Karma Cleanse Day 1


Well today was day 1. I am doing this group cleanse lead by Missy Costello (the author of Karma Chow) for a few reasons. The biggest is that it is gluten/dairy free and I need to learn to live that way. It’s a cleanse in terms of what you eliminate but unlike the reset, it’s a maintainable way of eating. I really enjoy eating vegan but I have no clue how to put together days/weeks of simple but nutritiously sound food. That’s what this is!

One day in, my stomach feels great! Best it has felt in months. I’m following her advice and learning a lot about how the body works regarding digestion. The picture was my dinner – baked tempeh, creamy tahini kale, and brown rice. I was happily satisfied with my food today. Not hungry. And I didn’t have any candy/processed sugars. Just organic pure maple syrup in my oatmeal earlier and in my marinade at dinner.

My intention with this is to re-focus my eating on clean vegetable based meals too. I have been relying on potatoes, veggie burgers, and pasta too much. I will be focusing this month on being plant strong, not box strong ūüôā

October Planning

October is going to be a serious focus month for me. I was good in september with hitting my goal of getting serious again. But now my goal for October is to step it up even more.

On the exercise front, I will be continuing Focus T25 as my main program. I will do the Gamma add ins that Start with week 4. As lam prepping for 2 things-insanity certification and indoor track season, l will be adding in P90X (for strength) and insanity (to prep) all month. May sub some strength based T25 workouts for P90x just to get what I need for training.  I need to add strength so this goal will drive my decisions week to week.

On the food front, I will be doing 30 days of plant based eating. I am really determined to figure out my Gl issues this month-so¬†no dairy¬†or gluten for me for awhile. This is going to be¬†REALLY hard-but it is what I need to do. I nave some fantastic recipes and cooked a few dishes today to be ready for the week. l will post some here as I go. Get ready for me to wax poetic about bread in 3 days. I want to avoid “fake” foods so you won’t see A Lot of substitute fake processed foods. Just veggies. produce, beans. gluten free grains, and the like. I also really want to cat mere raw veggies.

On the Beachbody front a new challenge group is starting October 21st. It is open to any one not currently working with a coach. or any of my team members not on a program right now. We will do Shakeology + the fitness program of your choosing. P90x and P90X2 are both going on save Oct 1,  so if you wanted away to go strong into 2014. that could be your awesome Start. The other great thing is that there will be , l prizes-DVDS, shaker cups, and other things to support your fitness journey for participating so your investment into your self this fall will come back to you in many ways. Our group will support you through the holidays and help each other succeed during this hard time of year. To join- email me at kimbfitblog@gmail.com and we will determine the best fitness program to get you started. I hope you will join us with Team Tenacity this fall to get healthy+ fit and get a serious head start on your 2014 goals.

Focus T25 Beta Initial Thoughts

Okay this is a LONG one…sorry.¬† But these are my (and the man’s) impressions of all the Focus T25 BETA phase workouts and that takes time to write out!

Rip’t Circuit – This workout is a 25 minute strength training workout with some cardio mixed into the program.¬† It is unique because it doesn’t have a burnout phase or repeat any exercises.¬† What I love about it is that it really is a total body workout and you can go HEAVY with the weights.¬† It’s fast – but not super fast.¬† I use 9 lb dumbbells during this DVD and I’m almost sure I will go up to 12 lbs (at least to start, lol!) the next time I do this one.¬† You want to go heavy so you can really get the burn.¬† The intervals aren’t that long so you can hang at a heavier weight and if you can’t, you can always drop down in weight mid workout if you need an adjustment.¬† But you can’t get stronger if you don’t go up in weight so try it.¬† One of the first things you will notice is that Tania’s modifications are pretty non-existent.¬† There just isn’t much for her to modify because the exercises are fairly basic, just bumped in intensity with the weights.¬† If you need to modify, lower your weights, eliminate the weights, or use something fairly light (water bottles, cans, ect) from your¬† house.¬† Bands are also a great way to modify because you can adjust the intensity on the same band instead of having to swap out weights.¬† Anyway, back to the workout.¬† The key to this one is to focus intensely when lifting weights.¬† Move slow and put your intention into the area you are working and focus on what you feel in that area.¬† That helps make sure you really are using the right weights.¬† And don’t be afraid to use different weights for different body parts if you need.¬† I have adjustable weights so this is hard for me to do (this is the one downside of adjustable over individual weights) but it’s smart if you need it so you get the workout you need.

