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November is Here!

Ok, it’s a week old.  This week has been so crazy that I just realized I hadn’t posted about starting INSANITY yet!  Or my weigh in from Monday.  Or anything else I’m supposed to do.  I have been 100% on track…just really all over the place.  My sister

So I’m a few days in – and of course I’m loving it so far.  This kind of workout – athletic drills sweat dripping so much that I can’t see, ect is one I really enjoy sometimes.  Especially in the mornings.  Sometimes with Turbo Fire my brain is not really awake at 5:30 am and I would get so confused about the choreography even though I knew it.  Which makes very little sense because at heart I have all the rhythm.  But anyway, this is easier – do this one move until I say do this other move.  Ok.  I can do that.  And I can push hard because I don’t think, I just do.  I just finished week 1 today.  Followed the schedule as is, no adjustments, no additions.  Have that bad boy posted on my wall and I check off the box when I’m done.

Insanity is so weird.  Like how jumping jacks in the warm up are crazy hard but the cross jacks later are easy (easy in comparison to how the jumping jacks feel, not easy in comparison to laying on my floor like I do after the workout).  They are effectively the same motion, with a very very small difference.  I sometimes wonder if I just really need the long warmup/stretch before I can really do that move effectively?  Or has my soul been worn down so much that hard doesn’t exist?  I don’t know…but I will keep working at it.  For now I do what I can do for that warm up interval and if I really can’t do any more I do the modified ones with as much jump as I can.  In general if I need a break, which I do sometimes, I first try to downgrade the move (so maybe a power jump becomes a squat for a break until I catch my breath and get back into jumping).  Next step is to gulp some water and walk around my basement until I can get back into it.  Some moves don’t really have a good downgraded move, but most do.  I just try to move as much as I can in general.  I also saw improvements in my fit test!  I will have to do another post with my changes from the summer 🙂

Diet wise, still doing the same thing.  I have had meat – when the man was in town we went out and had meat.  I still don’t cook it at home, but I do occasionally indulge when on the town.  I haven’t noticed any stomach issues, even with the first meal.  But I still think I enjoy vegetarian meals 95% of the time.

Weight – I know you have been waiting 🙂  My signal here is so busted, so I can’t add the pic (will add later) but I am 245.4 as of Monday 🙂  Very happy with this of course.  Of bigger news, pretty much all of my clothes are too big, a lot of my XL tops that I was working to get back into are starting to be too big.  My pants are all falling off except the 18W and some of the smaller cut 20s.  In general, I need about $200 to go shopping and buy all new pants, a few new tops, and a sweater or two.  Oh I’m good with a sale, I can make $200 go very very far 🙂  I’m also apparently only 9 or so lbs away from just being obese (as opposed to severely obese) on the body mass index.  I know this index is not exactly the best for everyone and I tend to carry mad amounts of muscle so I don’t always look as big as my weight would indicate.  But it is nice to know that I’m not gonna be severe anymore, ha!

Signing off for now.  I hope you all went out and voted today 🙂  It’s a big responsibility to elect the leaders of our country, so research your candidates and your referendums/amendments/proposals and let your voice be heard 🙂

Also a reminder – for daily pics and lots of details on upcoming challenges.  I’m putting together a fighter fit challenge for January 2013.  Main program is Les Mills Combat, but any program is welcome!  The goal is to plan now for a commitment in January so you are already good to go, resolution already started.  And if you want to join me through the holidays on any program, please shoot me an email at healthyengineer@ (new email!) and let’s discuss.  Have questions?  that works too 🙂 I really want to help people get through the holidays losing weight and maintaining health – so let’s goooooooo!

Weigh In!!

