February Challenge

It’s time for a new challenge for me!  You guys know how I am – I like challenges and I like to make up imaginary deadlines for said challenge.  This month I thought it was time to bring back the monthly challenge instead of the program challenge only.  What is the challenge?  Watch the video and see 🙂
I am a dork and I’m nervous you all will think I am super crazy so please be nice 🙂  Apparently according to one of my besties who previewed this for me – it’s exactly how I am in real life…oye, lol!  I will do more videos over the next month on this challenge and other things!  
I will post my pictures and measurements and weight tomorrow on the 1st.  If you are joining me please let me know!  I will use #operationsize16 on Instagram and Twitter on my related posts.  I will post a focus area for each week of the challenge with specific goals for what areas I need to hit that week.  That will also go up tomorrow.  I’m excited, I love a good PUSH goal for a month in order to get me motivated. 
I think that’s it for setting up the challenge.  Talk to you all soon!

2 thoughts on “February Challenge”

  1. Hi!! I feel like you are my almost twin. Seriously. We are on the same day of P90X, I am also an engineer, and I am working on being healthier and losing weight. I say almost because I’m a size 16 now trying to get to 14. I’m starting a blog to document my own journey (at http://workagainstgravity.blogspot.com but I haven’t even done a single post yet). I hope you don’t mind me following your progress and using you for inspiration!

    1. Oh thanks for your kind words 🙂 We are in a very very similar spot, lol, that’s awesome! Well I definitely support your in your operation size 14 and can’t wait to start reading your blog and following your progress too 🙂

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