and work on follow on nutrition so we can maximize our results of this great program ūüôā ¬†The sale ends on the 14th, so don’t wait too long otherwise you will have to pay full price.
If you are interested and still not sure or throw off by the price or anything, email me at healthyengineer@gmail.com and we can talk about what discounts you can pile on and how we can make this work!