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Heading home

Currently lounging at the airport waiting for my flight home. Can’t wait, I miss my husband. When he was working in TN I loved traveling, it was a nice break from an empty house. Now that he is back, I am more ready to get home for sure.

Had a good week of travel I think. Unfortunately my stomach wasn’t enjoying the trip the first few days. I did manage to stay consistent with exercise and got lots of sleep. I wish I felt better, but alas, what can you do.

In exercise news – only a week until p90x starts!!! I’m so excited!! So ready to get back on a schedule. I’m glad I waited. Between not feeling good and the schedule it would have been really hard to get started. Sometimes things happen for a good reason.

I’m pretty tired, going to sign off. Ready to board this flight so I can go straight to sleep ūüôā

Hotel Circuits

I am on travel again – this time all the way to the west coast. ¬†I’m in California trying to live the good life between finishing stuff up for work and working on my 30 day push to do list. ¬†Before I get into my travel fit post I’m going to wax poetic about the 30 day push program Chalene Johnson has. ¬†It’s a FREE 30 day program that talks about how to align your goals to your priorities and to create a pathway to getting your goals accomplished. ¬†I’m on day 8 of the program and already I’ve made some serious realizations. ¬†It’s been good and I’ve been able to better talk to my husband about where I want to be and that leads to just better overall communication. ¬†It’s good.

Okay more on that later. ¬†But for now – traveling fit! ¬†Okay so I will say that I’m SERIOUS about my fitness now – as you can tell. ¬†And this means that I seriously refuse to be in a situation where I can’t get my workout in. ¬†This means 2 things. ¬†#1 – I check the gym status at the hotel before I book. ¬†I try to only stay places that have gyms. ¬†And #2 – I bring DVDs with me. ¬†This week I brought Turbo Jam and the Fast and Furious 20 min INSANITY workout. ¬†So basically I have a plan and a backup plan. ¬†This allows me some variety, especially right now while I’m between Beachbody programs, to mix it up. ¬†It also was crucial to me in case one plan wouldn’t work – like a tiny gym or a gym with limited equipment or no room to do a DVD.

So tonight was gym night.  I hit the gym pretty hard for some circuit training.  This gym was stocked with a full set of dumbbells, medicine balls, and a swiss ball Рscore!

Warm – Up – 5 min elliptical

Circuit 1 x2
25 crunches
15 pushups (started on feet, ended on knees)
15 squats w/ medicine ball
12 bicep curls
12 deadlifts

Do circuit 1 2x before moving on to circuit 2

Circuit 2 x 2
L side Woodchop (w/ weights)
10 frog jumps (INSANITY call back, lol)
L side single leg squat

R side Woodchop (w/ weights)
10 frog jumps (INSANITY call back, lol)
R side single leg squat
Weighted leg raise

Cool -Down – 15 min exercise bike

Pretty good workout if I say so myself. ¬†Hit all the important body parts plus got a good sweat and cardio burn. ¬†I did go a little light on the arm workouts because I am so sore from Turbo Jam and Les Mills Pump already. ¬†So I focused a lot on core and the “basic strength moves” aka pushups, squats, crunches. ¬†I am really really pushing towards doing more on my toes. ¬†Insanity has gotten me far with that goal. ¬†I did 5 on my toes the first circuit and 6 on the second go around. ¬†So I definitely am improving.

As I get ready for P90x I’m getting SO excited for more weights. ¬†My body feels different after a weight workout for sure and it’s been a log time since I’ve put a circuit together. ¬†I really enjoy putting workouts together – a reason that a PT cert is something else that I have been thinking about because I love this kind of stuff. ¬†If anyone tried the circuit out please leave me a comment and let me know how you liked it! ¬†I am not a trainer – just a girl who likes this stuff.

Non scale victory – jet style

Today was my first flight in a while. My first flight since coming home and starting the ultimate reset in fact.

My first flight in about 30 lbs.

And let me tell you how *different* it was. I sat in a window seat. I don’t ever pick that unless I’m with my hubby because I’m do worried about being squeezed into that spot. But I picked it today. There was a guy already in the aisle (who turned out to be that jackass type traveler who thinks the no electronics rule doesn’t apply to him) and I was nervous. Usually my hips are right against the seat, spilling over a bit. I’m a hippy girl and that’s just where I have always carried a lot of weight. Well this time, I fit fine. I had ROOM. This was crazy. Buckled in and no hoping and praying the seatbelt fit. I have never used an extender, but to be honest I was damn close. Not today, extra belt! It was fabulous ūüôā It was one of those non scale moments that makes you realize how far you have come and that you really are doing something.

