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Twas the Night Before 2014

I can barely believe it… but the year is almost over.  This year has been a challenge, a breeze, and a whole lot of living.  Lots of friends getting married, a new job, and I learned so much about myself, how I operate, and how I think.  It’s been a year of accepting that my new lifestyle is health and fitness and learning to live as that Kim.  But most importantly…I had a lot of fun 🙂

I am hoping 2014 will be even BETTER.  I have a lot of things in the works to help my life change and be better.  Planning on going to Las Vegas for my first Team Beachbody Coach Summit.  Planning on pushing myself and get to my goal weight this year.  Working on really being the best me I can be.

And all of this starts tomorrow, right with the start of the year.  Tomorrow morning I’m going to get up bright and early and start my new fitness program.  I’ve been sick for about a week now so it’s going to be interesting as I haven’t worked out since Christmas Eve.  But I’m ready to get back into it even though I’m still not 100%.  I’m mostly there though and can finally get through a day without a ton of cold meds, so I’m declaring myself WELL.

If you want to join me for this new program – check it out hereor any other challenge pack this year then let me know if you want to join a group for this year!

Lastly – a little rewind for the year 🙂

The Next Big Thing

Lately I have seen a theme in my social media feeds. People talking about realizing they aren’t giving 100% seems to cross a feed at least once an hour. This made me think a lot about my effort and my journey and where I am. And I realized something.

I’m not giving 100% either.

Not intentionally, but just the natural ebb and flow. I started this journey hardcore with my Ultimate Reset in September 5, 2012. Yep, a year ago today I started a journey that I have for once in my life not given up on. Mainly because post-reset I was determined to focus on making it a lifestyle. No counting, no diet-y things. And for the most part I think mission accomplished. A year ago me is not mentally today me. I have taken most of my daily habits and eliminated them. I’ve tried to base my dietary decisions on fact and research instead of fads, so they are easier for this scientist to stick with long term. I’m very happy with my weight and my body now. I would like to lose more weight definitely. But I’m not feeling the desperation I felt to lose weight that pushed me to make these drastic changes.

I’ve been living. Living life and my new routine is….well routine.

It’s time for a shake up my friends. I need a new thing to go after. Something to shake up life and help my develop new physical goals. I used to only think in terms of the scale and I don’t want that anymore. I want a better measuring tape. A new thing to work towards that cements this as a lifestyle, not a diet. And this past weekend I realized what that thing would be.

Track and field….or athletics if you are not from the US (and a much better name IMO)!

I was a field girl most of my life. 6-18 at least. And I’m going back. It’s exactly what I need and what I have been missing from life. Competing is something I love and training is a totally different way to approach physical fitness that I need. I’m not sure which field events I will do now, my specialties were shot and discus before….but who knows now. I would love to long jump again and now that I’m in better athletic shape than I ever was back then I think I can get the speed to fly. I don’t want to high jump though 🙂

So we will see guys what this will bring. I will still be doing T25, don’t worry. Right now I have 2 short term goals – continue to stay in good shape and to get my throwing form back. I may start adding an evening (heavy) weight lifting session starting next week though. I love body weight fitness but if I want to throw I better start lifting. I got my shot puts today and um, they are much heavier than I remember lol. I’m going to put a training schedule together soon. 🙂

So that’s my big new challenge for year 2 of my lifestyle makeover. Returning to sports is incredible to me because it means I am moving beyond just weight loss and moving into a totally new mindset. It’s going to be a magical year 🙂