Two Days Out

And it was shopping day!




I am stocked UP and ready to go. My best tip for newbies to the reset – bulk foods are your friend. My second tip – splurge on yourself and get organic as much as possible. My third tip – clean out your fridge before you start. Trust me, you need the room. Everything you see in there is for the reset. I have some extra salad greens and cucumbers for the hubby. But for the most part – it’s all for me to eat this week. Yeah. It’s not a starvation plan, trust me.

Prep Time!

Considering it is Sunday night and I’m starting the Ultimate Reset on Wednesday morning…time to prep!

I spent a long time in the kitchen today. First – I cleaned the fridge out. I had a lot of random stuff in there that was either just old or I need to remove it from my diet. The weight I have put on is definitely due to food choices and I am ready to get back to the choices that benefit me. And for me – that means removing them from my house. I battle myself enough with choices out in the world…I like my home to be a place of easy living. My husband it not doing the reset (although he will eat reset dinners with me) so I do have non reset food in the house. But it’s clean food, not snacky junk foods. Second – I cleaned the kitchen top to bottom. Scrubbed the fridge and stove and floor and counters. I’m ready for daily cooking now.

Next I printed the grocery list and did a kitchen inventory.


I already have many of the condiments , spices, and kitchen staples like brown rice in the house. I did the inventory to make sure I don’t repeat buy. I also added the food I need to cook dinner for the hubs and I.

I will shop tomorrow night most likely. That way I can spend Tuesday night prepping for day 1. I’m really mentally exhausted and ready for this and I can tell because I’m in the prep mode earlier than usual ūüôā

Ultimate Reset Tips Part 2


Another video with reset tips!¬† This time focusing on what is going on during the reset instead of prep.¬† I hope it’s helpful to people new to the reset and if you have any questions please let me know.

What is the ultimate reset? Check it out here:

I will be starting the reset for the 3rd time next Wednesday.¬† It’s time for a tune up and to reset my brain.¬† After a move and a new job and a lot of things happening I just am ready to woosah.¬† If you would like to reset with me, you need to purchase your kit by April 23rd otherwise you will have to pay for rush shipping to have your kit in time. If cost is an issue – contact me at as there are some ways to bring the price down even more if you need to in order to get your hands on this really awesome program. It saved my life…I’m convinced I would still be gaining weight if I had not done it so I would love to work with you to figure out a way to help you make this work!




Ultimate Reset Tips – Part 1


I have done the ultimate reset 2x so far and I am getting ready to do it again on April 30th.¬† As I prepare, I wanted to share some tips and a little bit on my personal history with it.¬† So…here is a video!

I created the questions from what friends and family doing/preparing for the reset have asked me.¬† If you have any questions please ask them and if I haven’t answered it in part 2, I’ll create a part 3!

What is the ultimate reset?  Check it out here:

If you would like to join the team starting the reset on April 30th, order by April 23rd at the LATEST to receive it on time.¬† Once you order you can log into the participant portal to get your grocery lists so you can be 100% prepared to start with us on the 30th.¬†¬†If cost is an issue – contact me at¬†as there are some ways to bring the price down even more if you need to in order to get your hands on this really awesome program.¬† It saved my life…I’m convinced I would still be gaining weight if I had not done it so I would love to work with you to figure out a way to help you make this work!



Minnesota Super Saturday

Today was Super Saturday!¬† Super Saturday is a quarterly Beachbody event for coaches (guests can come too though!) where it’s part business (learning about what is coming down the pike for the company, personal development) and part fitness (because you can’t put a bunch of Beachbody coaches together and NOT workout).¬† I actually never really went before this year to one but now that I have, I will NEVER miss one unless I really have to miss one.¬† It’s a great opportunity to meet other local coaches and just to be surrounded by ridiculous positivity.

Before I go into what I really got out of it…a few pics!