Well, I am off work today and tomorrow as Hurricane Sandy comes to shore.  I am so far lucky enough to have power still so I figured I would go ahead and update with my weigh in this am.  New weight is:
Oh yeah!  Inching ever so close to that 60 lbs lost mark.  I am starting to really notice awesome changes in my body shape, especially my upper body.  My lower body is getting smaller, but not really any changes in shape while my upper body is really slimming down and shifting.  It’s pretty awesome and I’m feeling really good about it!
Things have been really status quo lately…nothing special to report unfortunately.  I had family in all week, until yesterday, so I have been busy with that.  When I wasn’t with them, I was doing the storm prep thing – gathering water, batteries, canned food, ect.  If the power does decide to go out, I am ready.
I gathered all of my stuff for INSANITY and am ready to get going.  Will most likely take my before pictures and measurements on Wednesday and post them.  I’m really getting excited to start as I see more and more before and after transformations from people.  I am really REALLY looking forward to seeing some serious change in my body.  I’m putting this out there for the world:  I want to be a straight size 16 or smaller on Jan 1 2013.  I haven’t been that size since college…probably sophomore year?  Right now I can fit a size 18W in some stores but mainly still in 20W comfortably.  I want to start 2013 in a straight size and never ever ever go back.

Celebration Turbo Party

Another Monday, another weigh in. Drumroll please….

YES!!  It’s official – I have lost 50 lbs 🙂  I’m so happy I could burst.  I’ve been working at this all year…but the last few months especially I have been really working.  Lots of exercise.  Lots of eating right and cooking.  Lots of WORK.  I have stumbled with lots of trial and error into a game plan that seems to be a winning combination and I’m just repeating the same things day in and day out that are working for me.   So my reward?  A celebration Turbo Fire party!  Fire 45 EZ (only EZ because there are no fire drills…not because it’s easy…)
It’s a good feeling to hit this goal (I started to believe a few weeks ago it was possible by the end of the month…) WAY earlier than expected.  I have a lot of work to do and while I know weight loss isn’t a race – I still want to get through it all as soon as you can 🙂  
I was talking to the hubby last night and he mentioned how my Christmas present was being changed because I was losing weight and predicting a size was impossible.  I was both happy (yay, woot, I’m DOING this!!) and sad (presents for me?  was it a good one?  can you buy it anyway right now?) lol.  It was a good feeling to know not only am I losing, but someone that isn’t me has confidence that I can keep losing.  
Well that’s all for now.  I post pics regularly now on my instagram (healthyengineer) so check that out if you want to follow more of my antics.  

Weigh In!

My first weigh in of October and the 2nd one after the Reset and the first with the challenge of the month.  Drumroll please……

For a loss of 2.6 lbs!  I’m VERY excited about this for several reasons.  One being I’ve put in lots of hard work.  I’ve been drinking shakeology for breakfast 90% of the time, sticking to my aggressive exercise schedule and working hard to make the best food choices.  I’ve been eating vegetarian since the reset and the husband and I decided we would keep a vegetarian household and save our meat eating for when we go out whenever we decide to eat meat.  Honestly the few times I have gone out since the reset I have eaten vegetarian still.  The second reason is that I’ve read a lot of people that have come off the reset and put all their weight loss back on.  The reason is that they tend to go back to all their old habits.  And by old habits I don’t mean eating meat.  I mean old habits like eating lots of processed foods and lots of sugar.  I DID NOT do this, which was a big win for me.  If you remember, one of the goals for my husband and I was to change our mindset about food and use it as a kickoff for a healthy life after the reset.  At this point I feel confident saying that we are doing that and will continue to do that.  When I wrote that the reset changed our lives – I was serious about that.  I didn’t realize how far from right I was on eating until that 21 days happened and we started living a much healthier life.
This week is another heavy Turbo Fire/Les Mills Pump week!!  I’m excited because these workouts are crazy hard and I know that they are working in combination with my diet to whip this weight off of me.  I’m having a lot of fun because both programs have the best music of any of the Beachbody programs in my opinion and it is a big boost!

Weigh In and new Les Mills Workout!

So last night I decided to dive back into weight lifting.  I hadn’t lifted in a while, even beyond the 21 day reset.  And I could tell.  I did the Les Mills Pump – Pump and Burn DVD. So I did it this time with similar weights as before.  I was able to get through it ok but the difference is the after effect.  I was already feeling the burn a few hours later.  This morning I’m definitely feeling pretty sore.  I love that feeling – means I did something I should have done to get good results.

