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Time for a Change

Okay, so if you read my blog regularly or follow me on instagram (@healthyengineer) you know that I haven’t really been all that excited about my P90x journey so far.  I LOVE the workouts…but I am not getting the results I should be getting 30 days in.  Maybe I’m not lifting heavy enough.  I don’t honestly know.  I have really no clue since I have seen people shrink with this program. The only thing I do know is that me +P90x right now aren’t working out so fantastically.  

For a while I was determined to push through it.  I thought that since I made this commitment that I would be a failure if I quit the program.  I thought that I wouldn’t be giving it the good old college try and it would be unfair to not give it the full 90 days.  But then I started realizing that honestly – who gives a damn.  Really.  My goal here isn’t to best any program but to get in the best shape and health I can get in.  And if a program isn’t giving me what I need, then I need to stop and re-assess.  
I realized that it was this thinking – that I’m quitting or I’m failing – that has been something I have struggled with for YEARS with weight loss.  I have the wrong mentality.  It’s not quitting, it’s fixing or re-adjusting, or just doing something new because I want to do something new.  This isn’t a 90 day mission to lose weight, it’s a rest of my life mission to be better for myself.  So that means that if it’s broke I need to fix it.  Because if I don’t fix it, this P90x feeling, then will I be able to give my all for the next 60 days?  Did I miss an opportunity?  Exactly.  
So with all that said – it’s time for a change.  I scoured the internet and found a basis for a new program – a INSANITY ChaLEAN Extreme TurboFire hybrid.  What?  Yes.  I have owned ChaLEAN Extreme for years and never actually done the program because I never had the weights for it.  Then once I did I was just kind meh on the program.  Recently I’ve seen some amazing results from my teammates that have been awesome and have me re-thinking it.  What I didn’t realize was that those workouts are shorter – most under 45 minutes, which is also a plus because I would get to sleep in just a little more than I do now.  I already adore INSANITY and TurboFire as you know, so I feel like this is an opportunity to add in the weights but still get the cardio I think I need right now.  I never thought of combining these programs like this at all.  
So the plan is to take this schedule and stick it on the wall and start this tomorrow.  I’m going to do this like P90x – give it 30 days and see.  I believe that I will know relatively quickly – I did with every program so far – if it’s going to be right for me or not.  I’m excited for this but a little nervous since it’s got some hard hard cardio days.  I will keep a log here of course and let you guys know how I like it!!

Tenacious Health Challenge Group

As we get deeper into 2013 I already have had some friends drop off the healthy living resolutions they set for themselves and some others struggling to figure out what to do next.  So with that in mind, I am setting up a Tenacious Health Challenge Group that will start February 18th!

Why Tenacious Health??  Because tenacious means persistent, stubborn, and tough.  My Beachbody coaching team is called Team Tenacity so I wanted to play on words so here we are.  Point is that we are going to KICK butt together and get healthy.

Why Now?  Now because it’s a good time to get committed.  Starting a  program mid February takes you through to the spring time when the weather is nicer and it’s easier to be healthy because the sun is out more, the fruits are out in abundance, and the weather is nicer.  This is to help you through the dog days of winter and push you to start working on your health and wellness during a time where it’s easy to slip.  It’s also a good time to think about not just the exercise programs, but the Ultimate Reset as well.  I did the Reset, then rolled into exercising and I think my results were better for it.

What is it? The challenge centers around Beachbody’s challenge packs and 5 very committed challengers.  Any program you want + Shakeology + your commitment for the duration.  Challenge packs vary in price depending on what program you would like and can save you upwards of $70 on the program + shakeology.  There are ways to get discounts if you are interested in them so don’t let cost be a deterrent.  We will also enter the Beachbody Challenge.  What is the Beachbody Challenge?  It’s a contest that Beachbody runs that pays you for your awesome results for using their products.  I just entered my results from INSANITY and have my before pictures taken to submit after I finish P90x 🙂

Your coach?  Me 🙂  You get me as your coach for the whole of the program and beyond.  I’ll be here to answer questions or go find an answer if I don’t have it, to help the group stay focused, and to motivate when times are rough.  I will set up a place for us to communicate – email group or Facebook or Google Groups depending on what the people involved want and use for communication.  This isn’t just about a one on one coaching situation, it’s about a team moving forward and getting healthy together.  I’m a graduate of the Ultimate Reset and INSANITY programs and am currently working on P90x.  I have also used Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam, and Les Mills Pump, so I am familiar with a lot of the Beachbody programs and drink Shakeology pretty much every day, sometimes twice a day.  I drink my own kool aid because it tastes like weight loss, lol.