10178041_10103739198882283_5257466425582547355_n 10172762_10103739199091863_1398043942915365868_n

Today was also good for me to put a fire under my ass again.¬†¬† In the door prize contest for most weight loss in the room….well I was #2.¬† Only one person beat me and he lost an amazing 125 lbs.¬† Well done sir!¬† Now even if I reach my goal by June 28th (next Super Saturday) I still wouldn’t beat that guy because my goal is less than 125.¬† BUT it reminded me how far I have come.¬† How much work I have done so far and how I should really stop being so blah about that part of this journey.¬† I’m always looking forward and looking at what’s left.¬† But what is important and what has made me who I am today is what I have already accomplished.¬† If there is nothing else I took from today…it’s that I need to keep in mind my success so far and never forget that.

It was also good because…well I have been slacking with workouts.¬† Partially diet related but fully not excusable.¬† I was tired from my eating and I let that dictate my mornings.¬† So I didn’t exercise like I should and I was too busy around lunch at work to squeeze in a workout so I let that be an excuse.¬† Too many excuses = too many missed workouts.¬† Then today we did 21 Day Fix Plyo Fix.


All those missed workouts and poor diet choices were like HI KIM I’M HERE!!!!!¬† I have only done that workout once before and I knew it was hard but whoa it was way harder today.¬† Okay.¬† I’m listening.¬† I already was but I’m REALLY listening now.

Even before today I had decided that today was going to be the first day of being back on a plant based diet.¬† I went to the grocery store last night and stocked up on some delicious produce.¬† I went to Super Saturday with strawberry Shakeology blended up with cherries and a banana (the best thing ever) and a big container of fruit – strawberries, apple, banana.¬† I had a big salad and a pear¬†for lunch and broccoli and chickpeas for dinner.¬† All very very clean and delicious and PERFECT.¬† I haven’t felt this great in a while between all the plants and the exercise.¬† And after Super Saturday…well I am beyond motivated to keep going.¬† I’m going spend the next 2ish weeks eating pretty clean and working out regularly on schedule.¬† Then I’m going to reset and really kick myself in to high gear.¬† Post-reset – I’m probably going to do insanity or insanity/p90x hybrid until I head off to Vegas for Beachbody Summit.¬† Big plans but I am ready to bring my best self to Vegas and the next BB event.¬† I want to submit that best self for the BB challenge in June and I want to be able to stand longer at June Super Saturday as they count down the weight loss.

Focus.¬† Drive….let’s DO THIS!

Breaking up with the Containers

After another week of being on the fix I think I have decided I’m officially done with it.¬† It’s a great program but it’s really just NOT for me as I just don’t feel as good on the meal plan.¬† The workouts are amazing and I love love them.¬† But the meal plan isn’t working for me as far as how I feel.¬† And since I decided when I started beachbody I would absolutely stop dieting for the sake of dieting I think I need to remember that.¬† My internet soul sister Kehau and I were on Voxer today and she talked about how she felt like it wasn’t aligned with her mind and that clicked SO much with me.¬† Then tonight I watched a video from Fully Raw Kristina about why she went vegetarian.¬† That video REALLY clicked with me.¬† She talks about how she started eating meat after a stint vegetarian because she felt she had to for society and because it was what everyone said she should do.¬† That REALLY hit home with me because I have been mentally struggling with that exact issue.

I felt amazing eating mostly vegan and eating more carbs and I know that I can find a way to reach my goals with that diet because I know many people with that diet who look like freaking rockstars.¬†¬†It’s funny because when I think about the 30 day push (goal setting program) the idea is to live a life with goals in line with your priorities.¬† So why am I choosing to continue to pursue a goal with a meal plan that is NOT aligning with me????¬† Pressure to try it because it’s essentially the diet every nutritionist has given me.¬† Pressure because I’m ready to be at my goal weight NOW and feel like I am a pseudo fail because I’m still not there yet.¬† Pressure to fit in and not have to have accommodations for¬†my food tastes.¬†¬†¬†Aside from the pressure I’m realizing that my food tastes are starting to change in not a good way.¬† Fresh produce doesn’t have the pop it had before and that makes me sad.