Aside from all that – it’s OCTOBER!!  I’m so happy for the last few months of the year to be upon us because I really love fall 🙂  I celebrated the season by having a big bowl of overnight pumpkin oats.  Never heard of that before?  Try this recipe, you will love it:

Mix 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup oats, 2 tbsp pumpkin butter, 1/2 cup almond milk (or whatever milk or milk sub you enjoy), and cinnamon (to taste, I used a dash or 3).  Mash it all together and put in the refrigerator overnight.  In the morning give a quick stir and eat!  Very filling and perfect for fall!

I’m going to be experimenting with hot pumpkin oats with real canned pumpkin instead of the pumpkin butter at some point soon.  But in the meantime, that recipe above is my favorite.

Mondays are my fitbook weigh in days – so it’s my blog weigh in day as well.  I’m down another lb or so since the Reset!  I’m going to be a big girl and post my actual weight on weigh in days starting today, so here goes:  I was 256.2 as of this morning.  I think starting next week I will post a pic of the scale as recommended by a far better blogger than I.  My goal every week is to lose 2 lbs, so we will see how that goes next Monday.  I am starting my October workout rotation today (I love when months start on Mondays!).  For October I will be doing (drumroll please…..) Turbo Fire AND Les Mills Pump!  I’m super excited to do these two programs because they are really two of my favorite DVD programs.  October I want to really dial in the fitness and increase my stamina and my strength and these two programs should do it.  Let’s be honest – BodyRock and Insanity require a certain level of fitness that I just don’t have right now.  And I don’t run.  So I’ll be working these two programs the best I can this month to get some major results.  I’m still working out the kinks in my hybrid schedule, so I’ll post that a little later.

I totally caved and did the  Les Mills Combat pre-order.  The price is really right for me and my exercise DVD addiction collection (only $59.85 retail/$44.89 for coaches plus free shipping for all for the base package) and when I went to a gym that had Body Combat I really liked that class.  If you have no clue what Body Combat or Les Mills Combat is check out this video.  My current gym doesn’t have the Les Mills classes and I really really LOVE them.  If they ever put together a home version of Body Step I am RUNNING to the computer to order that no matter what the cost. But any rate, we are talking Combat.  I was kind of meh, I don’t need to buy it (because really, I have so many DVDs already) but after doing the Pump last night and remembering why I like the Les Mills programs so much then looking online at the pre-order price this afternoon, I was pretty much in it to win it.  It will be available in December so perfect timing with the holidays and New Years.  I know it’s cliche – but I’m definitely big on starting new big things in the new year, so this is perfect for me 🙂

If you want more info on Les Mills Combat just click on the picture below 🙂

Ultimate Reset: Phase 2 Over!!

The  hubs and I are finally through week 2!!  The numbers?  The hubs is down 6.5 lbs and I’m down 6!  We are wearing smaller clothes and feeling good.

I also got my body fat taken last Wednesday and repeated last night.  Those numbers are incredible.

Last week (9/12) :
Body Fat: 39.7%
Fat Weight: 105 lbs

This week (9/19):
Body Fat: 37.9%
Fat Weight: 98 lbs

That’s one week folks.  Even better than the numbers, I feel amazing.  My skin is cleared up, I am sleeping better, I am more energetic, and I’m just in a better mood.  I’m really feeling good.

Now on to the last phase, phase 3 which is the fruits and veggies phase, all the grains are optional.  I’ll tell you, I’m not really that excited about this.  There are no beans, just lots of veggies and lots of salads.  I will tell you – the one thing I don’t like about this is all the freaking SALADS.  I am loving all of the cooked vegetable meals or even the salad as a side to a cooked meal.  But salad every day is just not something I ever want to do or ever want to do again.  Today’s lunch (Day 2 of Week 3) is just a microgreen salad. Bah.  Every single DAY this week is a salad.  I’m not going to be loving this week as much as prior weeks at all because of that I know.  My office is constantly 65-70 degrees and freezing.  This is again my ONE thing I wish the reset had, warm lunch options.  I’m honestly thinking of subbing in some of the dinner options for lunch because I just do NOT like eating cold food like this.  Perhaps I should send a letter instead of blogging about my disdain for cold food?  I did read the book Eat to Live recently and they talk about the virtues of fresh fruits and veggies and I get it.  Buttttt I just don’t want to eat salad every day.  So I’m going to complain just a little 🙂

Ultimate Reset: Onward to Phase 2!

