Oh heyyyy November

I guess I win the bad blogger award.  The last few weeks/months have been a time of crazy in the Brooks house.  Not bad crazy… just lots going on.  Lots of things to decide and lots of movement.  I also have been trying to get my focus back on with the health and fitness thing.  I have been working the whole time but in September especially things were just not as good as they could have been.  Too many cheat meals.  Too many excuses.  October I got a step back in the right direction.  November I went ALL in.  Joined a no cheat challenge.  Finished up Focus T25.  Started Asylum.  Signed up and WAS ACCEPTED to a business bootcamp for my Beachbody business.  Officially started my own branch of the Tenacity family by naming my team Trendsetter Fitness.  Focused on what I LOVE – fitness, health, personal development, reading, stupid intense exercise.  I ignored the crap.  And so far I feel amazing.  Bought a pair of size Medium sweats today. The medium version of the xxl pants in that picture in my banner up there of me in the blue tank and black pants.  I’m going IN ya’ll.  Are there things I could still work on – of course.  I’m not perfect and my version of going hard core is limited by the fact I’m not a single woman living in a world I control.  I don’t work at home.  I have a husband who is not interested in a strict diet.  But I’m going as in as I can and stay sane 🙂

So that’s that.  I’m back in best mode and ready to flourish.  I have a big goal for the end of the year to get into some serious inch losing and hopefully into a size 12.  I’m very much limited in non-stretch clothing by the booty…. it’s my pear in action.  Asylum has a LOT of saddlebag focus so I’m hoping that I will see some big changes this month with that.  I am still finalizing exactly what I will do post Asylum and I’m starting to drift towards Asylum/Insanity hybrid and pushing P90x3 back to January so I can do it with my teammate Erin.  I don’t know yet.  I have SO much I want to do lol – Combat, Asylum 2, another round of Insanity, hybrids for DAYS!!!  I need to sit and look at the calendar and my travels for the holidays and see what really makes sense.

2 thoughts on “Oh heyyyy November”

  1. You are amazing in your size M pants! GO GIRLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so proud of you and completely envious that you are rocking Asylum! So awesome!

    I’m moving apartments at the end of December, so I’m doing some cleaning/weeding out of my current place (our new place is smaller). Anyway, I found a BOX of old clothes I had forgotten about, all mediums (some smalls!) and size 12’s….I can’t believe I use to fit into those clothes! Honestly, it really bummed me out for a little bit, but then I snapped out of it. Just gotta keep doing what I’m doing and at least when I get there, I’ll ALREADY have a new wardrobe that I don’t have to buy 🙂

    I’m excited for P90X3! Until then, I’m getting good use out of all my other BB programs, and gearing up for the reset. The thought of not working out for 21 days makes me a little anxious, but I’m ready! Just ordered today!

    1. That is the scariest part about the reset – putting down the workout. But you can do yoga and tai cheng until it’s over. Oh and walk. I am SO excited to watch your journey through it – I hope you chronicle it all!

      That is the right spin to put on it! I bet you will be there in no time. And thank you for the kudos… you are going to rock out this reset and p90x3 and be making your size M post too! On Asylum – it’s NOT as bad as you think, I promise. I thought it would kill and it’s just not as bad as I thought it would be!

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