Speed 2.0/Core Speed – (Core Speed is the bonus workout you get when you buy your Focus T25 through a coach, although you can buy it separately if you don’t have it)¬† Core Speed is very similar to Speed 2.0 so I’m lumping them together.¬† Both workouts are extremely cardio intense and the same cardio drills are used in three levels that shorten in length but increase in intensity.¬†¬† Then a second set of drills are learned and repeated in the same way.¬† Finally all drills are repeated in increasingly intense intervals.¬† By the end you are EXHAUSTED in the best way possible.¬† These are my 2 favorite workouts in the entire program so far.¬† I love the fact that they push me hard to keep up and to focus on form.¬† The Core Speed has one armed burpees that will challenge even the most fit person to keep up.¬† The thing I love about this one is that it is body weight strength training intensive and that’s my favorite kind of cardio/strength mix.

Upper Focus – Now if you read my Alpha review, you know that the one issue I had with Alpha was the lack of upper body focus.¬† There are some burpees and pushups (mostly in Total Body Circuit) but in general I didn’t feel that I got any stronger.¬† This workout definitely made me feel that I wouldn’t have that complaint after Beta.¬† This is another one where I went heavy (at least for where I’m at right now) and I felt the burn.¬† I love how all the options are shown – bands, weights, modified w/ weights, and using a pull-up bar.¬† I mean if you can’t figure out an option that works for you – well you aren’t trying to find an option that works for you.¬† I used the weights.¬† I love this one too (I love Beta…that’s pretty clear, yes?) and I would love to put this and Lower Focus together one day to burn out my entire body strength wise.¬† I just may try that one out.

Dynamic Core – This is my least favorite of the Beta workouts – but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it.¬† It just isn’t my favorite.¬† It’s MUCH better to me than the Alpha abs workout, which honestly so far is my least favorite workout of all of Focus T25.¬† I like the exercises I guess better in this one?¬† My hubby has some serious problems with this one though.¬† He pretty much follows Tania exclusively through Focus T25 and noticed a few spots in this workout where Tania was never actually shown and that frustrated him.¬† He is an exercise beginner (true beginner) and needs the mod.

ALPHA Focus T25 Review

Last week I finished the alpha phase of T25 – meaning the first 5 weeks of the program!

The ALPHA phase of the program is pretty great in that it introduces you to the style of the program and gets you used to doing a nonstop 25 minutes of work.¬† It’s also a really great workout.¬† I really enjoyed the workouts and I felt that through the ALPHA phase I got an amazing lower body workout.¬† I can tell my legs are stronger for sure, there are squats and lunges like CRAZY.

I¬†had a LOT going on the past month and my diet has been a bit up and down so that could definitely be a reason.¬† But in general I’m feeling a bit softer.¬† Not bigger necessarily, but just softer in the core.¬† I also think I have a gluten sensitivity that is starting to become more and more of an issue that I’m noticing.¬† It’s something that I am really not happy about‚Ķ.I have had no desire ever to eat gluten free.¬† Really anything free.¬† I only started cutting dairy because I noticed I felt better without it.¬† I still have that occasionally, but I limit it severely.¬† Now I am noticing that when I have gluten heavy meals I feel pretty awful (and bloated) within 10-15 minutes of starting the meal.¬† I’ve been hoping I was wrong about this ever since my hubby suggested it to me, but once I started paying more attention to my food intake + my symptoms it became a situation that I can’t ignore.¬† I am going to go to the doctor though and ask to have them check (however they do that??) and see what foods I may be sensitive to eating.¬† I hope I can do that sooner rather than later so whatever is causing all these issues I can stop eating.¬† But in the mean time I will be eating very clean so hopefully I can feel better than I do right this minute.

