Twas the Night Before 2014

I can barely believe it… but the year is almost over.  This year has been a challenge, a breeze, and a whole lot of living.  Lots of friends getting married, a new job, and I learned so much about myself, how I operate, and how I think.  It’s been a year of accepting that my new lifestyle is health and fitness and learning to live as that Kim.  But most importantly…I had a lot of fun 🙂

I am hoping 2014 will be even BETTER.  I have a lot of things in the works to help my life change and be better.  Planning on going to Las Vegas for my first Team Beachbody Coach Summit.  Planning on pushing myself and get to my goal weight this year.  Working on really being the best me I can be.

And all of this starts tomorrow, right with the start of the year.  Tomorrow morning I’m going to get up bright and early and start my new fitness program.  I’ve been sick for about a week now so it’s going to be interesting as I haven’t worked out since Christmas Eve.  But I’m ready to get back into it even though I’m still not 100%.  I’m mostly there though and can finally get through a day without a ton of cold meds, so I’m declaring myself WELL.

If you want to join me for this new program – check it out hereor any other challenge pack this year then let me know if you want to join a group for this year!

Lastly – a little rewind for the year 🙂

The Year of Shaun T

I just realized that this was the year of Shaun T.

Finished round 1 of Insanity in January

Round 2 of Insanity May – July

Round of Focus T25 August – November (alpha through gamma)

Round of Asylum volume 1 November – December

And now back on Insanity for the rest of the year (will probably mix a few other workouts in as well).

Maybe I think I have a favorite trainer? For the record January – May I did a month of P90x, a month of Les Mills Combat, and a full Ultimate Reset (round 2).

Insanity – is my soulmate. It’s the workout that makes me happy because you don’t think, you just do. You never master it. You never can just totally nail a workout, there is always progress to make and work to be done. You will get results even if you modify like crazy. You don’t have to be in shape to start but you DO have to be willing to push through and always do a little more every workout.

Focus T25 – was good, but not right for me when I did it. I did it immediately following a round of insanity and it wasn’t doing it for me. By the time it picked up in beta phase I was softer than I came into it. I think it’s a great program for a beginner, to pick up after a layoff (I imagine a new mom would love this because of duration and the progression), or to mix in with running/weights. It does in my opinion set you up well for Insanity, especially if you do through gamma.

Asylum Vol 1 – great program and mix of strength/cardio. I saw good progress with this one and I imagine if I did it after insanity vs. focus t25 I would really beast mode on it. I did get a little tired towards the end as there really are few days off and I have been going pretty hard with exercise since May on top of starting to play volleyball on weekends. Asylum to me is very different than Insanity. It’s definitely more strength than cardio. I can tell now the progress I have made with strength because certain insanity moves (quad strengtheners) I can do now that I NEVER could do before. A hybrid of this and insanity (and maybe vol 2????) I think would be dynamite. Anyway, I think Asylum can be done by mostly everyone. Lots of the moves I knew from insanity and focus t25 but that daggum ladder is a mess.

So, are you a Shaun T junkie?? My 2014 plans include more diversity. P90x3, 21 Day Fix, and possibly a full round of Les Mills Combat to name a few!

Pre Workout Showdown


Last month I decided to try a new pre-workout – Cellucor C4 (blue raspberry flavor). I decided to try this mainly because I have seen SO many people talk about it being the best pre-workout and since I workout at o’dark thirty in the morning I am a fan of the pre-workout movement. For the past year I have been using Beachbody’s Energy and Endurance (E&E) as my pre-workout so that is my “baseline reference” so to speak. I will note: I do not use a pre-workout every day. I don’t believe in taking a supplement just to take one, I only take it when I’m tired and need a pick me up. This means that I do typically take it on Mondays though J But seriously – I have some weeks where I use it almost every morning and some weeks where I just have it on Monday. The one side benefit of this is that I have never noticed that I’m adapting to my pre-workout and I’ve never had to take more than the normal serving size of 2 scoops of E&E…so my tubs last a while.

The reason I wanted to lay out my use is because I am using C4 in exactly the same manner that I used E&E. I did not want to do anything different to ruin the results of my little experiment. So here is the run down:

Taste: C4

Clear stand out winner here is C4, at least the blue raspberry flavor that I bought is WAY better than the lemon-lime flavor of E&E. As my hubby says – it tastes like kool-aid. Maybe that’s why people drink it every day…it tastes really really good.

Cost: E&E

30 servings of E&E is $29.99 and 30 servings of C4 is $49.99 (list prices from the company websites). NOW – both can be cheaper if you please (wait for a sale online, using a discount card at GNC, or a Beachbody coach membership). With my coach discount E&E is still cheaper than the discount price I got on my C4 (sale for $34.99). Both also come in larger containers (90 servings of E&E / 60 of C4) which can also get you more bang for your buck.

Ingredients: E&E

Hands down. E&E uses natural sweeteners and ingredients. C4 uses artificial flavors and coloring agents.

Effectiveness: Tie

Not going to lie…I bought the hype. I expected to get a huge kick in the face of energy from C4. I felt a boost sure…but it was the same boost I get from E&E. That’s not a BAD thing…I don’t want to make it sound like it is. I just bought the hype on C4 being ridiculous from all the reviews I have seen and it wasn’t anything more than what I was already taking.

So at the end of the day – C4 is a solid product. It tastes great and it delivers an energy boost. I’m glad I took a chance to try it out for sure, I love having a reference for products I don’t regularly use because I do get questions about them from my team and some of my IG followers!

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