So if you are interested, please shoot me an email at and I can help you select a program or get signed up as a Coach if you are interested (this is the moolah saving option).  If you just want to check out what the challenge packs are in general look at my general site, my Ultimate Reset site, or my Shakeology site.

Hope you are interested in getting started on a healthier life this spring 🙂

November is Here!

Ok, it’s a week old.  This week has been so crazy that I just realized I hadn’t posted about starting INSANITY yet!  Or my weigh in from Monday.  Or anything else I’m supposed to do.  I have been 100% on track…just really all over the place.  My sister

So I’m a few days in – and of course I’m loving it so far.  This kind of workout – athletic drills sweat dripping so much that I can’t see, ect is one I really enjoy sometimes.  Especially in the mornings.  Sometimes with Turbo Fire my brain is not really awake at 5:30 am and I would get so confused about the choreography even though I knew it.  Which makes very little sense because at heart I have all the rhythm.  But anyway, this is easier – do this one move until I say do this other move.  Ok.  I can do that.  And I can push hard because I don’t think, I just do.  I just finished week 1 today.  Followed the schedule as is, no adjustments, no additions.  Have that bad boy posted on my wall and I check off the box when I’m done.

Insanity is so weird.  Like how jumping jacks in the warm up are crazy hard but the cross jacks later are easy (easy in comparison to how the jumping jacks feel, not easy in comparison to laying on my floor like I do after the workout).  They are effectively the same motion, with a very very small difference.  I sometimes wonder if I just really need the long warmup/stretch before I can really do that move effectively?  Or has my soul been worn down so much that hard doesn’t exist?  I don’t know…but I will keep working at it.  For now I do what I can do for that warm up interval and if I really can’t do any more I do the modified ones with as much jump as I can.  In general if I need a break, which I do sometimes, I first try to downgrade the move (so maybe a power jump becomes a squat for a break until I catch my breath and get back into jumping).  Next step is to gulp some water and walk around my basement until I can get back into it.  Some moves don’t really have a good downgraded move, but most do.  I just try to move as much as I can in general.  I also saw improvements in my fit test!  I will have to do another post with my changes from the summer 🙂

Diet wise, still doing the same thing.  I have had meat – when the man was in town we went out and had meat.  I still don’t cook it at home, but I do occasionally indulge when on the town.  I haven’t noticed any stomach issues, even with the first meal.  But I still think I enjoy vegetarian meals 95% of the time.

Weight – I know you have been waiting 🙂  My signal here is so busted, so I can’t add the pic (will add later) but I am 245.4 as of Monday 🙂  Very happy with this of course.  Of bigger news, pretty much all of my clothes are too big, a lot of my XL tops that I was working to get back into are starting to be too big.  My pants are all falling off except the 18W and some of the smaller cut 20s.  In general, I need about $200 to go shopping and buy all new pants, a few new tops, and a sweater or two.  Oh I’m good with a sale, I can make $200 go very very far 🙂  I’m also apparently only 9 or so lbs away from just being obese (as opposed to severely obese) on the body mass index.  I know this index is not exactly the best for everyone and I tend to carry mad amounts of muscle so I don’t always look as big as my weight would indicate.  But it is nice to know that I’m not gonna be severe anymore, ha!

Signing off for now.  I hope you all went out and voted today 🙂  It’s a big responsibility to elect the leaders of our country, so research your candidates and your referendums/amendments/proposals and let your voice be heard 🙂

Also a reminder – for daily pics and lots of details on upcoming challenges.  I’m putting together a fighter fit challenge for January 2013.  Main program is Les Mills Combat, but any program is welcome!  The goal is to plan now for a commitment in January so you are already good to go, resolution already started.  And if you want to join me through the holidays on any program, please shoot me an email at healthyengineer@ (new email!) and let’s discuss.  Have questions?  that works too 🙂 I really want to help people get through the holidays losing weight and maintaining health – so let’s goooooooo!

