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Tenacious Health Challenge Group

As we get deeper into 2013 I already have had some friends drop off the healthy living resolutions they set for themselves and some others struggling to figure out what to do next.  So with that in mind, I am setting up a Tenacious Health Challenge Group that will start February 18th!

Why Tenacious Health??  Because tenacious means persistent, stubborn, and tough.  My Beachbody coaching team is called Team Tenacity so I wanted to play on words so here we are.  Point is that we are going to KICK butt together and get healthy.

Why Now?  Now because it’s a good time to get committed.  Starting a  program mid February takes you through to the spring time when the weather is nicer and it’s easier to be healthy because the sun is out more, the fruits are out in abundance, and the weather is nicer.  This is to help you through the dog days of winter and push you to start working on your health and wellness during a time where it’s easy to slip.  It’s also a good time to think about not just the exercise programs, but the Ultimate Reset as well.  I did the Reset, then rolled into exercising and I think my results were better for it.

What is it? The challenge centers around Beachbody’s challenge packs and 5 very committed challengers.  Any program you want + Shakeology + your commitment for the duration.  Challenge packs vary in price depending on what program you would like and can save you upwards of $70 on the program + shakeology.  There are ways to get discounts if you are interested in them so don’t let cost be a deterrent.  We will also enter the Beachbody Challenge.  What is the Beachbody Challenge?  It’s a contest that Beachbody runs that pays you for your awesome results for using their products.  I just entered my results from INSANITY and have my before pictures taken to submit after I finish P90x 🙂

Your coach?  Me 🙂  You get me as your coach for the whole of the program and beyond.  I’ll be here to answer questions or go find an answer if I don’t have it, to help the group stay focused, and to motivate when times are rough.  I will set up a place for us to communicate – email group or Facebook or Google Groups depending on what the people involved want and use for communication.  This isn’t just about a one on one coaching situation, it’s about a team moving forward and getting healthy together.  I’m a graduate of the Ultimate Reset and INSANITY programs and am currently working on P90x.  I have also used Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam, and Les Mills Pump, so I am familiar with a lot of the Beachbody programs and drink Shakeology pretty much every day, sometimes twice a day.  I drink my own kool aid because it tastes like weight loss, lol.

So if you are interested, please shoot me an email at and I can help you select a program or get signed up as a Coach if you are interested (this is the moolah saving option).  If you just want to check out what the challenge packs are in general look at my general site, my Ultimate Reset site, or my Shakeology site.

Hope you are interested in getting started on a healthier life this spring 🙂

Bend but Don’t Break November

This month has been a really rough one and I really wish I knew exactly why so I could change it and make it a little easier.  Seriously…I just feel somewhat out of sorts.  Maybe because there was so much going on –

The superstorm and worrying about my sister who was out of power and couldn’t stay in her building in lower Mahnattan for a week.
The election and staying up for the returns because I’m just a political nerd like that and I could NOT get to bed not knowing the outcome and seeing all the speeches.
My hubby’s contract job ending 2.5 months early and us having to re-think our entire life plan and come up with a decision for what he was going to do in about 72 hours while we were in different states…so not even able to have a face to face to sit down and talk.
My team leader at work taking a new position and a new team leader coming in during a time where we have a million things going on and I’m the second in command and now wondering what my job will be with a new leader.

So yeah…just a few things going on that pretty much hit every aspect of my life in just the last 2 weeks and it has left me pretty run down and a little worn out.  So the past few days I pretty much have done just the basics – eat, sleep, exercise, work – and relaxed the rest of the time – read, sleep, relax.

But – I have my priorities in tact.  Seriously.  I have stuck to eating clean, even though Halloween was stressful and I have noticed as I get more tired that I’m more susceptible to the pull of the crap food.  I have not missed an INSANITY work out, oh hell no.  That’s important right there.  Still cooking clean at home. Still focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel.  I may be bending by being at home a little right now and struggling with some things…but I’m not breaking.  I’ve come too far for that mentally and physically.

I told some friends that I knew would be very judgmental about becoming a Beachbody coach.  It was interesting how that went over.  They think of Beachbody as just being a sales organization and really didn’t realize that there was anything else to it.  I think most people don’t – I didn’t.  I think they still don’t realize what I get from this situation.  I was told that “oh it’s going to be fun to tease you about this!”  It was hurtful to me that I would be teased for something that I’m doing to improve my health (that statement was made after I explained to them what I was doing)…but it reinforced to me that I needed to find a supportive community and I did the right thing.  These friends were my weight loss buddies before and I’ve always been different from them when it comes to certain things – clean eating and fitness.  And I think this made it clear how different.  It makes me even more driven to make a community for everyone that needs it to be open, friendly, and supportive. No judgement.  No bias – just success.  You should not be afraid to do what YOU need to do for YOU.  If you need to do WW or Jenny Craig, or Shakeology, or anything else – do it for YOU if it’s what you need.