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7 INSANE Days Left!!

Okay friends….today was the first workout of the LAST week of INSANITY!  I can’t believe how fast this round has gone compared to the first round where I struggled much more to get through the workouts.  This time I am much stronger than before and I can tell.  I am doing Max Sports Interval Training instead of CCB and I think that is giving me an edge in the strength department.  Max Sports and CCB are very similar in format.  Max Sports is a tad bit longer, but I really like the big variety of exercises and how they are themed in Max Sports a lot.  PLUS I notice a soreness after Max Sports (the good kind of soreness…) that I don’t have after CCB.  I’m not sure why that is honestly…CCB is NOT easy for me…but I like it 🙂  Both workouts are some of my favorites in the whole program though!

With this being the last week, it’s time to really focus on nutrition to get me through.  There are seven days in a row of workouts – hard workouts – so I need to make sure I have the energy to get through the day.  So I’m packing a few extras in my lunch box, tons of raw veggies and product to get me through the day energized and packing beans, eggs, and more green veggies for protein.  Oh and having Shakeology every single morning (which I usually do anyway).  I’m making sure to eat clean and am focusing on how I feel to guide my decisions on what I need, I’m getting better at that..  I also probably will go to bed just a little bit earlier because I haven’t been getting enough sleep for my morning workouts.  It’s sometimes hard to do this because I like spending the evening with my husband.  But in reality it’s only about 15 extra minutes I need, which isn’t much all things considering.  I have to remember to tell myself that tonight 🙂

I am really curious to see how my body has changed though.  I don’t feel the dramatic changes like I did the first time.  The first time my stomach completely changed shape and I had such a huge visible difference it was kind of crazy.  Now, I am very close to the point where I am almost done with the weight loss portion of this journey and moving into the toning/sculpting phase and don’t have as much fat to lose.  I do feel stronger and feel like most of the changes are in the definition of my upper body and the general size of my lower half.  But I guess we will see in a week!!

Progress – 9 months in

Posting some new progress pics! I’m always kind of amazed at it. I still struggle sometimes with realizing how much weight I have lost – I still buy clothes too big and bring them home lol. I like pictures because the scale just doesn’t show you the change. What does 10 or 100 lbs look like? Hard to imagine for me. Also pics show what the scale can’t…like muscles 🙂 anyway – here I am:



I was 278 in the left pic and 214 in the right. 64 lbs down!! I will try to remember to do monthly updates 🙂

This week with insanity – whoa! As one of my girls in my fit bombshells group says – I am maxed out lol. Seriously though – its like starting over. I’m sore and feeling like I am going slow. But I’m burning 600+ cals a workout right now and seeing inches disappear – so it’s all good 🙂

INSANITY Fit Test #3

Yesterday was the doozy workout – fit test + max circuit intervals.  1.5 hours of crazy insane fun with Shaun T and the crew.  I both loathe and love this workout.  Loathe it because it’s a long day and I have to get up really early.  Love it because I feel like a super woman after working out and actually making it through the workout without crying.

So the fit test results are (drumroll!!!)

  • Switch kicks – 108 (+3)
  • Power jacks – 54 (+8)
  • Power knee – 109 (+2)
  • Power jumps – 35 (+3)
  • Globe jumps – 10 (no change)
  • Suicide jumps – 16 (+1)
  • Pushup jacks – 34 (+4)
  • Low plank oblique – 53 (-6)

Overall not a bad fit test.  I went down only on one thing from the fit test #2 and it was the last exercise so I’m wondering if i was burned out by then.  Who knows…but I’m really happy with how much I’m improving every fit test and how much stronger I am getting.

So now – I’m 2 workouts into month 2.  Month 2 is where the change happens IMO.  The workouts start to really push your endurance and strength more here.  I can tell I’m in much better shape than my last round of INSANITY because I’m jumping more during my workouts and burning more calories at a lower weight because of that.  I just bought some inserts for my shoes to help my poor little flat feet out and they made a world of difference already.  I also bought new shoes since the inserts were kind of big and didn’t fit well in my old shoes. Sucks since I just bought those a month ago…but necessary to protect my feet so I’m not complaining for real.  I do NOT want to get hurt and be out of commission for weeks (months?) and I know that having flat feet means that I have to pay attention to what is going on with them and baby them now that I am doing more plyo during INSANITY.

INSANITY: Recovery Week

I finally made it to recovery week, woot!!  That means I’ve done 4 straight weeks of INSANITY.  I didn’t miss a workout and am pretty proud of the work that I did while traveling and going to quite a few social events.  So far, this round of INSANITY has been pretty different because I’m way more capable of doing the exercises.  I am getting through the warmup without stopping and getting through the workout with significantly fewer breaks.  I’m really excited because this means better results and better work.  And I’m not saying it’s easy..because it’s definitely still the hardest workout I’ve ever done.  But what’s difficult now isn’t so much the actual move, but just trying to do the move with the INSANITY crew.

My favorite workout is still cardio strength and power…but I don’t hate plyo as much anymore.  Being in better shape makes the workout more of a challenge instead of being a nemesis.

