It’s official…

I am totally a home workout girl. I canned my gym membership since I haven’t been since discovering bodyrock. That $49 a month could go towards lots of other things…like an equalizer or a sandbag or a new bike or some other cool equipment. I am really excited that I have found enough home alternatives that I feel comfortable with this change and I feel really free that I can continue to be healthy without a gym.

That said, I’m going to get really hard core about my schedule again. I got back into it this week with the BR lite workout and I plan on keeping that momentum going. I need to really focus on diet over the summer so I’m just going to do whatever BR/dance/DVD/walking workout I feel like doing. No specific challenges or 90 day programs that make me feel all mental when I get off schedule. My focus will be on cleaning up my diet so as long as I’m moving 4-5 days a week I could care less what it is. I would like to focus on exercise goals more, but I will hold off until I get this sugar thing beat. I need to put my energy into that right now.

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