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April Foodie Pen Pal

Today I’m sharing what I received this month in my Foodie Pen Pal goodie box!  This month I received a package from Jillian from Her Split Ends.  I told her I wanted a vegetarian/vegan goodie box and this is what I received:

First of all, can I say that I loved that she included some napkins?  I’m a mess and it’s like she knew, LOL.  They are super cute and I’ve been using them in my lunch box for a fun treat.  Let’s zoom in.
I have had the Poppycock and the Archer’s meal before but nothing from the 2nd photo.  I’m super stoked to try the Kind bar, I’ve heard great things about these bars and I am really excited to taste one.  For some reason I have never bought one, I think because I’m scared they won’t taste good.  I am really excited to try everything in the bottom photo.  I haven’t eaten anything yet because I got this box after I started my Ultimate Reset and I will most likely save the treats for when my husband and I take a trip for a wedding in a few weeks.  They will be fantastic for train snacks, especially the bar and the pomegranate strips 🙂
This is my 2nd month in the program and so far I’m really happy with the experience.  It’s just fun to get mail that is not a bill and to see what people pick out based upon the preferences and description you give them within the $15 limit.  I had a BLAST shopping for my pen pal this month and I love shopping and thinking that they would enjoy it too.  Probably more than getting my own box every month I love finding out if they like my box, lol!

Foodie Pen Pals : March

I decided to sign up for the Foodie Pen Pals program for March.  It was the first time that I had ever signed up for it and I have to admit – I was kind of scared, lol.  It’s scary because it’s someone you don’t really know shopping for you and hopefully finding things that you like.  But I was also excited!  When I have traveled I’ve found all kinds of cool things in other states that I can’t find here.  So I was looking forward to trying out some goodies.

I got paired up with Jenny, who doesn’t have a blog and lives out in Kansas.  The first thing you do with the pal you are paired up with is that you tell them your likes and dislikes.  This is cool because if you HATE something, you can tell your buddy.  I mentioned to Jenny that I travel a bit, so finding healthy travel friendly…especially TSA friendly…snacks is something I’ve struggled with.  Jenny did an AWESOME job finding me some yummy treats!  I’m not sure they will make it until my next trip 🙂

So here are the goods:

I hadn’t had a single thing before, so I was pretty psyched about that.  I have already eaten the Odwalla white chocolate macadamia bar (um, yum…I have been looking for this one and can’t find it here at all!), the Odwalla blueberry swirl (not bad) and the Plantars NUT-rition mix (also awesome).  I’m sure I’ll try the rest out very soon…I have some road trips coming up that these bars would be great for.

I’m already signed up for the April box…I’ll be putting out there that I’m looking for vegan treats since April is reset month 🙂  For more info on the Foodie Pen Pals program, click here!