Deep Dish Pizza

Can I be honest with you all?

I am getting tired of being put in situations with free pizza.

Me, miss I LOVE PIZZA.  Miss Pizza is the BEST.  I am falling out of love with pizza faster than Taylor Swift can write a song about it.  Not because it’s a “bad food” or a trigger food or anything else.  But because I’m starting to realize that it’s become a go to food whenever a large group is present because people take zero thought and order it.  And that is why I’m tired of being put in situations with free pizza.  When I have decided to abstain from pizza I have gotten the DIRTIEST looks.  I don’t know why – more pizza for you right?  Dairy is not my friend and makes me feel like garbage, so I’m lucky enough to actually have a legit excuse for not eating it.  But why do I *have* to have an excuse for what I put in my mouth?  Pizza parties just are one of the things that become WAY more of an event than they should once you decide to really change your diet.

Food is not just fuel in our society – it’s social.  It’s a date.  It’s love and camaraderie.  It’s how we say hello to a new neighbor, goodbye to a friend leaving town, and YAY at a celebration.  Changing what you eat – eliminating certain foods or making a conscious decision to eat a certain way most of the time – means that you start picking and choosing what events you go to, what situations you want to be in and eventually who you spend your time with.  You and your friends who like to drink go drinking.  Your friends who are foodies go foodie-ing.  And you and your friends that workout hit the gym together.  If you are lucky, these groups all cross over and yay!  But it seems for many of us who are making a dramatic life shift, that seems to not be the case.

I certainly know that there are certain people/groups where I get NO flack about my diet choices.  Others where it’s like ugh, really?  Or where everything is about food all day every day.  I tend to just not go to the later events because I just don’t want to be bothered. I don’t want to explain myself, don’t want to feel like I’m in the wrong.  So I just drift naturally towards the path of least resistance.  Places where nobody bothers me and may actually be on the same path as me.   I’ve posted before about being torn about this.  People get after me for not showing up to things….but then get after me for bringing my own food, lol.  It’s a hard balance and deciding what is special enough to change your diet is hard.  Hard because you really don’t want to be a bother, hard because you don’t want to insult people, and hard because you know after eating so clean certain foods just do NOT sit well anymore.  But in general, what happens is that your friends start to change.  They say you are like the 5 people you spend the most time with and I can say with certainty that 2011 Kim’s 5 looks a little different than 2013 Kim.  Not because the people have changed, but because I have.

And that’s not a bad thing.


4 thoughts on “Deep Dish Pizza”

  1. Love this! So true. I have not gotten to the point where you are – as in, I’m easily swayed. So, when going out with friends that like to drink/eat any and everything, I go in with healthy eating intentions, then am easily swayed by the “oh come on’s”‘ and “it’s just one meal’s”. I hope to get to a point where I can either be strong or avoid the situations all together. I DO, however, feel the exact same way about free pizza as you do. I have no problem refusing it. Same goes for the free doughnuts that ALWAYS show up on Friday. I’m sorry, but nobody needs doughnuts on a weekly basis.

    You continue to inspire me!!

    1. Exactly with the doughnuts!! It’s so hard to change your life when in an environment where nobody else is especially in group situations. BUT that’s why we find people to be our fit friends to help us!

  2. I found the same funny change when I went through eating a little differently. I would pack more of my own food during overnight trips and meal plan. At first people would question it and then sometimes I would get laughs or comments of ‘you’re crazy’ But when you see the results – none of what you are doing is crazy! If they are true friends and people in your life they will understand that you will enjoy their company in other ways….other than eating with you!

    Free food, get togethers, office goodies are always hard for me….I will sometimes stop and ask myself why do I really want it – and usually I find the answer of ‘because I want it’ Then I make a protein shake and forget all about those donuts, cookies and wonderful scones!
    Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Yes, the “because I want it” issue is still one that I have to work through a lot. I am very much trying to make myself into someone with a healthy lifestyle – which means that it’s not 100% strict and that I do splurge here and there on foods outside of the super clean eating envelope. BUT I have to make sure I stay balanced. It’s the question of what is worth stepping outside the envelope. Monday doughnuts? Maybe not. A good friend’s wedding champagne toast? Definitely. But you are right – it’s a question you have to ask yourself every time you are in a situation so you can maintain control!

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