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Prep and BodyRock Lite

BodyRock recently added BodyRock Lite to their burn, sculpt, flow product line.  I did my first lite workout this morning and loved it!!!  Lite is really a misnomer.  It’s not easier and it’s not really any faster (this morning took me 23:02 to finish) and it’s definitely not any less reps.  The difference between lite and a typical burn workout is the simplicity of the exercises and equipment.  This was today’s workout:

1) 100 Sumo Side Lifts – Using the pink Sandbag
2) Push-Ups – 50/75
3) Tricep Dips – 50/75
4) Step Ups – 50 Left & 50 Right Leg
5) 15 Slow Stability Ball Crunch With Maximum Weight –  Using the pink Ugi ball & Sandbag or Stability Ball (I threw in 15 w/o weight as well)

I did 50 of 2 and 3 and it was a workout.  I was dripping sweat and feeling great.  The difference between this and typical is that I didn’t have to study the video a million times and/or watch it during the workout to get through it.  I also had to make no modifications b/c I couldn’t complete the workouts.  I really like these lite workouts as they allow me to complete the workout exactly as written with no issues.  

Low-Carb Prep.  I’ve been studying Atkins again.  It’s been a long time (maybe 8 or 9 years) since I’ve done it.  And I only did induction back then.  This time I want to do the whole program and see where it takes me.  I’ve been reading up and also starting to look at the foods I eat to see how much sugar and net carbs they have.  Eye opening.  My plan right now is to lower my carbs for the next week or so (until I get back from my trip next weekend).  Then I’d like to hit induction hard. I may have another trip immediately following my weekend trip and if that happens, then I may shift a bit.  I actually think Atkins would be easier on the road than a low-fat/low-calorie diet though, so I may give it a shot.  I’m going to reserve that decision until I do a little more research into convenience foods (I know – not ideal but for travel it’s a reality I need to research) and see if I can create some good list of snacks that are shelf stable in the case I don’t have a refrigerator in my room and/or a kitchenette to prepare some simple foods (boiled eggs mainly).  

Thong Shape Up (Cinco de Mayo Workout)

Saturday I did an amazing workout – from 3/18 the thong shape up.  It’s a long workout, which was fine with me since I had a food filled weekend on tap including a wedding to attend.

Main Workout 10 off/20 on, 6 rounds in each set
Set 1
Jump Mat Pushup – 2/2/3
Pushup – 4/7/7
Set 2

Jump Mat Pushup – 3/3/3
Pushup – 6/6/8
Set 3

Squat Jump + Clean and Press – 3/3/4
Switch Lunge and Kick – 6/5/5
Set 4

Squat Jump + Clean and Press – 4/3/3
Switch Lunge and Kick – 7/8/8

Abs 10 off/50 on
Plank toe floor touch – 14
Reverse Curl – 17
Plank toe floor touch – 12

Cool Down (weighted)
Clean and Press – 10
Push up and reach – 8
Side to side chest – 16
Bent over row – 10
Goblet squat – 10
Left lunge – 10
Right lunge – 10

I used a 30 lb bar for the clean and presses and bent over rows.  Used 16 lbs for the side to side chest.  This workout was a scorcher and a longer workout, which I like.  I need that sometimes.

Sunday was a rest day, which is good b/c my butt was BURNING from all the squats/lunges.  Today I overslept, so I didn’t get a morning workout.  I’m going to re-start the 30 day challenge I think tomorrow.  I decided to wait until it was farther along since I do my workouts in the AM and I need the workout to be there the night before so I can watch it and prep for the morning’s workout.  I have a lot of travel ahead of me this week and next, so I may hold off on re-starting until I get back in town next weekend.  I haven’t decided yet – I’ll see how travel friendly some of the workouts are.

Weigh in today – plus 3.2 lbs.  But considering we lived it up pretty big this weekend – open bar, dessert, mac and cheese…shall I go on? I’m not at all surprised that the scale shows an increase today.  I fully expect that to be gone after a few days of back to normal eating.  I also didn’t exercise as much as normal b/c of the schedule and visitors.  Not stating these as excuses, but just facts of the situation as I sometimes need to remind myself that the reason for a gain on the scale is very obvious.  This week it was a lot of food combined with less exercise – which will equal a weight gain.  I am ok with this because it was a special weekend…not the normal for me.

Fitter for Summer – May 1st

Today I did the Fitter for Summer 30 day challenge fit test to kick off the month of May with Bodyrock.  I did a combination of the beginner and intermediate bodyweight tests, scores below

Beginner/Intermediate Mash Up Fit Test
Squat Jump + 1/2 Burpee 10/7/8
Pushups (all on knees) 17/18/18
Tricep Dips (off couch) 12/12/15
Abs (off couch) 12/14/14

I’ll be honest – yesterday I didn’t eat well so after I finished that fit test I decided to push myself a bit.  I did JM body rev workout #4.  I’m glad I did, I felt much better afterwards.  I really do like workout #4 – it’s my favorite so far.

