August Sales Ending!

Just a reminder that all of the programs on sale this month (THREE!) have only a few days left before they are gone at this price.  Don’t miss out on these programs if you wanted them at the sales price because I have no clue when they will be discounted to this price again!

Turbo Fire, Focus T25, and Body Beast are three incredibly different programs and each is perfect for a different goal and type of person.

Turbo Fire is a fun dancy kickboxing workout.  It ranges from 15 minutes for a HIIT workout to 60 minutes of cardio. It’s got incredible music and it’s just FUN.  I love this workout when I am not in the mood to workout and just want to have fun and get a great workout.

Focus T25 is a fast, efficient workout.  Every workout is 25 minutes and one day you can double up for 50 minutes total.  The workout is very straightforward – not dancey and there is no choreography.  Just do these exercises and be done.  It’s my current workout and it’s awesome because you get results with a short workout.

Body Beast is a weight training program.  It’s for men and women who want muscles and want to push their bodies to a totally different level.  Beachbody actually now hosts a Body Beast competition, where people who complete the program can show off the physiques they have sculpted.  It’s a lifting program straight up.  I have not done this workout…yet.  It’s on my list of ones I would like to do to really tone up one of these days though.

All of these packages come with a full program + a month of Shakeology (aka a month of breakfast or lunch or snack).  Also you get me as your coach to help you through your program.  I am starting a group in September, so get your package today and join us in September for support and most importantly ACCOUNTABILITY!

If you are ready to push yourself to another level this fall, pick up your package today.  Whether it’s the sale programs or another program you have had your eye on (P90x?  INSANITY?) Why not start today with taking the next steps towards your best self by clicking the banner below!  And if cost is an issue, please please send me an email – kimbfitblog @ and let’s chat.  There are a few options that can save you some money on your purchase right off the bat!

Slow Motion

I am so so so ready for the three day weekend coming up.  August has been a fast and furious time for me.  Looking for a job, leaving a job, and starting a new job.  And this is probably going to sound kind of dumb – but being able to do absolutely nothing yet at my new job because of that normal new job start up time is actually really exhausting.  It’s boring just doing training and reading stuff that is not really pertinent to work yet all day for 40 hours a week.  But it’s almost over, I think next week I’ll be up and running 🙂

Anyway, the past few weeks I have gone HARD on Focus T25 ya’ll.  I mean hard.  Pushing, focusing on form, and I even snuck in a little sneak peek of Gamma phase.  And I’m really excited with the fact that I’m sore as heck right now.  I mean my legs and core are definitely saying – okay, I feel you.  Do know what the biggest difference has been?

I kind of stopped doing the “fast” version and started spending more time following Tania.  I started going s l o w e r and adjusted my thoughts on what that meant.

Often we think that we have to go HARD to get results.  With INSANITY I never expected to keep up and I never really could.  So I always worked at my pace with no expectation of keeping up and I often did my own modifications and made it work for me.  And I was sore and I saw results.

Enter Focus T25 and now after a few rounds of INSANITY – guess what?  I kind of can keep up with the workouts.  So I went for it, hard.  And a few weeks in I started to wonder why I wasn’t feeling anything.  Why I was not seeing anything really, lots of maintaining.  I can do ALL the moves!  And then I started slowing down.  Mostly because I noticed that I ended up doing this anyway on the 2nd workout of the double day and I was always wiped out afterwards.  And then I read an article posted by Carl Daikler about how INSANITY grads could benefit from Focus T25 and the emphasis was on form.  This week I have been going very slow and I’m feeling the burn.  I’m getting a better workout.  I’m pushing myself in a different way – a way that is actually the challenge that my body needs right now.

This was just a reminder of how individual the journey is for all of us.  I learn SO much from my teammates, challengers, and friends that I do these workouts with.  I also learn from just paying attention to how my body reacts to the workouts.  If you are doing workouts and not feeling that you are getting all you should out of it, take a second and think about why.  It could be how you are attacking the workout, that it’s the wrong workout, or maybe something else.