So I declare that today.¬† Well I guess tomorrow since I ate dinner a bit ago and am done for the day…I am going back to eating what makes me feel good and energetic.¬† Lots of fruit.¬† Some vegetables.¬† Lots of RAW produce.¬† Dinners of plant based foods.¬† Delicious foods that feed my soul and keep me balanced mentally unlike how I feel right now.¬† I also am thinking about getting the Ultimate Reset and starting with Kehau on the 30th of April.¬† I have done this program twice before and it is truly a life changing experience.¬† After all this back and forth I think I might do it to just reset mentally.¬† I’m going to decide probably in the next week or two on purchasing¬† it!




My Keys to Success

Today is the first day of my mashup workout challenge.  This week the line up is:

  • Asylum 1: Vertical Plyo
  • P90x3: The Challenge
  • P90x3: MMX
  • Insanity: Pure Cardio // 21 Day Fix: Pilates
  • P90x3: Eccentric Upper // Yoga (stretch)

I’m pretty excited about this.¬† I have not done MMX or Eccentric Upper yet so it’s going to be fun to try a new workout mixed in with ones I know and love and will hurt.¬† Today was Vertical Plyo and it was good to get dumb with Shaun T again.¬† I’m already feeling it a little in my upper back and core so yay!¬† My big goal is to lose enough in the inch department that my clothes are beyond comfortable.¬† I have not gone shopping since I finished Insanity last year in a new size and I’m ready for that to happen again so let’s work.

Something I thought about a lot today with regards to this goal was answering the question: What do I do when everything is going in the right direction with my weight?  I wrote down 5 things that I really think I need to have as my daily checklist:

  • Shakeology: Honestly…this is a HUGE key for me.¬† When I have Shakeology in the morning for breakfast it sets my day up right because it hits my sweet tooth, fills me up, and reminds me of my goals.¬† I’m gonna be 100% transparent here.¬† I went through a time in my life where driving through Chic-Fil-A and picking up a milkshake for breakfast was something I did not regularly…but way to much.¬† Other days I’d go through McDonalds and pick up a smoothie.¬† I love cold shakes for breakfast, end of discussion.¬† So Shakeology is my power tool because (1) it hits that spot with WAY less calories and healthy whole ingredients (2) it fixes my stomach issues (3) and it mentally puts me in the right spot to be healthy all day.¬† It’s a lifestyle.
  • Snacks: I need to BRING a morning and afternoon snack.¬† And something filling.¬† Egg salad w/ a whole grain cracker or rice.¬† Oatmeal with fruit.¬† Essentially a mini meal, not like a bag of grapes or a little bar.¬† A good bar – a P90x or Protein Crunch bar – those work.¬† But mostly, I need to eat mini meals.
  • Salads:¬† I don’t like eating salads daily but I have realized that when I have salads daily I am much better in general.¬† I think this again goes to having something filling.¬† Raw veggies fill me up and keep me from overeating.¬† You really can’t overeat raw veggies.¬† Really.¬† And raw veggies are fantastic for health so it’s a win win.
  • Water: this is my biggest struggle.¬† BIGGEST.¬† Because it’s not really fun or sexy or delicious.¬† But when I am firing I’m drinking a gallon a day, end of discussion.¬† Right now…there is absolutely no reason I shouldn’t be doing this but it’s so hard some days to even drink 30 ounces.¬† No lie, in the middle of this I realized I had not had any water in hours and poured myself a glass.¬† But water keeps me full and has so many amazing health benefits!
  • Exercise: it’s not last because it’s least important.¬† It’s last because it’s my anchor.¬† Shakeology and Exercise bracket health for me.¬† Anyway exercise for me is the cheapest therapy that I could probably ever find.¬† No matter how I feel about my body when I wake up, when I do a workout I feel better.¬† I feel strong.¬† I feel like a fit beasterella and NOBODY can stop me.¬† In addition after¬†a fantastic workout I have a stronger pull towards eating healthy.¬† After you push your butt through a stupid hard workout and realize it’s ONLY 500 calories burned…you don’t eat a package of¬†500 calorie cookies without having a second thought about it.¬† It’s a mental anchor to help me realize the impact of the foods that I want to eat have on me and how I can erase a workout really quick if I don’t check myself.

That’s pretty long but I wanted to share.¬† These 5 points are going to be my focus for the month.¬† If these are the power points…I must hit them to reach my goals.¬† I am going to track how I do to these daily and use them as a metric for improvement.