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Why I Stay Motivated

Two words-

New jeans.

This weekend I bought a few things for myself in the sales. Nothing ridiculous, but I was in desperate need of some clothing that fit – especially new jeans.

I started this journey not wearing jeans in January because my size 24 jeans got too small. I worked my way back into them. Then into my 22s I had laying around. Finally into my old 20s. That took about 8 or so months. Well now my 20s are crazy baggy and just not cute. I have that dumpy butt thing going on. So I decided to try on some 18s at the GAP just to see.

Lo and behold – they fit!! They actually fit. Not the stupid low rise ones – those are not for women with butts. But the bootcuts fit great. Add 50% off and I felt like it was my special personal holiday.

I’m not there yet – I would like to be a lot farther from plus size when I’m done. But I will happily take this victory. One year and at least 4 jean sizes smaller. More really since all the 20 and higher sizes were women’s sizes and the new 18s are straight size.

Obligatory dressing room shot ­čÖé

Weigh In!!

Well, I am off work today and tomorrow as Hurricane Sandy comes to shore.  I am so far lucky enough to have power still so I figured I would go ahead and update with my weigh in this am.  New weight is:
Oh yeah! ┬áInching ever so close to that 60 lbs lost mark. ┬áI am starting to really notice awesome changes in my body shape, especially my upper body. ┬áMy lower body is getting smaller, but not really any changes in shape while my upper body is really slimming down and shifting. ┬áIt’s pretty awesome and I’m feeling really good about it!
Things have been really status quo lately…nothing special to report unfortunately. ┬áI had family in all week, until yesterday, so I have been busy with that. ┬áWhen I wasn’t with them, I was doing the storm prep thing – gathering water, batteries, canned food, ect. ┬áIf the power does decide to go out, I am ready.
I gathered all of my stuff for INSANITY and am ready to get going. ┬áWill most likely take my before pictures and measurements on Wednesday and post them. ┬áI’m really getting excited to start as I see more and more before and after┬átransformations┬áfrom people. ┬áI am really REALLY looking forward to seeing some serious change in my body. ┬áI’m putting this out there for the world: ┬áI want to be a straight size 16 or smaller on Jan 1 2013. ┬áI haven’t been that size since college…probably sophomore year? ┬áRight now I can fit a size 18W in some stores but mainly still in 20W comfortably. ┬áI want to start 2013 in a straight size and never ever ever go back.