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10 Down, 11 To Go!

I’m pretty much at the half way point of this reset!

First week is the hardest to me because it’s when you have to decide you are going all in. That you will give up control of your food to the program. Once you get through that, it’s fairly simple to stick with it to me.

Today I weighed in – it was good 🙂 I’m going to share full results at the end but know that all the weight I put in while in my funky mood is gone. Along with the funky mood, bad sleep, and sugar cravings. I feel almost fantastic. It’s almost because I still have a little stuffy nose. It’s not as bad as Monday, but it’s there. I had this my first reset as well. I blame it on the terrible diet I went into each with resulting in a detox in the form of sniffles and a few blemishes. I’m annoyed with both…but I’m ok with it. It means my body is getting rid of junk and resetting.

Meal wise, I’m doing a little remixing here and there to try to not waste food.  Last night I made a 3x batch of the Sweet Potato Bisque because my husband said he wanted some but then he said he wasn’t going to eat it.  So I have an extra serving since the reset only has it 2x.  I’m totally going to eat that again since I have it, most likely on day 12 for lunch and I am so psyched about that.  I also have a ton of pinto beans left from making them for the man for dinner so I’m going to actually have that dinner again tonight.  It’s really one of my favorites (no seriously…it’s the only other recipe on that link above along with the bisque lol) and I found my favorite brown rice (nishiki) today so I’m going to eat that up!

Don’t Forget the Fat!



This week I focused hard on what I was eating.  I at TONS of produce all day every day.  Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables made my body happy and I felt much better after eating too much dairy last weekend.  I ate essentially the same thing every day, which is what I typically do Monday through Friday anyway.  I did mix up the actual fruits and veggies over the course of the week based on what was in the fridge and what I was in the mood for.

My raw foods were basically my Shakeology (I had vegan Chocolate and Tropical Strawberry this week), fruits, nuts, veggies (in chopped form to snack on and in salad form).  I made a strawberry salad dressing which was good, but I need to play around with a little more before it’s really great (mostly because I have to remember why coconut oil is NOT a good choice lol).

For cooked foods, I ate my favorite vegan recipe EVER – black-eyed pea jambalaya.  I also had roasted broccoli one night because I was just craving it.  The hubs and I are big sushi fans so we had sushi a few times (crab for him, veggie for me).  I used hummus to dip veggies in and played around with nut butters to complement my fruits.

So I ended this week feeling REALLY awesome and showing some baby muscles when I flex 🙂


I learned a few really valuable lessons this week.  The first is how important it is to pay attention to your macros when you make diet changes.  As I cut out cheese and ate more raw fruits and veggies I realized quickly that I needed to add fat into my diet in other ways.  I don’t eat much meat these days, so aside from eggs most of my fat comes from the oils I use to cook my food in (I use very generous amounts of fat).  Cooking less of my food and not having as many eggs this week meant my fat intake was WAY too low.  I realized this after the first day and started adding a spoonful (or two, it’s delicious) of almond butter to my morning Shakeology instead of using the PB powder.  The almond tastes way better than the peanut in the shakes for sure and I got a nice dose of fat.  It’s little things like this that make a big difference.  After starting to add the fat into my shake in the morning I felt better and wasn’t hungry.  I will certainly remember this going forward and I will probably keep making my morning shake with almond butter instead of PB powder.  It tastes better and it allows me to up my fat in a healthy satisfying way when I start the day.

Happy Friday!