Today is the first day of phase 2 of the ultimate reset, woot we made it!!  Before we get into all of the phase 2 changes, let’s talk phase 1.

Week 1: Reclaim Thoughts and Wrap-Up
In general pretty good.  I am fairly energetic, absolutely NO stomach issues like I’ve had for months, and sleeping pretty good (when I remember to cut the water off early enough).

Most surprising thing? That I don’t actually miss meat.  This shocks me.  Oh and that I can live on 3 meals a day with no snack and not eat my foot.

Favorite meal? The day 1 fish recipe, the kale-egg-whole wheat breakfast, the day 2 mexican fiesta black beans and rice with corn and guac, the stir fried veggies, and the assorted oatmeal toppings will all be repeated after this is over.  Also the yogurt with oatmeal combo was new but good.  Of these the favorite vegetarian/vegan meal is definitely the stir fried veggies.  I will definitely make this again, possibly adding shrimp if I wanted a protein.

Least favorite meal? I don’t know what I did different – but that zucchini-cashew soup is totally gross to me.  The texture is not for me at all. I’m hoping the phase 2 soups are creamier and more my style. This is is the only meal that I subbed out (the lunch version of this) for the quinoa salad.

Weight change? 13 lbs gone…whoa.  I knew I would lose a chunk because I’m coming off vacation but I didn’t expect that.  And the fact that most of the phase 1 meals are ones I would eat again, I think this is sustainable (to keep the weight off, not to lose 13 lbs in a week again).  That to me is the most important thing.  The goal for the husband (who lost 8 btw) and I was not to lose this weight on a fad diet and go back to eating like we used to eat.  The goal for us was to use this as a catalyst for permanent change into a “flexitarian” diet of healthy non/minimally processed foods for long term health and weight loss.  That I think we can do very easily from what we are learning here.  Once I start working out again I will just have to add some more calories to the plan so I can support the exercise, but I think that is fairly easy by adding possibly a snack to accommodate the exercise and increasing some of my portion sizes.

Now Phase 2!

The big change this phase is that we are cutting out all meat products, so we are all vegan.  I had to look up the difference between vegan and vegetarian and it seems the big difference is the dairy and eggs question.  It’s actually really confusing to me.  But anyway, We are going vegan for the next 2 weeks.  We also will have the detox supplement 2 times a day this week.  The detox supplement is supposed to be gentle and so far, so good on that one.

Today was the first day of all fruit for breakfast.  I’ve been looking forward to this a LOT.  I really was looking forward to having fruit again, as phase 1 was a little short on fruit.  It was delicious and hold the phone – I was actually full until lunch even though my water was a little low (meetings at work…I can’t keep running in and out).  This surprised me for sure.  I guess I’m learning that I don’t “need” all the food I thought I needed, which is eye opening.  The food in this phase looks pretty good and I’m excited for that.  Although I really am not a salad for lunch every day person in the fall person.  My one big complaint right now with the reset is that I wish there were some alternatives for seasonality.  For example the kabocha squash is not in season right now so I had to sub with a butternut squash.  A lot of the cold meals just are not really my thing, I’m a hot food girl.  I love the steamed veggies and am considering doing those instead of a microgreen salad sometimes, especially since it’s FALL now 🙂

If you’d like to join me on this journey – get your ultimate reset here and I’d be happy to help you through it 🙂

Thong Shape Up (Cinco de Mayo Workout)

Saturday I did an amazing workout – from 3/18 the thong shape up.  It’s a long workout, which was fine with me since I had a food filled weekend on tap including a wedding to attend.