This week is core cardio and balance.  It’s called a recovery workout, but it’s not easy, just a slightly less intense pace.  Because it’s a slightly less intense workout I’m going to deviate a little from my normal eating plan to try some new things this week.  The new things being mainly pumping more fruit and veggies into my diet daily.  I’m a little run down right now with the last few weeks of traveling and parties and weddings and you know, just sitting on a Delta flight for hours on the ground after waking up at 3:30 am.  I already eat a lot, but I want to do more fresh/raw fruits and veggies.  Bigger salads, more fruit in my shakes, and more veggies in my snacks. I already made a strawberry based salad dressing, so more fruit!  I really am going to pump myself with as much natural goodness as I can this week.  I’ve been working hard on this since finishing the first Ultimate Reset and am constantly working on improving in this area.  This week gives me a chance to play around a little since it’s a little slower and hopefully try some new things that will be carried over into the crazy month 2.

I’ll post my meals and my smoothie creations that are successful in taste this week and let you guys know how it goes.  I’m hoping to see some weight loss in the form of reducing bloat, getting back on my sleep schedule, and learning a way to add more produce without feeling like I’m overeating or sacrificing the rest of my food.  I tend to get really full when I have raw produce – so the struggle is making sure I’m eating enough calories…which is why this week is experiment week 🙂  I also am going to be 100% meat and dairy free.  I’m not promising vegan because I heart eggs.  But I’ve been eating too much dairy again, so time to cut that out.

Any questions on month 1 of INSANITY?  Advice on how to eat more raw produce or great smoothie recipes for me?

INSANITY Fit Test #2

It’s been 2 weeks so it’s time for another fit test!  The past few weeks have been really busy for some random reason – but I’ve been consistent with my diet and exercise.  I read a quote from Chalene Johnson about fit people eating the same thing every day and if that’s the case – I’m on the right track, lol.  Keeping my menu easy and repeatable has been key for success while busy.  I almost hate to report the lbs I’ve lost just because I know that it’s off because I had a bump up before I started since I was in NYC eating and drinking off of my normal plan…so I won’t report that.  But I will say I feel much tighter and my clothes are much looser even from a week ago when I went shopping, yay INSANITY 🙂  I also am eating a LOT of food, which is awesome because I’m not hungry at all, even on days when I do yoga and INSANITY and I’m still losing weight and inches….I’m finally learning the nutrition game 🙂

Anyway, fit test results!

  • Switch Kicks 105 (+20)
  • Power Jacks 46 (+8)
  • Power Knee 107 (+14)
  • Power Jumps 32 (+1)
  • Globe Jumps 10 (+1)
  • Pushup Jacks 30 (+8)
  • Low Plank Oblique 59 (+10)

I’m 100% sure the reason I jumped up so much this test is that prior to test #1, I wasn’t working out this hard because I was building up (calories and exercise) from finishing the Ultimate Reset.  Now I’m in a groove and moving pretty good.  I do think that I’m going to have to keep pushing hard to beat these numbers in 2 weeks….so time to DIG DEEP!!


Hello Summer

This weekend is the unofficial start of summer. The weather is supposed to be warm, pools open, and everyone has a bbq party to attend.  But I was looking forward to something more important….the sales.  See, I had not really gone shopping for new clothes in bulk since around November.  I was squeezing into a size 18w.  It fit, but it was not loose at all and I felt like I was barely in them.  So this weekend I decided I would take a bit of money and go shopping for some new clothes.  All of my work pants are way too big in the I can take them on and off without unbuttoning them kind of way and if I don’t wear a belt you might see the undies.  Same with one of my 2 pair of jeans that was also an 18w.  I figured this weekend would be a good way to cost effectively shop for essentially most of a new wardrobe.  And it was!  I found some goodies on sale for sure and my most FAVORITE thing is this top!


This top is a size MEDIUM from Express.  I can tell you that me, this girl who has never shopped at Express in her whole life felt like Miss America.  I honestly cannot remember the last time a medium anything fit me…or if it ever did before.  My eyes were opened like my friend Lauren suggested they would be on this trip.  I ended up buying 5 pairs of new work pants to replace my current pants (all size 16 regular, not womens), a few new tops (size L mostly but a few M), a new pair of jeans (size 16), a new belt, 8 new bras (two band sizes smaller than the too big ones I had been wearing), new workout shoes (with all the pounding of insanity, you wear out shoes fast!), and some new shorts (size L – mostly for hot yoga, but I will use them for workouts too).  I was pretty impressed with my haul since I shop at an outlet mall that had huge sales, I didn’t spend nearly as much as I thought I would.  If you took the bras out, I didn’t spend much at all (you boys are lucky!!!).  As things went into my drawers the too big stuff was taken out and trashed or put in the donation pile because I really was on a mission to replace with things in the right size this trip 🙂

Since it’s the start of the BBQ season, I’ll leave you with a few of my BBQ tips for having a healthy meal without any pain.  Let me say – a BBQ is the easiest type of challenge for a healthy eater.  For one – people are usually perfectly fine with you offering to bring a side to share.  And for two – bringing your own thing to throw on the grill is painless for the host, so it’s less intrusive than say bringing your own food to a dinner party.