Being big, I think I don’t appreciate my weight accomplishments. 30 lbs to me – I’m still plus sized and still fat to the world. It’s sometimes easy to forget that even though I’m still not at my goal, I have done a lot. I fly a lot. This was flight 30-something for me this year. So this is a place where I have had to really face my weight and where I could really see that I am shrinking. It feels sooo good ūüôā gives me so much motivation to keep it up!

Stocked for Success

Well, with the end of the reset comes a challenge- a business trip. This is obviously altering my approach to the last few days of the reset and my entry into post reset life. In the face of a challenge like this where does a girl head? Whole Foods of course!!

I stocked my room fridge with fruit, vegan pre-prepared foods (sushi, grain salad, pre-portioned veggie only salads) and water. I also have some sunflower seeds and some vega packets. Those are NOT all for this week at all. But I’ve been curious about them, so I bought one of each flavor to try lol. I’ve never seen some of these flavors before, like vanilla chai, so I had to go for it.

These items will get me through breakfast and lunch while on the road. I decided that I would stay vegan this week as much as I can since I’m on the road and in general have less knowledge of what I’m eating. But I definitely need to increase my cals a bit because it’s gym time!!!

Ramblings on Healthy Traveling

I probably should have taken more pictures for this post. ¬†I’m so terrible at that, but I’m going to do better next trip – deal? ¬†Ok moving on as I paint pictures with my words….

This week I had 2 trips – one was a driving trip and one was a flying trip. ¬†In order for me to keep on track I have to really put in work. ¬†The downfall of traveling is that sometimes my exercise schedule just doesn’t happen. ¬†Not because I don’t want it to, but because of schedule, delays, or just exhaustion. ¬†Traveling is tiring work and I’ve pretty much decided that my secret for success is being a perfect as I can be on diet while trying to workout when possible. ¬†So let’s talk strategy, shall we?

Hit the Road!
I will preface this section by saying – when it comes to certain things I don’t mind spending money. ¬†I will penny pinch and shop clearance for a new granny sweater, but I will pay almost full price (come on – if you are ordering online and aren’t googling “company here promo code” you are not doing the internet right. ¬†Anyway, one of my favorite pieces of travel gear is my 6 pack bag. ¬†I have both the 3 and 5 level bags and I LOVE them. ¬†Anyway for a road trip no matter where I’m going, one of these is coming with me. ¬†As this was only an overnight trip and a very short one at that, I packed up my 300. ¬†I brought with me bottled water, Chobani, protein bars and protein powder. ¬†The hotel did not have a refrigerator and at 6am the next morning my ice packs weren’t even completely melted. ¬†Perfect – my Chobani was still ice cold and ready for me to eat pre-workout. ¬†First way I stay on track. ¬†Second, I brought my workout with me. ¬†I actually have converted some of my DVDs to files on my computer only for the purpose of putting on a thumb drive to bring with me to travel. ¬†I didn’t do all – that would be ridiculous! ¬†But I do have them with me in case the hotel gym is crap (which, hello – this is so common) or I’m in the mood to have someone tell me what to do for the workout because I don’t have it inside myself to do it. ¬†So for this trip this week, I ate my still cold Chobani then did an Insanity workout. ¬†I took my remaining protein shake with me to my meeting and since it was over relatively early, at lunch at home after driving back, having a 2nd snack on the road instead of a meal. ¬†I needed to beat traffic ūüôā ¬†With that – I was only gone about 20 hours but I was perfectly on track.

I also always request a refrigerator and microwave on EVERY trip. ¬†Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t. ¬†But always request it. ¬†Always. ¬†If I have it, then I don’t have to rely on my 6 pack bag as being my refrigerator. ¬†And then I can shop for what I need and eat as if I’m at home.

Friendly Skies!
Flying presents a LOT of challenges for the healthy girl on the road. ¬†Let’s start with food. ¬†Since there are so many limits to what you can bring on the plane, it can be hard to go with the old stand bys. ¬†With having to get to the airport so early, it’s not impossible to have to eat 2 -4 of my 6 meals a day in an airport depending on the flight. ¬†Even a short 45 min commuter flight ends up being at least 3 hours between getting to the airport to check in, get through security, actual flight, then getting baggage. ¬†And that assumes no delays – which you never should assume because that is how you get in trouble! ¬†Most larger airports are easy to find a good meal in assuming you have the time to do a little recon. ¬†It’s the baby airports that kind of suck. ¬†Like Omaha (I love you Omaha but…) that airport has the equivalent of a¬†concession¬†stand – nachos, burgers, and scary old sorry looking salads with no style, totes economy class.