October Wrap Up

Just some stats/info for how my October went:

Programs: Turbo Fire (main) Les Mills Pump (strength 2-3x a week)
Supplements: Shakeology (most days, only about 3 days a month did I not have it)
Weight loss: 9.8 lbs (weight from 10/29)
Sizes/physical changes: Huge.  I have basically gotten out of all of my size 22 and up pants.  My size 20 pants range between fitting ok and getting too big.  My size 20 jeans are definitely too big.
Photographic evidence:

Thoughts: I’m so freaking pleased!  I mean I am finally getting to that place where I am really noticing the differences in my body instead of trying to find them.  I am really giddy for what INSANITY will bring and how I will look in 60 days with the same dedication and focus.

Operation Fit through the Holidays

It’s been SUCH  a busy week for me.  My parents and sister were in town this week to move my sister to her new place!  It is kind of awesome to have some family in the same area now.  We have been hanging out and doing lots of moving stuff – unpacking and shopping and all that jazz.  Also watching my Lions and Tigers let me down 🙁 Tonight hopefully will be a better night for my Tigers!  So I haven’t been blogging as much.  But I have been instagramming (find me at healthyengineer) 🙂  I kept up with my workouts and stuck to eating by making good options when out and offering to cook for everyone at my place to make sure there was healthier options.  My folks are fast food kind of people so I tried to get them out of that a little.

Now with that said – I really REALLY want to do some good here people.  I am so excited about this challenge group I want to put together!  I will be doing INSANITY, but I want to open this up to anybody doing any program.  I want to form a great community of people so we can support each other from now until 2013 and beyond!  The holidays are hard.  Schedules get busy with parties and family visits which make it harder to keep up with the exercise schedule.  There are lots of once a year dishes and celebrations that are cause to splurge in the diet area. A lot of people gain weight or maintain.  That has been me in the past and I am determined to change the trend and lose weight this year.  If you are interested in changing your past and moving into the new healthier you, join Operation Fit through the Holidays!  We will keep with our exercise, keep with our shakeology, and keep with focusing on what is important this time of year – family, friends, and celebration.  We will help each other navigate the schedule pitfalls and pick each other up when things get hard.  I have a few prizes for those of you who join (shakeology blender cups, new black fitbook, and I’m thinking up a few more things :)) to keep everyone motivated.  We will also all enter the Beachbody Challenge at theBecause we all love prizes, right?

I’m pretty passionate about this because community is really big to me.  It’s how I’ve lost weight and it’s how I stay on track to keep it off.  It’s how you can learn new things about not just weight and wellness, but almost every aspect of yourself.  I hope you will join me and we can make this thing as big as we can 🙂

The easiest way to get started is to get a challenge pack for the program of your choice.  It’s a bit of a cost savings for the program + shakeology on top of free shipping, which is why I recommend it.  See all of the challenge pack options on my site ( If you are interested in just a program or just shakeology, that works too 🙂  If cost is an issue for you, shoot me an email (healthyengineer @ and I can let you know how to get some discounts.  If you want to find out more about coaching, also shoot me an email and I can tell you about our amazing team – Team Tenacity.

Let’s do this ya’ll 🙂

Changes and Turbo Pump Week 2 Schedule

This week has been stressful.  Actually the last half of last week and then so far this week.  Lots going on at work, preparing for visits from family next week, planning a get together for next weekend, and working on my ongoing Project Get Fit that I have been working on.  Oh and of course staying up way too late watching the Tigers (one game from the World Series – pinch me!!).  In the middle of all this, my washing machine broke and I spent a lonely few hours in a laundromat the other night (like seriously…there was nobody there but me and the girl that works there the whole time, it was weird.).

When I say stressful – I don’t say that word lightly.

Usually, this is when I fall apart.  It’s what happened last year and almost every other time my weight loss efforts went to crap.  But this year, it’s like the opposite is happening.  I’m doing BETTER with weight loss than ever.  I was kind of shocked…until I really thought about it.

The first thing that always goes for me is the food.  I slowly slip into one bad habit after another until I just am eating so terrible it’s not even funny.  Then I stop exercising as much because I don’t have the energy to keep up because I’m fueling my body on junk.  Net effect – the weight comes on.  Slowly at first.  But since my automatic response is to fix it with exercise, I never get the momentum.