Ok back to T25 – the one thing I kind of don’t like is the lack of upper body work.¬† Now I know you probably think I’m an idiot for saying that‚Ķbut I’m talking in comparison to INSANITY.¬† There were pushups/shoulder work almost every day and by the end I was getting some great definition.¬† In Focus T25 if you notice in ALPHA there isn’t a companion to Lower Focus (that comes in BETA).¬† I’m glad BETA has an upper body workout because I’m going to definitely need that upper body strength for my throwing pursuits.¬† Ironically the man thinks that it was too challenging from the upper body perspective.¬† But he didn’t do¬†INSANITY so I think that¬†this probably isn’t a real program deficiency, just an INSANITY grad being psycho as expected.¬†¬†I believe that the program builds quite nicely going forward though and I feel like in 2 weeks I’ll be biting my tongue at this assessment.¬† If Upper Focus is as intense as Lower Focus, then I’ll be just fine, lol!

I’m really excited about the BETA phase because I think it’s more primed to my weak areas after doing Core Cardio this morning.¬†¬†This workout starts out more intense than ALPHA and doesn’t start.¬† I’m working on my breakdown of the workout and I’m going to start posting those over the course of this week.

How did you feel about the ALPHA phase?  And how do you like it if you finished it and what program did you do before it?  If you want to pick it up, check it out in my shop!

The Next Big Thing

Lately I have seen a theme in my social media feeds. People talking about realizing they aren’t giving 100% seems to cross a feed at least once an hour. This made me think a lot about my effort and my journey and where I am. And I realized something.

I’m not giving 100% either.

Not intentionally, but just the natural ebb and flow. I started this journey hardcore with my Ultimate Reset in September 5, 2012. Yep, a year ago today I started a journey that I have for once in my life not given up on. Mainly because post-reset I was determined to focus on making it a lifestyle. No counting, no diet-y things. And for the most part I think mission accomplished. A year ago me is not mentally today me. I have taken most of my daily habits and eliminated them. I’ve tried to base my dietary decisions on fact and research instead of fads, so they are easier for this scientist to stick with long term. I’m very happy with my weight and my body now. I would like to lose more weight definitely. But I’m not feeling the desperation I felt to lose weight that pushed me to make these drastic changes.

I’ve been living. Living life and my new routine is….well routine.

It’s time for a shake up my friends. I need a new thing to go after. Something to shake up life and help my develop new physical goals. I used to only think in terms of the scale and I don’t want that anymore. I want a better measuring tape. A new thing to work towards that cements this as a lifestyle, not a diet. And this past weekend I realized what that thing would be.

Track and field….or athletics if you are not from the US (and a much better name IMO)!

I was a field girl most of my life. 6-18 at least. And I’m going back. It’s exactly what I need and what I have been missing from life. Competing is something I love and training is a totally different way to approach physical fitness that I need. I’m not sure which field events I will do now, my specialties were shot and discus before….but who knows now. I would love to long jump again and now that I’m in better athletic shape than I ever was back then I think I can get the speed to fly. I don’t want to high jump though ūüôā

So we will see guys what this will bring. I will still be doing T25, don’t worry. Right now I have 2 short term goals – continue to stay in good shape and to get my throwing form back. I may start adding an evening (heavy) weight lifting session starting next week though. I love body weight fitness but if I want to throw I better start lifting. I got my shot puts today and um, they are much heavier than I remember lol. I’m going to put a training schedule together soon. ūüôā

So that’s my big new challenge for year 2 of my lifestyle makeover. Returning to sports is incredible to me because it means I am moving beyond just weight loss and moving into a totally new mindset. It’s going to be a magical year ūüôā