Karma Cleanse Day 1


Well today was day 1. I am doing this group cleanse lead by Missy Costello (the author of Karma Chow) for a few reasons. The biggest is that it is gluten/dairy free and I need to learn to live that way. It’s a cleanse in terms of what you eliminate but unlike the reset, it’s a maintainable way of eating. I really enjoy eating vegan but I have no clue how to put together days/weeks of simple but nutritiously sound food. That’s what this is!

One day in, my stomach feels great! Best it has felt in months. I’m following her advice and learning a lot about how the body works regarding digestion. The picture was my dinner – baked tempeh, creamy tahini kale, and brown rice. I was happily satisfied with my food today. Not hungry. And I didn’t have any candy/processed sugars. Just organic pure maple syrup in my oatmeal earlier and in my marinade at dinner.

My intention with this is to re-focus my eating on clean vegetable based meals too. I have been relying on potatoes, veggie burgers, and pasta too much. I will be focusing this month on being plant strong, not box strong 🙂

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  1. mmmm….creamy tahini kale – sounds great! I rarely use tahini (on its own, I don’t really like it), but I had to buy some for a thai recipe I made, and now I have a whole container sitting in my pantry. I’ll have to try a tahini/kale combo! yum!

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