Last item of the morning – the bodyrock flow fit test. I’m very excited for the Bodyrock Flow program to kick off.  I really do enjoy yoga and want to do more of it.  I’ve never consistently done a yoga practice so I’m definitely hoping that the yoga takes the same 12 minute format so I can keep up with it.

Flow Test
Downward Dog – heels not on floor, back of legs tight
Pigeon – trouble getting into position with hips straight, hip stays high (need pillow), tight front leg
Dangling – hands on floor, straight legs
Standing Back Bend – very slight back bend, any farther makes breathing difficult

Girl Crush (Wednesday Apr 25th)

Girl Crush was a killer workout because they did a tutorial for those of us w/o the ugi ball or are not in stellar shape (yet!).  Perfect.

Girl Crush – 10 sec off/50 sec on for 3 rounds
Plank w/ Leg Jump 31/34/37
10 High Knees/10 Kicks 3/3/3.5
Woodchop + Jump 13/13/14
Pushup+burpee + Fwd/Back Jump 4/3/4

Ab Bonus
Walk In/Out Plank 4
Oblique Twists 12
Knee Raise and Touch 12

Really awesome hotel workout.  I’m in a hotel with a small open space and this fit perfectly.  It’s a travel keeper.

Sexy by Summer (Tuesday Apr 24th)

Catching up!  I’m on the road this week, so I’m pulling out the workouts that I can rock out bodyweight style.  Tuesday I did Sexy by Summer for the 2nd time.  I LOVE this workout!

6 times through
50 high knees
10 half burpees
10 squats
10 straight abs
total time: 18:08

I did this workout 1 minute 20 seconds faster than when I did it the first time (April 5th).  How’s that for improvement!!

1000 Rep Dream Body Workout

Today’s mission, the 1000 Rep Dream Body Workout from April 18th  I’m not gonna lie – this workout scared me.  I started off planning on doing half the workout but after getting into it quickly decided I would go for the whole thing.  Because I did that, I had a weird split.

Kim’s Version of the Dream Body Workout
Complete 25 reps of exercise 1-10 and exercise 11 as written.  Then repeat.

1) Half Burpees
2) High Knees
3) Bag Drop & Half Burpee Tuck Jump – 20 lb bookbag
4) Scissor Lunge
5) Elavated Plank Knee Tucks – Elbow & Cross (Alternate between L&R Legs)
6) Touch Floor Jumping Jacks
7) Lunge & Kick – Left Leg 
8) Tuck Jumps/High Knees
9) Lunge & Kick – Right Leg 
10) Criss Cross Reach Through Abs (Alternate between L&R Legs)
11) 250 High Knee Skips
Time: 46 minutes and 44 seconds
Oh.  My.  God.  This workout was beyond insane.  I worked hard, really hard and I feel really good about that.  I honestly did not think I could do this workout, which is why I had planned to just do half of it.    When I got through the bag drops, which was seriously the hardest thing in this workout, and did the next exercise or two, I realized I could do the full sets.  It was hard, don’t get me wrong.  I had LOTS of water/rest breaks and I also had to pause to watch the video for a second to remember what number 5 was.  Still, I’m pretty impressed with my time and the fact I actually did finish the whole thing 🙂

My Body Rocks (Wednesday)

Starting this blog to record my workouts. I would like to easily go back and see what I’ve done, track improvements (reps/weight increases/duration), and track my progress. I’m a new BodyRock fan and that’s the base of my workout program (at least right now 🙂 ). I will be doing a bootcamp in May, but other than that, mainly BodyRock, ZWOWs, DVD programs, or my XBOX. I’m a home workout kind of girl 🙂
I don’t have a lot of the BodyRock equipment. Actually, I don’t have any. So I make substitutions either with weights or equipment I already have in the house or by modifying the move. I’ll list here what I actually do, but link to the workout so you can see it in it’s full equipped glory. My “sandbag” is a small book bag with weight plates in it.

Today’s workout was from April 16th called My Body Rocks. I also did the ab bonus from the 16th as well.

My Body Rocks
Prisoner Squat Jump + Knee Up – 26/15/21
10 Mountain Climbers + Clean + Press (15 lb “sandbag”) – 3/3/3
Squat + Front Raise (8 lb dumbbells) – 13/13/12
Side Twist + 1/2 Side Burpee Jump – 5/3/4
Ab Bonus
Bike Abs + V-Up – 10
Punch Abs – 13
Side/Front Leg Lifts L – 7
Side/Front Leg Lifts R – 7