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JM Week 4 (Monday)

April 30th I did JM body rev workout #3. ¬†I didn’t hate it as much this time probably because I knew what was going to happen and I knew it was the last time I’d have to do it ūüôā ¬†Both of those things severely helped my attitude.

Also today was weigh in day AND measurement day. ¬†I just finished the fitbook 20twelve challenge so it was total body change check in time. ¬†Results were that I lost 18.6 lbs in 12 weeks along with 16 inches. ¬†Not bad, eh? ¬†I was really pleased with this. ¬†Even better – I reached my goal and the last week of the challenge I wore my old jeans out. ¬†All in all, I’m really proud of myself for pushing through. ¬†I set a very aggressive goal of 20 lbs in the 12 weeks so I was only 1.4 lbs short of that. I’m still working on my goals for my new fitbook, I’ll post them later this week.

Hypothesis on Body Revolution

I still am almost 4 lbs down from last Sunday. ¬†In the past week I’ve lost almost FOUR lbs while traveling around the northeast. ¬†People this included 2 4 hour car rides, 2 flights, meetings, and a trip to cheesecake factory. ¬†Losing weight on the road CAN BE DONE. ¬†It just takes some thought and some dedication. ¬†I don’t do my official weigh in until Monday morning and I’m heading off to a girl’s weekend to celebrate my friend’s upcoming wedding, so that number may change on Monday morning. ¬†I am not planning on going buckwild tonight with food when we go out. ¬†But I am saying I’ll probably have a drink or two which is not what I usually do. ¬†That’s the reason I woke up at 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning to get my workout in before I head out ūüôā

Speaking of the workout – today was Workout 4 of Body Revolution. ¬†I liked this one way better than 3. ¬†I think the truth is that I just don’t like the all front side workouts (1 and 3). ¬†And in a shocking change – I can do the prisoner get ups. ¬†I think they are in 30 day shred, I could NOT do them. ¬†Now I can. ¬†I couldn’t do the right side with weights, but I could do the base exercise. ¬†The left side I could do with 5 lb weights. ¬†#progress

And yes, I like to use hashtags in everyday life ūüôā

Tomorrow is a planned rest day, but I may walk or something in the afternoon after we get back from the bachelorette weekend.

JM at Home (Friday)

Doing my weekly JM workouts. ¬†Today was workout #3. ¬†I didn’t like it, lol. ¬†I’m going to be honest – I really don’t like the program so far. ¬†Her weird combination of old school aerobics and yoga is just odd. ¬†And she never offers modifications for the workouts that are harder for us big people. ¬†Plank into crescent pose over and over….really? ¬†I never really get into the workout, I just get through it. ¬†I am sweating halfway through – so it’s not like I’m not getting a workout in, I just spend the entire time wishing I was doing anything else. ¬†I really have a love/hate relationship with body revolution. ¬†I get done and feel like I got a good workout and I’m very pleased with that. ¬†But I don’t get that post exercise high (or during exercise good feeling) that I get with some other things.

In other news – I decided my loose change jar was going to become my bodyrock equipment fund. ¬†It’s not a very big fund – I only have about $75 in there. ¬†But if I throw my extra spending cash (I do a cash based budget) in there at the end of every week as a rule, it should grow quickly. ¬†I am not sure what the best piece of equipment to start with would be for me. ¬†The dip station/equalizer would be fabulous b/c I have no alternative way to do those exercises. ¬†The sandbag would be great so I can use a little more weight and build strength. Those are my top two choices. ¬†The ugi ball would be really cool to have for those exercises, but of all the equipment I feel like this is the least necessary with what I already have. ¬†Or I can pay way less and get a medicine ball. ¬†I’ve even seen one with handles. ¬†I’m also considering making one from the tutorials I’ve seen online just so I can have the option to increase the weight as needed. ¬†To buy an ugi or medicine ball would mean shelling out cash every time I was ready to go up in weight.

Any bodyrockers read this and have suggestion on the best piece of equipment to start with? ¬†I do have a Gymboss already so that’s done. ¬†Also, if you are a bigger person – equalizer or dip station?

Thursday with Jillian

Michaels that is. ¬†Today I did my JM Body Rev workout for my goal with my body rev peeps. ¬†I’m gonna be honest. ¬†I like the workouts, but I don’t like spending 2-3 days a week on them instead of doing BodyRock. ¬†So how do I solve that problem? ¬†She does both strength training workouts (so workouts 1 and 2) back to back one morning. ¬†Boom, now I got my strength done and only lost one day of doing what I want to do. ¬†So the deets:

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution
Month 1/Week 2
Workout 1 and Workout 2
8-10 lb weights

I started out at 8 lbs last week, but I made the decision to up the weights for this week’s workouts. ¬†Reason being – body fat blasting. ¬†Over the last few months I haven’t been really eating a fat loss diet or doing fat burning exercise. ¬†Mainly cardio, lighter weight/body weight workouts, and eating way more carbs than I should. ¬†I’m losing weight, so it’s good. ¬†But I want to start working at diet and doing more lifting. ¬†I think I’m going to start putting aside $$ and get a sandbag for bodyrock soon so I can have some real weight (I’m using a bookbag or hand weights now, but that limits the amount I can use) for some of the exercises there. ¬†And I need to start watching my carbs. ¬†I have a busy social/travel calendar the next few weeks but after that, going to start¬†consciously¬†working on my carb intake. ¬†Nothing drastic or counting (I’m officially off counting anything except reps and sets), but just setting some goals to start driving down my processed carbs (not fruit and veggie carbs!!). ¬†I hope that will help really boost my results.