There are a few ways I tackle airports. ¬†My bars and shakes are my bffs. ¬†Protein powder in a shaker cup or in the tub have never given me a problem with TSA. And post security you just have to buy a water to mix it with. ¬†Bars are easy and great on the plane to grab and eat. ¬†Protein is the best for me personally because it keeps me full. ¬†When figuring how how much to pack to eat I do think at least the day before about how my day will lay out and once I put the trip in there, see what and how many meals fall into the travel to the airport/flight time. ¬†Also if a short delay will mean I miss another meal, I add that in as well just to be safe. ¬†Then I pack enough supplements to cover all meals while flying. ¬†Is this ideal? ¬†Hell no. ¬†I’ll be the first to say that. ¬†But I’ve flown a heck of a lot and I’ve been in trouble before when you want to buy food and (1) oh you are in row 30 and they ran out of everything but m&ms and pringles at row 25 (2) flight was delayed and the only thing open at the airport when you landed was mcdonalds (3) concession stand aka Omaha (4) delay on first flight is so much that instead of the 1.5 hour layover you thought you had to grab food you have become a¬†contestant¬†on airport mad dash to get to your next flight. So on and so forth. ¬†Bottom line – I’ve learned that I can’t assume that I will have time to eat in the airport except for the time before my first flight assuming security works with me on that. ¬†So I’d rather bring the bars and protein and not need it than need it and not have it and be stuck buying those pringles and m&ms. ¬†When you are hungry and desperate, that’s when you make the worst decisions in life. ¬†Being prepared stops the walk of shame in the concourse ūüôā

On this trip I was lucky to have a good sized fridge/microwave.  I did a grocery shop for almond milk (for mixing with powder), fresh fruit, microwaveable breakfast (these cedarlane all natural egg white omelettes fit the bill with fruit!), chobani, and bottled water right after I checked in.  So while this is again a short trip (literally about 48 hours), I have had a lot of my meal needs taken care of, no problem.

With both of these – flying or driving, you can always be more prepared than you think. ¬†Like I said earlier – request the microwave and refrigerator. ¬†Scout out the airports for possible good foods in your concourse if you are nervous. ¬†Pack your non-perishables or perishables depending on drive vs. fly. ¬†ALWAYS bring your exercise gear. ¬†Always. ¬†Make time for exercise or activity. ¬†Beach walking burns your thighs as I learned today. ¬†Go kayaking or hiking or some other activity that is new to you. ¬†Or just go for a walk. ¬†Move early and move often. ¬†Tell your travel companions what you need. ¬†My coworkers all know that if we are looking for a hotel and what everyone’s needs are mine are simple – gym and hopefully fridge/microwave. ¬† I’m the only one who doesn’t say this loyalty program or that! ¬†Lastly – get some sleep! ¬†Is all this work? ¬†Yes. ¬†Is it more than you have thought about before? ¬†Yes! ¬†Is it going to be worth it when you end the trip not only not gaining weight, but LOSING a lb or two? ¬†YES!! ¬†I’m finally getting to the point where I’m starting to think about the end state, not the short term.

Side note – if you read all this – bless you, LOL!

The Traveler

Hitting the road for a few days of work followed by a few days of fun. ¬†I’m so ready. ¬†I travel about 1-2 weeks a month typically for work and maybe once every other month for fun. ¬†I’ve been in the office for 3 straight weeks and I’ve had a massive case of cabin fever so the timing for all this is perfect. ¬†Not that work is any easier on the road – but it’s just nice to get away.

That said – it’s not time to get away from the plan. ¬†I’ve lost a lot of weight week one of the plan (6.6 lbs!!!!) and I know if I want to keep that off and keep it moving I have to keep putting in work. ¬†And yes, I know that I won’t lose almost 7 lbs every single week (or ever again most likely) but I’m enjoying the first week of the nutrition plan + the first week of insanity double wammy on my scale ūüôā

So what’s the plan?

1. Insanity! ¬†The beauty of Insanity is that it is a cardio only program that requires no equipment. ¬†So I’m bringing it with me, at least for the work portion. ¬†The fun portion is with my hubby, so I probably won’t be able to hop around the hotel room at 6am without risking divorce so I will most likely take it to the hotel gym.

2. Folder of knowledge. ¬†I have a folder that has my Max Muscle Nutrition plan, Insanity schedule, the Dining Out Guide from Fitbook and some other general info from the nutritionist. ¬†I’m not at home but I can strive to order as close to the plan as possible and I can use the dining out guide to help me navigate situations that are hard. ¬†I won’t be picking the restaurant for a lot of this trip, so it’s vital I have a game plan.

3. Workout gear. ¬†Goes without saying – but unless it’s literally an overnight there and back trip, I always carry my shoes, fitness clothes, and sports bras. ¬†For a trip for this long where I have multiple workouts planned, I bring 2 sets of clothes so I can rinse out and hang up to dry between workouts. ¬†It’s impractical usually to bring more than 2 full sets and have room for everything else I need.

4. Fitbook. ¬†I know, I’m a junkie. ¬†But it is the best food/fitness journal ever. ¬†I plan on doing my weekly wrap up and plan tomorrow AM on my flight so I walk into my first meal out of town (lunch w/ coworkers) with a fresh plan in my head.