This year, it’s different.  I have a fairly defined way of eating and I am really awesome at sticking with that.  Except for today when I left my lunch at home 🙁  Other than that, I am really good at eating well now.  I don’t want the junk.  This weekend I had what amounted to a kid’s size cone of ice cream and I barely finished that…which if you know me and my ice cream addiction is like a miracle.  I just don’t want junk and when I do have it, I am happy to have just a few bites worth.  So my energy never takes a nosedive and I can stay on track.  I think the reset has made me a more grateful person.  Grateful for the fact I still can make these changes and grateful that I am making them.  Grateful for the possibilities that will come and grateful for the fact that I am a healthy as I can be RIGHT NOW.  I can’t be mad about tomorrow or yesterday…but I can make sure that my right now is as awesome as it can be.

On a totally different note – I wanted to post my week 2 Turbo Pump schedule.  As I mentioned the other day, I lost almost 4 lbs this week, crazy!!  I know the above has 80% responsibility for my success.  If you want to lose weight, you have to eat to lose weight.  But I know the 20% is HUGE from exercise.  I am sticking to my daily commitment to workout like white on rice and letting that be my stress relief.  Without further ado – week 2!

Monday – Fire 45
Tuesday – Pump and Burn/HIIT 20/Stretch 10
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Sculpt 30/HIIT 15
Friday – Fire 55 EZ
Saturday – Pump and Burn/Stretch 40
Sunday – Fire 45/Hard Core Abs

This was an intense week.  This week even more so.  I did HIIT 25 for the first time this week – oh boy.  I thought it looked “easier” but I was proven wrong 5 minutes in.  Chalene knows her stuff.  I definitely am doing more during my workouts.  More jumping instead of the modifier moves.  More weight on my Pump bar.  More everything.  Pushing yourself during these workouts is key to seeing results.  Every workout try to jump one more time, punch a little harder, or pump a little more weight.  That is how we get the body we want at the end of 60 or 90 days.

I’m still waiting for my jump mat (should be here tomorrow!!) and it will be fun to use it for a workout soon 🙂  To pick up Turbo Fire, Les Mills Pump or the Ultimate Reset, just go here!  You can also use that link to join my team so we can plan workouts and keep each other motivated 🙂

Turbo Pump Update

I’m now about halfway through the Turbo Pump month.  I’m constantly looking at the plan and updating it as I go through the different workouts and realizing what will and will not work together.  Last night I did Sculpt 30 for the first time ever and probably last time this month.  Not that i don’t love it, because I did.  But I want to use that day for a weight work and the bands are hard, but not what I’m looking for right this month.

Aside from the adjustments, I’m so in love with Turbo Fire again.  It’s such a good program because the music is great and the workouts are hard. All my friends know that I really am a fan of the hard workouts, if I’m not drenched in sweat then I am not happy.  And Turbo Fire does that for me.  I’m noticing some real progress with inches so far this month.  Pants that I was wearing a few weeks ago are now needing belts.  My stomach is shrinking.  And my arms, which always have been a least favorite area of mine, are finally starting to shrink and my shirts have more room in the upper arms. I’m getting really excited about weight loss…and shopping 🙂  I cannot WAIT to start shopping for pants in the regular women’s section – that’s happening by Jan 1 people.  
Also wanted to share some diet details, as I have settled into a good rhythm post reset.  
Everyday for breakfast is shakeology now.  I was alternating it with oatmeal but I started to notice that on the days I had oats instead of shakeology I had lots of cravings for sweets.  So I have stuck to the shakeology.  I prep it in the morning as the last thing I do before leaving for work.  Then I drink it on the way to work.  This is my new habit.  My old habit was stopping at Panera or Starbucks or the diner near my job for a breakfast plate of something.   Anyway, that’s breakfast and I think I’ll be sticking to that most days.  I do the vegan tropical strawberry right now, but I will be trying the vegan chocolate for my next shipment.  I blend the strawberry with some banana, some berries, sometimes some other fruit if I have it.  Always some PB2 and almond milk.
Lunch and dinner are variations on the same theme.  One meal a day is always a bean based meal.  I love beans and it keeps me full, which is why I like to do this at lunch.  I like a bigger lunch because of the way my work schedule is.  I also usually have a salad at lunch, again helping the size of my lunch and helping me stay full.  This combo hasn’t lead me to mid afternoon cravings yet.  The other meal is a veggie based meal.  Stir fried veggies or something similar.  Large portions of veggies and usually a grain on the side.  
On top of those meals, I drink lots of water.  I still aim for half my bodyweight in ounces.  Yeah, I go to the bathroom like a million times a day, but I can tell the difference in my hunger levels and my skin with this.  
If you are struggling with diet and all of this looks like a HUGE leap for you, you have a few options.  You can either decide to make one or two changes now (like adding shakeology in place of one meal or making the decision to not eat fast food or deciding to cut out certain processed foods or journaling your meals) and slowly convert your diet to a more whole foods diet that way OR you can do something like the Ultimate Reset to give you a jump start (really, let’s be honest, a kick in the behind) on all these changes.  Which one you need to do is up to you and how you work.  For me, the Reset turned out to be the best thing, but I know for others it will not be.  The diet question is one you have to sit on and really think about and decide what you are going to be then do it.  It doesn’t matter what you do, it just matters that you do something 🙂

