Asylum: Day 18

I am now officially into the 3rd week of Asylum – day 18 is tomorrow.  I am SO freaking in love with this program it’s not even funny.  The blend of strength and cardio is really right up my ally.  Considering Asylum vol 2 is pretty inexpensive (because it’s just the dvds and not all the equipment over again) it’s a done deal that I have that program in mind.  I actually have my programs mapped out from now until SUMMIT.  Yes, I already bought my ticket and am going to be in Vegas next year (omg can I tell you I just typed Vegans, lol) for my first Beachbody business convention and my first trip to Vegas.  I’m pumped.

Anyway I digress and I will share my exact breakdown soon!  Back to Asylum vol 1 I want to dispel some myths.  For starters the cardio is VERY different from Insanity.  I know this is considered an Insanity graduate program, but it’s very different because of the introduction of the ladder.  That damned ladder is a PUNISHER.  There is a lot of jumping in this program and things like power jumps are now incorporated with other moves/bands so you have to have endurance and ability to do the move.  But other than seeing some of the same moves, the format doesn’t follow the HIIT style that he perfected in Insanity of 3ish min on/30 sec off, so it feels very different.  Lastly, Asylum is a strength program more than a cardio program.  This starts to put some serious lean muscle on your body.  Great shift if you have used mostly cardio to lose weight like I have.

One thing I have been focusing on with Asylum is getting my diet back on the consistency train.  I had fallen off the tracks and was bumping up and down.  I have been eating mostly vegetarian. Actually a lot of raw vegan to be honest.  I don’t classify myself as either – I like to eat what tastes good and is healthy but my body definitely prefers a lower fat/higher carb situation when those carbs come from produce mostly and grains secondly.  I’m not saying this is what you should eat.  I’m saying that through trial and error I am finding that I feel really amazing eating a mostly vegan diet.  When I am not eating vegan I am finding fish and eggs to be the animal proteins that my body is happiest with.  I do think everyone is a little different with their happy place and we should take time to experiment and see what works and I am happy to help you start those trials if you would like!  Anyway – I am being really great with my diet lately.  Eating clean and eating a lot of organic produce.  Since I started the program I am down 4lbs and I feel really energized again.  I also noticed that once I started eating more raw foods guess what?  My sleep is MUCH better.  Score and score.

I’m going to end here because it’s bedtime for me but I do have more I want to share with you about everything going on.  I have been SO busy the last few weeks but I’m going to definitely make time to share all this stuff!  I have a challenge or two starting soon, Asylum, the man’s new program, and my P90x3 start date!!!


Oh heyyyy November

I guess I win the bad blogger award.  The last few weeks/months have been a time of crazy in the Brooks house.  Not bad crazy… just lots going on.  Lots of things to decide and lots of movement.  I also have been trying to get my focus back on with the health and fitness thing.  I have been working the whole time but in September especially things were just not as good as they could have been.  Too many cheat meals.  Too many excuses.  October I got a step back in the right direction.  November I went ALL in.  Joined a no cheat challenge.  Finished up Focus T25.  Started Asylum.  Signed up and WAS ACCEPTED to a business bootcamp for my Beachbody business.  Officially started my own branch of the Tenacity family by naming my team Trendsetter Fitness.  Focused on what I LOVE – fitness, health, personal development, reading, stupid intense exercise.  I ignored the crap.  And so far I feel amazing.  Bought a pair of size Medium sweats today. The medium version of the xxl pants in that picture in my banner up there of me in the blue tank and black pants.  I’m going IN ya’ll.  Are there things I could still work on – of course.  I’m not perfect and my version of going hard core is limited by the fact I’m not a single woman living in a world I control.  I don’t work at home.  I have a husband who is not interested in a strict diet.  But I’m going as in as I can and stay sane 🙂

So that’s that.  I’m back in best mode and ready to flourish.  I have a big goal for the end of the year to get into some serious inch losing and hopefully into a size 12.  I’m very much limited in non-stretch clothing by the booty…. it’s my pear in action.  Asylum has a LOT of saddlebag focus so I’m hoping that I will see some big changes this month with that.  I am still finalizing exactly what I will do post Asylum and I’m starting to drift towards Asylum/Insanity hybrid and pushing P90x3 back to January so I can do it with my teammate Erin.  I don’t know yet.  I have SO much I want to do lol – Combat, Asylum 2, another round of Insanity, hybrids for DAYS!!!  I need to sit and look at the calendar and my travels for the holidays and see what really makes sense.