Happy Herbivore Meal Plan Review

This week I’m trying something new. I bought one of the Happy Herbivore meal plans and did 99% of my prep Sunday. There is only one dish that I didn’t make because its a gazpacho that is scheduled for the weekend anyway. Everything else is in here!


The meals are all plant based and dairy free and the meal plan is written to be vegan, although I didn’t necessarily prepare them all vegan. For example I didn’t buy vegan bread, just whole grain bread that I like. Oh and I couldn’t find vegan chocolate chips, so that might end up being not dairy free. I am going to try one more place first though. But we will see. I don’t live close to whole foods, so I am not able to visit the promised land regularly and often I can’t find a good vegan sub so I just go with a vegetarian product.

So far I’m very pleased with the plan. Most of the meals are very simple and prep was not hard considering how many dishes I made. I did spend a little more on groceries this week, but that was because I had to buy a lot of her pantry items. Actually all of them. So it should be cheaper if (and this is really more of a when) I buy another meal plan. Considering I have a healthy fridge that is full of food I actually want to eat – I consider it money well spent.

Ok so what do you get? A menu for 7 days, prep tips, recipes, and grocery list. She also explains how to modify meals to meet your personal calorie needs.  So essentially I just had to print it out, review, and go to the kitchen with the list and update it by crossing off things I already have. Then I shop. It was so easy. I did make one mistake, I should have brought the recipes with me as some if the shopping list items didn’t have amounts. But other than that, it was a breeze. Then I followed her advice (also included) on how to prep and cooked for the week.

And I tasted as I went, it’s gonna be a delicious week.

The one downfall is that I did buy some things that I have no clue when I will use again. Like sweet Asian chili sauce. But that was the exception, not the rule this week.  I am a little nervous about buying things that will go to waste (like some of my UR ingredients did), but I will see how it goes.  And I am sure some weeks I won’t want to use the meal plan because I will want to make some of our personal favorite recipes.  So maybe I will buy it 1-2 times a month to mix it up or use it weekly when life is very hectic.  Lastly, the meal plan is only 1200 calories a day as written, which may be too low for you and the mods may be annoying to add.  I actually just shifted all of the meals around and added Shakeology for breakfast.  My shakes are usually pretty calorie rich as I add fats to my shake so I’m sure I’m adding at least another 500 cals.  Which makes it a calorie range I think is probably where I should be with my activity level.  But like anything else – trial and error.  I’m going to see how it goes and if tomorrow I’m starving, then I’ll add more.  No biggie!  But today I’m full so far and feeling great!

Focused on Week 3

Welcome to week 3!  I’m pretty excited to be 2 weeks in and still liking this program a lot.  I figured I would – it’s Shaun T and it’s short.  But it’s nice to be in the program and still loving it.  I actually just ordered the GAMMA phase of this program since the hubby and I both want to continue with this program.  I think we will do the full 15 weeks then maybe start mixing in other programs or I’m thinking about doing a full round of Combat finally – we will see.  But for now – I’m all in with Focus T25.

Results wise – I’m very pleased.  I am definitely noticing a continuation of the changes I saw during my last round of INSANITY.

Last week was a bit of serious real life with me leaving one company and starting with a new company this week.  Tears were shed because I’m leaving some fantastic people but I am going to a better place for me so it’s a great move.  I’m sad but I’m not sad about the future.  But it was a very stressful week and it was hard on me, so food wise I was all over the place.  Out to lunches for the last week, a few dinners out, and a happy hour or two.  Cleaning out my office, interviewing, running around, slacking on water, and forgetting to pack my lunch a few days.  Then the man was in a mac and cheese cookoff Saturday – which he rocked and got 2nd place in (he was robbed!!!!!!!!).  So with all of that going on – my diet was a bit interesting.  Sunday I meal prepped for hours lots of yummy vegan foods and bought tons of melon and mangos and grapes and whatever other fruit looked good.  The freezer has lots of veggies and potatoes and some vegan muffins.  And as I type this, my water bottle is full.  Back to my normal and back to what I prefer for my diet.  I literally feel better already and it’s only been like 12 hours.

