Happy Herbivore Meal Plan Review

This week I’m trying something new. I bought one of the Happy Herbivore meal plans and did 99% of my prep Sunday. There is only one dish that I didn’t make because its a gazpacho that is scheduled for the weekend anyway. Everything else is in here!


The meals are all plant based and dairy free and the meal plan is written to be vegan, although I didn’t necessarily prepare them all vegan. For example I didn’t buy vegan bread, just whole grain bread that I like. Oh and I couldn’t find vegan chocolate chips, so that might end up being not dairy free. I am going to try one more place first though. But we will see. I don’t live close to whole foods, so I am not able to visit the promised land regularly and often I can’t find a good vegan sub so I just go with a vegetarian product.

So far I’m very pleased with the plan. Most of the meals are very simple and prep was not hard considering how many dishes I made. I did spend a little more on groceries this week, but that was because I had to buy a lot of her pantry items. Actually all of them. So it should be cheaper if (and this is really more of a when) I buy another meal plan. Considering I have a healthy fridge that is full of food I actually want to eat – I consider it money well spent.

Ok so what do you get? A menu for 7 days, prep tips, recipes, and grocery list. She also explains how to modify meals to meet your personal calorie needs.  So essentially I just had to print it out, review, and go to the kitchen with the list and update it by crossing off things I already have. Then I shop. It was so easy. I did make one mistake, I should have brought the recipes with me as some if the shopping list items didn’t have amounts. But other than that, it was a breeze. Then I followed her advice (also included) on how to prep and cooked for the week.

And I tasted as I went, it’s gonna be a delicious week.

The one downfall is that I did buy some things that I have no clue when I will use again. Like sweet Asian chili sauce. But that was the exception, not the rule this week.  I am a little nervous about buying things that will go to waste (like some of my UR ingredients did), but I will see how it goes.  And I am sure some weeks I won’t want to use the meal plan because I will want to make some of our personal favorite recipes.  So maybe I will buy it 1-2 times a month to mix it up or use it weekly when life is very hectic.  Lastly, the meal plan is only 1200 calories a day as written, which may be too low for you and the mods may be annoying to add.  I actually just shifted all of the meals around and added Shakeology for breakfast.  My shakes are usually pretty calorie rich as I add fats to my shake so I’m sure I’m adding at least another 500 cals.  Which makes it a calorie range I think is probably where I should be with my activity level.  But like anything else – trial and error.  I’m going to see how it goes and if tomorrow I’m starving, then I’ll add more.  No biggie!  But today I’m full so far and feeling great!

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  1. Ghirardelli Semi-Sweet Chocolate Premium Baking Chips are vegan, and are usually at any grocery store. Whole Foods 365 brand is also vegan, I believe.

    Sweet Asian Chili Sauce -I love that stuff! For future uses, you could throw it on veggies, or tofu. Yum! I just bought some rice paper wraps, so I’m going to attempt summer rolls pretty soon. I thought of that b/c I will probably use the chili sauce as a dip 🙂

    1. I don’t remember seeing that brand, but I will check again! No whole foods close…ugh. I think I’m taking a trip this weekend though since it’s a 3 day!

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