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My Keys to Success

Today is the first day of my mashup workout challenge.  This week the line up is:

  • Asylum 1: Vertical Plyo
  • P90x3: The Challenge
  • P90x3: MMX
  • Insanity: Pure Cardio // 21 Day Fix: Pilates
  • P90x3: Eccentric Upper // Yoga (stretch)

I’m pretty excited about this.  I have not done MMX or Eccentric Upper yet so it’s going to be fun to try a new workout mixed in with ones I know and love and will hurt.  Today was Vertical Plyo and it was good to get dumb with Shaun T again.  I’m already feeling it a little in my upper back and core so yay!  My big goal is to lose enough in the inch department that my clothes are beyond comfortable.  I have not gone shopping since I finished Insanity last year in a new size and I’m ready for that to happen again so let’s work.

Something I thought about a lot today with regards to this goal was answering the question: What do I do when everything is going in the right direction with my weight?  I wrote down 5 things that I really think I need to have as my daily checklist:

  • Shakeology: Honestly…this is a HUGE key for me.  When I have Shakeology in the morning for breakfast it sets my day up right because it hits my sweet tooth, fills me up, and reminds me of my goals.  I’m gonna be 100% transparent here.  I went through a time in my life where driving through Chic-Fil-A and picking up a milkshake for breakfast was something I did not regularly…but way to much.  Other days I’d go through McDonalds and pick up a smoothie.  I love cold shakes for breakfast, end of discussion.  So Shakeology is my power tool because (1) it hits that spot with WAY less calories and healthy whole ingredients (2) it fixes my stomach issues (3) and it mentally puts me in the right spot to be healthy all day.  It’s a lifestyle.
  • Snacks: I need to BRING a morning and afternoon snack.  And something filling.  Egg salad w/ a whole grain cracker or rice.  Oatmeal with fruit.  Essentially a mini meal, not like a bag of grapes or a little bar.  A good bar – a P90x or Protein Crunch bar – those work.  But mostly, I need to eat mini meals.
  • Salads:  I don’t like eating salads daily but I have realized that when I have salads daily I am much better in general.  I think this again goes to having something filling.  Raw veggies fill me up and keep me from overeating.  You really can’t overeat raw veggies.  Really.  And raw veggies are fantastic for health so it’s a win win.
  • Water: this is my biggest struggle.  BIGGEST.  Because it’s not really fun or sexy or delicious.  But when I am firing I’m drinking a gallon a day, end of discussion.  Right now…there is absolutely no reason I shouldn’t be doing this but it’s so hard some days to even drink 30 ounces.  No lie, in the middle of this I realized I had not had any water in hours and poured myself a glass.  But water keeps me full and has so many amazing health benefits!
  • Exercise: it’s not last because it’s least important.  It’s last because it’s my anchor.  Shakeology and Exercise bracket health for me.  Anyway exercise for me is the cheapest therapy that I could probably ever find.  No matter how I feel about my body when I wake up, when I do a workout I feel better.  I feel strong.  I feel like a fit beasterella and NOBODY can stop me.  In addition after a fantastic workout I have a stronger pull towards eating healthy.  After you push your butt through a stupid hard workout and realize it’s ONLY 500 calories burned…you don’t eat a package of 500 calorie cookies without having a second thought about it.  It’s a mental anchor to help me realize the impact of the foods that I want to eat have on me and how I can erase a workout really quick if I don’t check myself.

That’s pretty long but I wanted to share.  These 5 points are going to be my focus for the month.  If these are the power points…I must hit them to reach my goals.  I am going to track how I do to these daily and use them as a metric for improvement.

How to Lose Weight for Beginners

Okay the title is a little tongue in cheek obviously. But I wanted to write a post for people as an intro so to speak about how to get started with healthy living/weight loss.  I wanted to write this after having a conversation with my cashier at the grocery store yesterday.  She was asking a lot of questions and reminded me of how I felt over the years of learning about fitness, nutrition, and health in general.  And I know that many many people feel the same way, intimidated by dieting and overwhelmed by all the options.  So here is your quick guide to start living healthier and losing weight.

1. Start moving.  Seriously.  You can walk around the block, pick up a dvd you already have at home, chase your kid around the living room, play with your dog.  It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are not sitting down.  Being sedentary is one of the biggest problems we have as a society.  A lot of us sit in a car to commute to work, then sit at a desk all day, then sit and watch tv.  This has to change, not just for weight loss, but for cardiovascular health.  One of the first things I bought myself when I started losing weight for GOOD was a fitbit. It tracks everything you do for movement and gives you goals it hit daily.  You don’t have to start with INSANITY or P90x…you can start with marching in place for 20 minutes while you watch tv to start establishing the workout habit.  Start with where you are now

2. Replace your beverages.  One of the easiest things to do as a beginner is to start drinking water.  If you drink juice or pop, starting now replace that with water.  Yes, you need to replace your diet pop too.  You can add lemon or lime or oranges or cucumbers to your water to add a flavor boost.  The reason for this is that for one, getting rid of juice and pop eliminates sugars (real and artificial) from your diet helps lose weight right off the bat.  For two, drinking water and being fully hydrated helps you stay full.  I’m sure you have read this before, but the hunger, thirst, sleep, and sex desire feelings all are very similar.  And most of us are not hydrated because it’s annoying.  Going to the bathroom all the time, carrying around water are not fun and can be really annoying…but it will keep you from thinking you are hungry when you are actually really looking for a drink of water.  Lastly, you will notice your sugar cravings will change since you aren’t putting so much sugar in your body.  Start with aiming for 64 oz of water a day and work up to a gallon.  I promise you will

3. Start making simple swaps.  Okay let’s start with the truths.  1. We all know fast food and junk foods like chips and candy are not good for our health/weight.  2. We all know that our portions should be much smaller than we would like.  Can we accept those 2 statements as fact?  Okay with that said, let’s start making simple swaps to bring out diet in line with a healthy diet that we just agreed on.  So for example.  Have an apple (and heck, add some dip if you really need it) instead of a candy bar.  Skip the McDonalds and make a casserole ahead of time and bring that portion to lunch at work instead of going to the drive thru.  Skip the giant bowl of pasta at a restaurant and go for a salad with dressing on the side + a smaller portion.  Things like this are not painful but start bringing you closer and closer to a clean diet.  When you are just starting out, these types of swaps are accessible and easy to swallow.

4. Find support.  This is crucial for most of us in any phase – beginner to advanced.  You need to find people that have your back, that you can be honest with, and that you can talk to when you are stressing and they won’t tell you to go ahead and eat a whole pizza to solve your problem.  It can be the internet (FB groups, Instagram (which has an incredible fit fam!)) or a family member, a personal trainer, a coach (like me!), or anybody else that you know will have your back.  It’s best if this person is already living a healthy life or with you on your journey so you have someone who can empathize with your struggles. If you are doing a specific diet plan like Weight Watchers or any of the Beachbody programs it is built in.  You can use sites like spark people to also find a good fitness/diet community.

Now of course there are many many ways to jump from these beginner steps to more intense things.  Some people go from zero to buying insanity and following the nutrition guide or doing the ultimate reset and jumping right in.  That is of course an option.  The point of this is to help give people that are not ready for that kind of leap some basic steps that they can follow to get started and start seeing success.  It’s also good for people that have chronic pain or anything that would prevent them from being able to do something intense.

Questions?  Let me know!