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My Body Rocks (Wednesday)

Starting this blog to record my workouts. I would like to easily go back and see what I’ve done, track improvements (reps/weight increases/duration), and track my progress. I’m a new BodyRock fan and that’s the base of my workout program (at least right now 🙂 ). I will be doing a bootcamp in May, but other than that, mainly BodyRock, ZWOWs, DVD programs, or my XBOX. I’m a home workout kind of girl 🙂
I don’t have a lot of the BodyRock equipment. Actually, I don’t have any. So I make substitutions either with weights or equipment I already have in the house or by modifying the move. I’ll list here what I actually do, but link to the workout so you can see it in it’s full equipped glory. My “sandbag” is a small book bag with weight plates in it.

Today’s workout was from April 16th called My Body Rocks. I also did the ab bonus from the 16th as well.

My Body Rocks
Prisoner Squat Jump + Knee Up – 26/15/21
10 Mountain Climbers + Clean + Press (15 lb “sandbag”) – 3/3/3
Squat + Front Raise (8 lb dumbbells) – 13/13/12
Side Twist + 1/2 Side Burpee Jump – 5/3/4
Ab Bonus
Bike Abs + V-Up – 10
Punch Abs – 13
Side/Front Leg Lifts L – 7
Side/Front Leg Lifts R – 7