5. Smash Inspiration Book. ¬†I’m a scrapbooker and I bought a smash book a while back because it was the craze on all the boards. ¬†Yeah I got sucked in. ¬†But I didn’t know what to smash. ¬†Well the other week I decided to make my smash book my vision board. ¬†This way it’s easily portable and I can have it with me to look at when times are rough and when I need extra umph to keep it going. ¬†Also if something strikes me when I’m on the road, I can just throw it in there. ¬†The smash pens have a glue stick on them – so it’s very portable. ¬†This, like my folder of knowledge, are mental crutches.

6. Bag o’ Food. ¬†Yep, I’m one of those people. ¬†I have a bag with a small container of protein powder, blender ball, protein bars and my vitamins. ¬†I am going into many meetings and I will go straight from the airport to the first meeting. ¬†I can’t bring perishable food with me and as you know, you are very limited as to what can go through airport security. ¬†Real food is best for sure – but if I’m stuck and the option is a vending machine or my protein bar – which one will keep me on track? ¬†Obviously the bar. ¬†I’m going for a general be prepared situation. ¬†My flight is extremely short so I don’t have to pack a ton to eat on the flight which keeps my carry on situation manageable.

I’m going to lay out my travel day plan tonight in my Fitbook. ¬†I need to finish packing and then get to bed. ¬†And also confirm my flight time…because I’m honestly not sure right now which is a serious problem. ¬†I also have a few housekeeping tasks to finish – I can’t leave out of town without making sure the trash is taken out, dishwasher is run, and things are just neat and tidy.

Yikes…that’s a lot to get done and very little time….g’night!!

California Love

Still out in the middle of nowhere California working. ¬†It’s a pretty heavy labor assignment I have out here – I’m standing up pretty much all day doing inventory. ¬†Not the glamorous part of my job for sure – but something that has to get done. ¬†It’s about 100+ every day here, so I’m pretty hot and tired by the time we are done. ¬†I haven’t worked out because of it yet and that’s very annoying – but I’m not sure I can do anything about it. ¬†We will see how today goes and if I’m not so tired now that my body has had one day of this work.

Struggling with meals out here. ¬†The guys I’m with will eat pretty much anything and have a strong affinity for Jack in the Box for every meal. ¬†Not exactly my cup of tea, but I have no rental this assignment, so I’m pretty ¬†much stuck. ¬†Just trying to make the best choices and chugging LOTS of water because of the weather and salt content of the food. ¬†I really hate not having a car – it ruins my ability to really do what I need to do. ¬†Grocery shop for healthy foods, eat at better restaurant choices, ect. ¬†I’ll have one our next inventory trip, already decided that!

Other than that, just trying to do what I need to do. ¬†I read a really inspiring blog post from a friend of a friend that put some things back in perspective for me. ¬†It’s not a diet plan any different than what I’m trying to do right now – eat clean and move my butt. ¬†It was just written in a really really¬†straightforward¬†get your shit together and do what you know you are supposed to do kind of way. ¬†And I needed that after these last few travel days that have made me feel that I’m falling off track. ¬†She broke it down in a numbered list and I’m thinking of tackling 2 of them a week or every 2 weeks or something. ¬†It was a good breakdown of exactly what I have had in my head to do but as someone who has actually done it – it was written much less cluttered than how my head has been trying to process it. ¬†Clarity from someone who has been there done that I guess. ¬†I’m still milling over the list and how to go about doing it because it is good sound advice in a clear action plan kind of way and maybe I’ll post more about that later this week after I process it fully.

Road Rules

I’m on the road this weekend to Tennessee. This kicks off a busy month of travel for me as I’ll be in California next week and Texas later this month. My job requires a decent bit of travel and I like to travel for fun, so I spend a lot of time on the road. I’m constantly trying to figure out how to be healthy on the road. It’s a hard, but not impossible task and I’m constantly building my toolbox.

I’ll post a detailed travel list when I’m back with my computer as I’m posting via my iPhone now. But the basic plan is to move as much as possible while eating well. I’m the girl at work who always books hotels with gyms and takes her Gymboss everywhere. That’s the best travel advice and tool I use. Even if you search online for local gyms if you need – sweating is a must.

That said, I had a 45 min date with the elliptical this am and a decent lunch. I actually did something I don’t usually do, exercise after breakfast. Then I was promptly reminded why I don’t do that. My blood sugar must have tanked as I was pretty out of it. I told my hubby I needed to eat ASAP and I had a large but necessary amount of bread and water. I was fine after that and by the time my salad showed up I was about my wits again.

I’ll be back to bodyrock this week. My bicep is all healed up, the rest did my body good. I have no pain and I feel great. Rest is so necessary!