Workout wise – today was Total Body Circuit.  I’m still exhausted about halfway through this one, it’s the hardest one to me.  The intervals kick your butt and by the end I was hanging out with Tania with the modifications because I was just too tired to do anything else.  I think some of it was food hangover from the past few days, but a lot of it is that this workout is just HARD.  And this week we get to do it twice…um yay?  But seriously though, I do like it, because it is so hard, and it makes me feel like I am working as hard as I can.

Breathing through the Stress

Let’s talk stress peeps.  Between work and home and all the stuff in between – there are lots of things to stress us out.  Stress is really bad for you as it triggers hormones that make you hold on to weight.  In addition, at least for me, stress eating is a big thing.  It was a big thing that caused me to put weight on in the past because nothing makes you feel less overwhelmed than a pint of ben and jerry’s….or at least it seems that way in the moment.  Whether it’s the stress of bad traffic on the way home or losing a job – the magnitude of the trigger doesn’t matter when you go into that tailspin.

I’m not going to tell you to not be stressed out.  That’s dumb and it’s unrealistic because life has stress.  So what to do when stress does happen?  Deal with it and live in it before you do anything.

One thing I learned during the Ultimate Reset was that one of the biggest triggers for emotional eating is not dealing with the emotion.  You swallow it and you suppress it and you let it eat at you so you eat through it.  No.  No good.  When emotions are high (and stress is an emotion) you have to kind of accept it for a second and actually feel it and let yourself be sad, mad, cry, scream, whatever you need to do for a second.

Then, you go do something about it.  Because now you have actually felt the emotion and that is what fuels you into dealing with the real problem.  Dealing with the stress/emotion could be just going back into the room with your screaming baby or it could be as big as realizing that it’s time to look for a new job.  But see, now that you have actually let yourself sit in that stress, in that uncomfortable place where you aren’t feeling good…you now know that you HAVE to do whatever that next step is.  And your stress is fueling a positive change or movement in your life instead of fueling a binge or some other negative movement.

And what’s great about that – you didn’t increase the number of stressors in your life by eating your way through it and adding the guilt or weight gain that may have caused.

Disclaimer:  A girls night is also a very acceptable option.  Sometimes drastic times call for drastic measures.

Focus T25 – One Week Down!

Week 1 of Focus T25 is in the books!!!  I wrote the review of each individual workout, but now I’m wrapping up the week and the fast track recipes.  I waited until Saturday am to take my weight and pictures since I was finishing the fast track meal plan all day Friday.

Okay so how do I feel?  Awesome. And sore.  Seriously seriously sore, lol.  Mostly I think from Lower Focus on Friday – but my behind and my core are on FIRE.  I feel tighter though in my stomach, so I guess something is working.  I don’t feel like I see a huge difference, but I feel less jiggle, so that is awesome.  I did lose 5 lbs, so I know that is why the jiggle is less.

And btw – that weight loss officially put me at over 90 lbs weight loss total!  My mind is blown ya’ll…I have less than 10 lbs less until my goal of being under 200 lbs is here and I don’t even know what to do with that info yet.

How was the fast track food?  It was pretty good.  I did modify it, I posted my plan here.  Mods were made to reduce the amount of meat, eliminate the dairy, and to save money.  Since there are only 2 of us, some of the foods I had to buy in bulk anyway (eggs, hamburger buns, ect) so I did what I could to use things over and over again.  I also added a few more calories here and there some days for me and every day for my husband.  I loved the chicken in foil and the roasted tofu recipes.  I also liked the eggs, although I made it more of an egg salad every time.  I was not a fan of the tropical qunioa.  It was just honestly disgusting and I ended up eating a granola bar instead.  I made oatmeal the next day for us both instead.  I also wasn’t a fan of the roast beef roll ups.  Maybe because I’m more vegan/vegetarian than carnivore these days.  But the combo of those foods – mustard, roast beef slices, red pepper, and lettuce – was just not good.  It was dry and meh.  I ended up picking at that snack a lot it took forever to eat it.

