Progress – 9 months in

Posting some new progress pics! I’m always kind of amazed at it. I still struggle sometimes with realizing how much weight I have lost – I still buy clothes too big and bring them home lol. I like pictures because the scale just doesn’t show you the change. What does 10 or 100 lbs look like? Hard to imagine for me. Also pics show what the scale can’t…like muscles 🙂 anyway – here I am:



I was 278 in the left pic and 214 in the right. 64 lbs down!! I will try to remember to do monthly updates 🙂

This week with insanity – whoa! As one of my girls in my fit bombshells group says – I am maxed out lol. Seriously though – its like starting over. I’m sore and feeling like I am going slow. But I’m burning 600+ cals a workout right now and seeing inches disappear – so it’s all good 🙂

4 thoughts on “Progress – 9 months in”

  1. Haha maxed out! I’m sitting here thinking OMG, we have 3 more weeks to go!!

    Proud of you lady! The progress you’ve made is awesome and inspiring!

    1. Thank you!!!! I love the maxed out you made up because its how I feel after every workout lol! 3 weeks left but I’m excited – we are almost done lol!! I am hoping that between this + T25 then maybe asylum 1…so 23 weeks straight with Shaun T….I will be under 200 lol!

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