Main Workout 10 off/20 on, 6 rounds in each set
Set 1
Jump Mat Pushup – 2/2/3
Pushup – 4/7/7
Set 2

Jump Mat Pushup – 3/3/3
Pushup – 6/6/8
Set 3

Squat Jump + Clean and Press – 3/3/4
Switch Lunge and Kick – 6/5/5
Set 4

Squat Jump + Clean and Press – 4/3/3
Switch Lunge and Kick – 7/8/8

Abs 10 off/50 on
Plank toe floor touch – 14
Reverse Curl – 17
Plank toe floor touch – 12

Cool Down (weighted)
Clean and Press – 10
Push up and reach – 8
Side to side chest – 16
Bent over row – 10
Goblet squat – 10
Left lunge – 10
Right lunge – 10

I used a 30 lb bar for the clean and presses and bent over rows.  Used 16 lbs for the side to side chest.  This workout was a scorcher and a longer workout, which I like.  I need that sometimes.

Sunday was a rest day, which is good b/c my butt was BURNING from all the squats/lunges.  Today I overslept, so I didn’t get a morning workout.  I’m going to re-start the 30 day challenge I think tomorrow.  I decided to wait until it was farther along since I do my workouts in the AM and I need the workout to be there the night before so I can watch it and prep for the morning’s workout.  I have a lot of travel ahead of me this week and next, so I may hold off on re-starting until I get back in town next weekend.  I haven’t decided yet – I’ll see how travel friendly some of the workouts are.

Weigh in today – plus 3.2 lbs.  But considering we lived it up pretty big this weekend – open bar, dessert, mac and cheese…shall I go on? I’m not at all surprised that the scale shows an increase today.  I fully expect that to be gone after a few days of back to normal eating.  I also didn’t exercise as much as normal b/c of the schedule and visitors.  Not stating these as excuses, but just facts of the situation as I sometimes need to remind myself that the reason for a gain on the scale is very obvious.  This week it was a lot of food combined with less exercise – which will equal a weight gain.  I am ok with this because it was a special weekend…not the normal for me.

JM Week 4 (Monday)

April 30th I did JM body rev workout #3.  I didn’t hate it as much this time probably because I knew what was going to happen and I knew it was the last time I’d have to do it 🙂  Both of those things severely helped my attitude.

Also today was weigh in day AND measurement day.  I just finished the fitbook 20twelve challenge so it was total body change check in time.  Results were that I lost 18.6 lbs in 12 weeks along with 16 inches.  Not bad, eh?  I was really pleased with this.  Even better – I reached my goal and the last week of the challenge I wore my old jeans out.  All in all, I’m really proud of myself for pushing through.  I set a very aggressive goal of 20 lbs in the 12 weeks so I was only 1.4 lbs short of that. I’m still working on my goals for my new fitbook, I’ll post them later this week.

Weekly Weigh In + Gym Time!

First order of business – weigh in.  I actually weighed in yesterday since I am out of town this week.  I lost 1.8 lbs last week for a total of 15 in the last 11 weeks.  It’s the last week of my fitbook and I’m out of town on travel, so hopefully I can lose a pound or so this week.  I will be happy with a maintain, but a loss would be sweet.

On to the workout.  Today my coworker asked me to go to the gym with her so I did.  I haven’t been in a gym in a LONG time and I wasn’t familiar with what this one had at all.  I put together a weird workout because after being on the elliptical for a while I decided I wanted to do some weights.

Elliptical – 25 minutes
Bench Press  – 3 sets of 8 reps with 70 lbs
Pull Up – 16 (whole stack of weights)
Lateral Raise – 3 sets of 10 reps with 50 lbs
Hammer/Rainbow Curl – 2 sets each exercise of 5 reps with 20 lbs
Side Ab Pull – 2 sets each side of 10 with 20 lbs
Tricep Pulldown – 3 sets of 10 with 40 lbs
Rowing Machine – 10 minutes – 1500meters

Not bad.  I used to lift healthy all the time but since I’ve switched to mainly home workouts I don’t do it much at all.  I was really surprised that I still felt very strong.  Guess all those burpees are paying off 🙂

Tomorrow back to bodyrock….I miss it 🙂