Neither of us felt particularly hungry during the fast track, probably again because we don’t really eat that much meat normally so it was very filling for us.  I loved planning out my meals like this again and plan on continue planning out every single meal/snack like this long term.  I will definitely repeat some meals and try some of the other meals out during the next 9 weeks of the program.  I like how simple these meals are to make.  I am busy with work and trying to find time to spend with my hubby – so I like that these meals are about 25 minutes max in the kitchen.  I usually prep food ahead, but I like that if I don’t, I can come in after work and still have a healthy clean option on the table faster than take out.

Where do I go from here?  I’m going to step back into vegetarian/vegan eating.  I love eggs so much I probably won’t ever be really fully vegan…but I do want to get closer again.  This week I’m planning a vegetarian menu.  I’ll be continuing with Focus T25 with Cardio in the morning and hopefully see continued success!

We are starting another set of challenge groups on September 1st with Focus T25, TurboFire, and Body Beast, if you want in, join the team here and pick out which challenge pack you want.  They are ALL on sale for a crazy price so get it fast.  Breakfast for 30 days + a 60-90 day exercise program for $140-180.  You can’t beat that.

Also follow my FB page – I will be posting more details as we get closer!


Focus T25 Week 1 Complete!!

I have officially finished week 1 of Focus T25!!  I will take my weight/pictures tomorrow am but so far I am really happy with one week of this program.  Before I get into that, first my review of the last 2 days of workouts.

Thursday – Ab Intervals

If you are familiar with Beachbody programs, you know that every single workout program comes with an ab workout.  It’s usually an add on.  You do x workout PLUS the ab workout.  In this program, it’s a whole workout to itself a full 25 minutes.  Now I’ve said this before – I don’t really understand why not doing crunches is a bonus, but whatever.  There are no crunches.  The progression method is used here again to build all of the core workouts from a very basic to a more advanced move.  This one was HARD, apparently my core is really weak because I struggled with holding the c-sit position not that long into the dvd.  The one thing I really liked was that we did do some cardio between the hard core moves – so I did feel like I had a really good workout at the end.  I was concerned this wouldn’t stand on it’s own, but it did.  I do wonder in week 4 will it stand on it’s own after I’m used to it and get stronger…but I guess at that point I’ll be moving on to the Beta phase anyway so whatevers.  My complaint?  Seriously not enough modifier views. That’s my running theme, I know.

Friday – Lower Focus and Cardio

Today was my first double Friday.  I decided to do them in the order they are on the calendar, so lower focus first.  Lower focus is awesome.  Hard as heck, but I really liked it.  Lots of squats, lunges, calf raises, everything.  All of the things you need to do to make your butt look fantastic.  Some of the moves are more strength based – slower with focus on going deep in the move.  Others are cardio focused.  Progression in use.  For this one – honestly there aren’t that many mods.  You can’t really mod a lunge or a squat.  You just have to do it at your own pace.  There are some cardio moves you have seen before repeated in here and many of those can be modified.  Even with the mods, this workout seriously burns your lower body.  By the end I was doing more of Tania’s mod program for the cardio moves than following Crazy Shaun T.  If you hold yourself properly during this workout, you also find that your core is going to be sore.  Shaun T doesn’t repeat this enough in Focus T25 – but hold your core.  Seriously.  Just like INSANITY and many other workouts in the world, holding your core tight helps stabilize your body during moves and helps strengthen those muscles.  I think I’m in the habit of doing it after INSANITY but it’s a reminder to you if you aren’t.