This was most of my prep for today.  I made the following:

  • Veggie Kebabs – so easy and usually appreciated by all attendees, even the meat lovers.  Chop up your favorite produce (I did mushrooms, peppers, onions together and pineapple and tomato together) and marinate.  Marinate in your oil of choice and your favorite seasonings or in your favorite salad dressing and throw on the grill
  • Corn – another easy one.  Place the corn on a piece of foil shucked and cleaned.  Brush with EVOO and sprinkle on salt and spike seasoning.  Wrap up foil and throw on the grill.
  • Raw Zucchini Salad – today I made a real simple recipe.  I’m not sharing because it needs work, LOL.  It was a great base but I want to play with it a little more to get it right.  Today’s was okay and since there was so much flavor in the other food it worked out.

These are just a few ideas and they can be modified for your diet.  Want meat that’s clean?  Just add chicken breasts to your kebabs.  Kebabs are a great share and eat type of food that everyone pretty much loves.

Okay that’s enough from me tonight.  I’m going to get to bed – week 2 of insanity starts BRIGHT and early tomorrow.  Well it’s a holiday – so not too early…but early enough since we have a brunch to attend!



Today is the start of my 2nd round of INSANITY!!  It’s my favorite program because it’s short, intense, and gives you visible results fast.  Well as long as you are sticking to a good clean diet along with 100% commitment to the program that is.  The first day of INSANITY is the fit test.  You repeat this test many times over the course of the program to track your fitness levels and progress.  This test is only 25 minutes long (including warm up, stretch, and cool down) and you rest about a minute between each exercise.  So you only are intensely moving for 8  minutes…yet I still burned almost 300 calories, lol.  It’s a sign of things to come.

Today’s fit test for me was the first time that I was going to put my action plan for this round of INSANITY into play – by focusing on form.  The last time I did this program I was a lot heavier and had to modify a lot.  I focused on getting through the workouts the best I could.  This time I want to focus on form and getting the max results I can.  So for items like power jumps, I focused on making sure I went into the squat at the bottom and pulled my legs up, instead of just going as fast as I could.  The same for suicide jumps – I wanted to make sure my plank position was on point at the bottom and I pulled my legs forward right.  Last time with my bigger gut I had trouble getting my feet pulled up and had to go wider.  Little performance changes like that will result in MUCH better results this time!

So, today’s fit test results were as follows:

  • switch kicks – 42.5
  • power jacks – 38
  • power knees – 93
  • power jumps – 31
  • globe jumps – 9
  • suicide jumps – 14
  • push up jacks – 22
  • low plank obliques – 49

In comparison to my first round of INSANITY, I improved or performed the same as my first fit test on everything except the power jumps.  I performed the same as my last fit test on suicide jumps and was only one away from my results for globe jumps.  I’m pretty pleased with that especially considering my focus on form right now.  I did the fit test at 6:30 am this morning and I ALREADY feel the burn in my hips and thighs and arms.  I’m pretty pumped to get into the program and get this body into awesome shape!  I was running late so I didn’t take my photos this am because taking them would have meant turning on the light and waking up the man, but I will take care of that tomorrow before the official workout start 🙂

Ciao buddies!

Re-Visiting a Workout

This week I am doing a lot of random workouts.  Just having fun with things while I am getting back into the swing of things and have a lot of flexibility.  Come May 20th it’s full time INSANITY so I’m enjoying this “free time” while I have it.

Yesterday I did core synergistics for the first time since I did my month of P90x earlier this year.  I picked this workout because I remembered it as being a good recovery week workout…not too hard but not easy either.

Clearly my memory is foggy…or after doing 3 weeks of P90x my body was a well oiled machine.

I am straight up toilet sore today.  Don’t act like you have never been there…toilet sore is when you can barely get yourself to sit on the toilet because your legs are so torn up.  It’s that kind of sore where you kind of walk weird.  My stomach is not feeling too bad, but my behind and legs (especially my quads) are on fire.  I’m kind of shocked, I NEVER got this result before from this workout.  Ever. I also could do a lot more than I could do before.  More of the lunges and better form on the lunges I completed.  Better form is really probably the biggest difference.  It’s easier to get into the different exercises and positions than it was before and to do more reps since I’ve lost more and more weight.  I’m really excited to get into INSANITY again significantly lighter and leaner than my first go around.  I’m thinking that I’ll see some really different types of results just because my ability has morphed a lot.

For the next week, my general plan is to keep mixing it up.  I will be out of town a few days, so I will make sure to pack some travel friendly (read: workouts that don’t require a bunch of stuff) dvds with me.  Some candidates for that are TurboFire, P90x core synergistics, or Les Mills Combat.  I’m picking up a bunch of travel friendly snacks too.  I’m going to be busy and I know that if I don’t pack foods I can have in a pinch or if meals are served that don’t really agree with me or go with my food needs then I’m going to be in a bad jam.

I will post the workout plan for the week tomorrow morning and some of my meals for this week!