Last thing – I started an Instagram account!  I will be posting meals and other happenings around the healthy engineer hub.


Weigh In!

My first weigh in of October and the 2nd one after the Reset and the first with the challenge of the month.  Drumroll please……

For a loss of 2.6 lbs!  I’m VERY excited about this for several reasons.  One being I’ve put in lots of hard work.  I’ve been drinking shakeology for breakfast 90% of the time, sticking to my aggressive exercise schedule and working hard to make the best food choices.  I’ve been eating vegetarian since the reset and the husband and I decided we would keep a vegetarian household and save our meat eating for when we go out whenever we decide to eat meat.  Honestly the few times I have gone out since the reset I have eaten vegetarian still.  The second reason is that I’ve read a lot of people that have come off the reset and put all their weight loss back on.  The reason is that they tend to go back to all their old habits.  And by old habits I don’t mean eating meat.  I mean old habits like eating lots of processed foods and lots of sugar.  I DID NOT do this, which was a big win for me.  If you remember, one of the goals for my husband and I was to change our mindset about food and use it as a kickoff for a healthy life after the reset.  At this point I feel confident saying that we are doing that and will continue to do that.  When I wrote that the reset changed our lives – I was serious about that.  I didn’t realize how far from right I was on eating until that 21 days happened and we started living a much healthier life.
This week is another heavy Turbo Fire/Les Mills Pump week!!  I’m excited because these workouts are crazy hard and I know that they are working in combination with my diet to whip this weight off of me.  I’m having a lot of fun because both programs have the best music of any of the Beachbody programs in my opinion and it is a big boost!

October Challenge: 1 Week In!

Two posts today since I forgot to actually post yesterday’s post on time 🙂

Today I have officially finished one week of my October Turbo Pump challenge.  It has been a good week, a really good week.  One of the things I have always loved about the X day programs are the schedule and consistency.  I love not having to really think about what I’m going to do other than wake up and get it moving.  This was my first time playing around with the schedule and I like what I did this week and am going to model the rest of the weeks with it.  The first month of Pump is pretty light, so it makes it easy to combine the programs.  I’m really feeling my stamina and strength improving with every workout.  It’s also nice that the reset did a number on my stomach in terms of inches lost.  Today I did the Stretch 40 workout which is a good yoga based stretch dvd.  It was MUCH easier to get into poses than it has been in forever because my stomach is so much smaller.  It’s nice and I feel like yoga was actually a workout because I was just able to do more and really push into the pose.  I have always had a good level of flexibility – but now I can actually use that and push farther.  
This week’s workouts were:
Monday – Fire 30
Tuesday – Pump Challenge + HIIT 15
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Fire 30 + Flow
Friday – Fire 55 EZ
Saturday – Pump Challenge + Fire 30
Sunday – Core 20 + Stretch 40
Not going to lie – this week pushed me.  These workouts are not easy and I’m doing about an hour a day.  But I’m pushing for results so that means workout hard.  Turbo Fire is a 6 day a week program, so it just means I need to work hard to keep up with it. 
Tomorrow I’ll be posting my weight for this week’s weigh in, see you then!