October Planning

October is going to be a serious focus month for me. I was good in september with hitting my goal of getting serious again. But now my goal for October is to step it up even more.

On the exercise front, I will be continuing Focus T25 as my main program. I will do the Gamma add ins that Start with week 4. As lam prepping for 2 things-insanity certification and indoor track season, l will be adding in P90X (for strength) and insanity (to prep) all month. May sub some strength based T25 workouts for P90x just to get what I need for training.  I need to add strength so this goal will drive my decisions week to week.

On the food front, I will be doing 30 days of plant based eating. I am really determined to figure out my Gl issues this month-so no dairy or gluten for me for awhile. This is going to be REALLY hard-but it is what I need to do. I nave some fantastic recipes and cooked a few dishes today to be ready for the week. l will post some here as I go. Get ready for me to wax poetic about bread in 3 days. I want to avoid “fake” foods so you won’t see A Lot of substitute fake processed foods. Just veggies. produce, beans. gluten free grains, and the like. I also really want to cat mere raw veggies.

On the Beachbody front a new challenge group is starting October 21st. It is open to any one not currently working with a coach. or any of my team members not on a program right now. We will do Shakeology + the fitness program of your choosing. P90x and P90X2 are both going on save Oct 1,  so if you wanted away to go strong into 2014. that could be your awesome Start. The other great thing is that there will be , l prizes-DVDS, shaker cups, and other things to support your fitness journey for participating so your investment into your self this fall will come back to you in many ways. Our group will support you through the holidays and help each other succeed during this hard time of year. To join- email me at kimbfitblog@gmail.com and we will determine the best fitness program to get you started. I hope you will join us with Team Tenacity this fall to get healthy+ fit and get a serious head start on your 2014 goals.

4 thoughts on “October Planning”

  1. Yay! I am going to step it up in October, too!! I’ve been enjoying far too much processed food and vegan desserts. I tend to forget that a vegan doughnut is still a doughnut. I have my first wedding dress shopping appt November 1st, so that is my short term goal for now. To get in the best shape as I can by then. I’m going to continue with T25 beta/gamma, and really make myself do a few 2-a-days. There is no reason for me to be sitting on my couch after work for 4 hours. I need to MOVE.

    I’m here for you during your plant based month!!!! Maybe we can recipe/meal plan share? I tend to get stuck in food ruts big time. My goal, in addition to stepping up my exercise and limiting processed/fake foods, is to up my veggie intake. I’ve been slacking big time.

    Last note – please make the Korean Tempeh Tacos from Karma Chow. Best recipe I’ve made in forever!

    1. I have made those and love them!!!! I am not really cooking a lot of fancy things right now, just keeping it simple. I tend to go way out of control with fancy recipes then I end up getting tired of the prep lol! I am doing mostly karma chow recipes though!

      What is your 2 a day plan?? I’m thinking if I can get my food back together, I will be ok. I went to bed way too late last night but that’s my other thing. I need to get my sleep back on track!!!

      1. Keeping it simple, great idea! I’m heading out for a long weekend with my honey this weekend to Salt Lake City (haven’t seen him since June!). My plan there is to keep it mostly healthy, but we will be eating out a lot (tons of vegan options, though!). When I get back, I’ll go into super clean eating, back to basics, simple food. Too many treat foods have snuck into my diet, and I really need to buckle down!

        So, did you see the Rocktober Challenge from Betty Rocker? I signed up for that, and this week’s workout is 7 bodyweight exercises each done for a minute, repeated 3-5 times, 3 days a week. I think that’s kinda perfect for a second afternoon workout after T25 in the morning. You can even add cardio bursts for a little sumthin extra. That is my plan for October!

        1. Yes! Keyshia and I both signed up for ROCKTOBER! I haven’t watched the video yet, but I wanted to see what they were and add them in maybe if it makes sense!!

          Have a wonderful trip!!!!

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