ALPHA Focus T25 Review

Last week I finished the alpha phase of T25 – meaning the first 5 weeks of the program!

The ALPHA phase of the program is pretty great in that it introduces you to the style of the program and gets you used to doing a nonstop 25 minutes of work.  It’s also a really great workout.  I really enjoyed the workouts and I felt that through the ALPHA phase I got an amazing lower body workout.  I can tell my legs are stronger for sure, there are squats and lunges like CRAZY.

I had a LOT going on the past month and my diet has been a bit up and down so that could definitely be a reason.  But in general I’m feeling a bit softer.  Not bigger necessarily, but just softer in the core.  I also think I have a gluten sensitivity that is starting to become more and more of an issue that I’m noticing.  It’s something that I am really not happy about….I have had no desire ever to eat gluten free.  Really anything free.  I only started cutting dairy because I noticed I felt better without it.  I still have that occasionally, but I limit it severely.  Now I am noticing that when I have gluten heavy meals I feel pretty awful (and bloated) within 10-15 minutes of starting the meal.  I’ve been hoping I was wrong about this ever since my hubby suggested it to me, but once I started paying more attention to my food intake + my symptoms it became a situation that I can’t ignore.  I am going to go to the doctor though and ask to have them check (however they do that??) and see what foods I may be sensitive to eating.  I hope I can do that sooner rather than later so whatever is causing all these issues I can stop eating.  But in the mean time I will be eating very clean so hopefully I can feel better than I do right this minute.

Ok back to T25 – the one thing I kind of don’t like is the lack of upper body work.  Now I know you probably think I’m an idiot for saying that…but I’m talking in comparison to INSANITY.  There were pushups/shoulder work almost every day and by the end I was getting some great definition.  In Focus T25 if you notice in ALPHA there isn’t a companion to Lower Focus (that comes in BETA).  I’m glad BETA has an upper body workout because I’m going to definitely need that upper body strength for my throwing pursuits.  Ironically the man thinks that it was too challenging from the upper body perspective.  But he didn’t do INSANITY so I think that this probably isn’t a real program deficiency, just an INSANITY grad being psycho as expected.  I believe that the program builds quite nicely going forward though and I feel like in 2 weeks I’ll be biting my tongue at this assessment.  If Upper Focus is as intense as Lower Focus, then I’ll be just fine, lol!

I’m really excited about the BETA phase because I think it’s more primed to my weak areas after doing Core Cardio this morning.  This workout starts out more intense than ALPHA and doesn’t start.  I’m working on my breakdown of the workout and I’m going to start posting those over the course of this week.

How did you feel about the ALPHA phase?  And how do you like it if you finished it and what program did you do before it?  If you want to pick it up, check it out in my shop!

3 thoughts on “ALPHA Focus T25 Review”

  1. Bummer about the gluten revelation! I would be really upset, too!!! I’ve heard that dr’s usually recommend an elimination diet to figure out what is causing the symptoms. BUT, the good thing is that IF it is a gluten intolerance, there are tons of good substitutions so you can at least limit the gluten 🙂 I had the most amazing (seriously) pizza the other day on a gluten free crust. Also, if you do find that it’s gluten that is bothering you, I recommend the book Wheat Belly. My girlfriend is going through all this, and she said that book really changed her life….Good luck!

    Also – I have nothing but praise for T-25, although I DID notice the lack of upper body, and am looking forward to hitting it in Beta. I just really love this program!!!

  2. Funny you mention gluten sensitivity… After doing some experimentation for the past few weeks, I’m starting to think that one of the reasons my (self-diagnosed) IBS flares up, is due to gluten. I’m noticing every time I have, say, 4 slices of bread in a day (I’ll have a sandwich, then maybe later in the day I’ll have 2 slices of toast with almond butter), I feel yuck. I’ve been cutting back on bread and I feel the difference. I just ordered our grocery delivery and ordered a loaf of Udi’s. I want to really experiment and see if I can eat the same amount of that bread and feel ok. In the end, I’m thinking I’ll probably reduce how much I eat, as opposed to going gluten-free. I just don’t want to think about my food like that (can’t eat this, gotta avoid that, etc). Food has to be easier than this! lol But I feel you, I really did not want or desire to be free of anything, but as I’ve been reading more and more about it, especially in relation to IBS, I’m giving it a go (at least with bread) to see if makes a difference.

    1. Try digestive enzymes! I started them this week after some research and I feel better. I am also doing my gluten/dairy elimination right now. All that together and I am feeling awesome after one day lol!!

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