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I am a Beachbody coach and have been since my husband and I completed the Ultimate Reset for the first time in September 2012. Being a coach, learning how to be a better team member and learning how to be a coach has transformed my body and my mind and I’m so excited to teach others the lessons I have learned about fitness, health, and weight loss.

The benefits of working with a coach are many, mostly the support you receive as you go through your programs, the benefit of having your own cheerleader, and advice when you get stuck or in a situation where you are wondering what to do or where to go next.  I’m not a fitness professional (yet!), but I’ve been there, done that and can give you some advice based on real life.

There are a few levels of coaching you can choose from:

Member – Purchase any Beachbody fitness program, Shakeology or the Ultimate Reset via my site.  You will receive emails from me when there are awesome product deals and of course all of the info here on my blog.  There is a Facebook group in the works to talk to other team members who are doing the same program, groups for people doing the same program at the same time will be set up and where I will be able to answer your questions.  I also can answer your questions via email and of course through comments on the blog.

Coach – Sign up as a coach via my site and you receive all of the perks of the team member level plus access to our team coaches only group and our parent team – Team Tenacity coaches only group for more support from a great family of coaches.  Coaches also receive a 25% off discount on any and everything Beachbody sells, so this is a great option for anyone considering Shakeology on home direct as the price of the product is cheaper every single month with this option.  You also get more personal coaching on your fitness journey.  You don’t have to actively promote Beachbody as a coach yourself to take advantage of this discount, however if you want to coach others, I will help you with getting started.

Not ready to commit to a program yet?  Totally fine!  You can sign up on the Team Beachbody site and you will be in the know about the new things going on, discounts, and any challenge groups that get started up by just selecting join.

Questions?  Email me at

If I’m not your coach and you have a Team Beachbody account already and you would like me to be, you can do the following:

Send an email to Beachbody coach relations with your Beachbody account email address at and request me as  your coach.  My name is Kimberly Brooks and my Coach ID is 183027.

I would love to be your coach and help you along your journey.  If you don’t sign up under a coach you know, you are assigned a random coach when you sign up.  This can be good, some people get assigned awesome coaches.  But you can also end up with a coach that isn’t actively coaching.  This is why people sometimes have to change coaches, I had to do this as well at one point.

If you are signing up as a new coach, you have the chance to update your coach info and you can use my name and coach ID (Kimberly Brooks – Coach ID is 183027).

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