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October Planning

October is going to be a serious focus month for me. I was good in september with hitting my goal of getting serious again. But now my goal for October is to step it up even more.

On the exercise front, I will be continuing Focus T25 as my main program. I will do the Gamma add ins that Start with week 4. As lam prepping for 2 things-insanity certification and indoor track season, l will be adding in P90X (for strength) and insanity (to prep) all month. May sub some strength based T25 workouts for P90x just to get what I need for training.  I need to add strength so this goal will drive my decisions week to week.

On the food front, I will be doing 30 days of plant based eating. I am really determined to figure out my Gl issues this month-so no dairy or gluten for me for awhile. This is going to be REALLY hard-but it is what I need to do. I nave some fantastic recipes and cooked a few dishes today to be ready for the week. l will post some here as I go. Get ready for me to wax poetic about bread in 3 days. I want to avoid “fake” foods so you won’t see A Lot of substitute fake processed foods. Just veggies. produce, beans. gluten free grains, and the like. I also really want to cat mere raw veggies.

On the Beachbody front a new challenge group is starting October 21st. It is open to any one not currently working with a coach. or any of my team members not on a program right now. We will do Shakeology + the fitness program of your choosing. P90x and P90X2 are both going on save Oct 1,  so if you wanted away to go strong into 2014. that could be your awesome Start. The other great thing is that there will be , l prizes-DVDS, shaker cups, and other things to support your fitness journey for participating so your investment into your self this fall will come back to you in many ways. Our group will support you through the holidays and help each other succeed during this hard time of year. To join- email me at kimbfitblog@gmail.com and we will determine the best fitness program to get you started. I hope you will join us with Team Tenacity this fall to get healthy+ fit and get a serious head start on your 2014 goals.

Re-Visiting a Workout

This week I am doing a lot of random workouts.  Just having fun with things while I am getting back into the swing of things and have a lot of flexibility.  Come May 20th it’s full time INSANITY so I’m enjoying this “free time” while I have it.

Yesterday I did core synergistics for the first time since I did my month of P90x earlier this year.  I picked this workout because I remembered it as being a good recovery week workout…not too hard but not easy either.

Clearly my memory is foggy…or after doing 3 weeks of P90x my body was a well oiled machine.

I am straight up toilet sore today.  Don’t act like you have never been there…toilet sore is when you can barely get yourself to sit on the toilet because your legs are so torn up.  It’s that kind of sore where you kind of walk weird.  My stomach is not feeling too bad, but my behind and legs (especially my quads) are on fire.  I’m kind of shocked, I NEVER got this result before from this workout.  Ever. I also could do a lot more than I could do before.  More of the lunges and better form on the lunges I completed.  Better form is really probably the biggest difference.  It’s easier to get into the different exercises and positions than it was before and to do more reps since I’ve lost more and more weight.  I’m really excited to get into INSANITY again significantly lighter and leaner than my first go around.  I’m thinking that I’ll see some really different types of results just because my ability has morphed a lot.

For the next week, my general plan is to keep mixing it up.  I will be out of town a few days, so I will make sure to pack some travel friendly (read: workouts that don’t require a bunch of stuff) dvds with me.  Some candidates for that are TurboFire, P90x core synergistics, or Les Mills Combat.  I’m picking up a bunch of travel friendly snacks too.  I’m going to be busy and I know that if I don’t pack foods I can have in a pinch or if meals are served that don’t really agree with me or go with my food needs then I’m going to be in a bad jam.

I will post the workout plan for the week tomorrow morning and some of my meals for this week!