Okay so after I was toast from Lower Focus, I took a few sips of water, caught my breath, skipped the Lower Focus cool down and popped in the Cardio disc.  Then I went into it and did my best.  Cardio is to me the easiest of the workouts so far in Focus T25.  Do not confuse easiest with easy, but it’s certainly the best workout to have on the schedule in my opinion for the first double Friday.  Doing it back to back with Lower Focus, I found myself searching for Tania so I could figure out how to modify a LOT.  I pushed as hard as I could, but the Cardio workout is a LOT of jumping and a lot of leg moves and a lot of high knees. So after Lower Focus, whew, lol.  But I pushed and pushed and did all that I could do and I felt awesome at the end.

This is getting REALLY long – so I’ll save my week 1 overall thoughts for tomorrow’s blog.  If you have any questions about the program so far, leave me a comment and I’ll try to address it tomorrow or soon!!  If you are ready to take the plunge, pick up your Focus T25 Challenge pack here.  It’s on sale until the end of August 🙂

Total Exhaustion

Today was Total Body Circuit.  Yesterday I said Speed 1.0 was the hardest one.  I lied.  THIS is the hardest one.  Squats, squats into burpees, pushups.  Honestly, it felt like 25 minutes of INSANITY with zero breaks.  It was hard.  Jump here, punch, hop hop squat.  When he said total body, he means total body.

Okay so first the one complaint about this one – I do wish that before the minute started of an exercise Shaun T or somebody showed the next one.  Because this was my first time doing the workout I feel like I lost valuable time watching him to figure out what to do next.  Now – the names of the workouts are pretty self explanatory at times – so it could be me at 5 something AM being confused for no reason.  And Tania wasn’t always shown first, either, so I know I wasted some time.  BUT I felt like I got my butt kicked anyway, so maybe I didn’t lose at much time as I thought OR this workout is just that insane.

What I loved was the fact that it was total body.  This felt like OG Shaun T and a lot like INSANITY.  I definitely had to fall back to Tania’s mods often because I was just exhausted by the end of this one.  I also really loved how the moves built again.  The progression I say again is GENIUS.  It really helps you focus on the form – which we know is the MOST IMPORTANT thing with these workouts.  The form keeps you from getting injured and makes sure the moves hit the right spots on the body.  This helps you shrink in inches, not just lose lbs but be flabby still.  By focusing on the progression I was able to really get a bomb workout 🙂

Tips for this workout?  Do not be scared to drop to a Tania mod when the ish gets hard.  Focus on form.  And keep FOCUSED!!!

So far I’m also digging the Fast Track recipes.  I made the roasted tofu last night and I thought it tasted great (just add a wee bit more Bragg’s than the recipe tells you to use).  So far this week I’ve lost a few lbs and I feel back in a groove.  The foods in this plan are magic to my body apparently 🙂

Speedy 25

Today’s workout was Speed 1.0.  Speed 1.0 is a weird workout to be honest.  It starts with a mix of intense cardio (a minute) followed by a stretch.  It’s surprisingly hard because of the interval training that this puts into the workout.  You go WAY up on the heart rate scale then come back down for the stretch.  It’s a brilliant way to make a short workout super intense and incorporate a stretch.

After the interval section comes the burnout.  You go through all the cardio workouts from the interval section back to back with no breaks.  It’s tough and intense and I had to definitely follow Tania at times (speaking of which, the hubs calls it Tania 25 cause he’s loving the modification, lol!) because it was intense.  Especially through the breakdown.  There is a LOT of jumping in this one, so don’t be afraid to use the modifications if you need!

I think this one is definitely the hardest one so far as far as intensity.  I definitely think beginners will find Tania’s modifications give you a fantastic workout with out a doubt.  I also think some of us more advanced peeps will find ourselves doing the mods at times too.

We are also on day 2 of the fast track modified.  Yesterday was fantastic – no hunger from either of us.  Today I’m making some switches, I’m going to do the Roasted Tofu instead of the chicken.  So I alternate vegetarian meals with meat meals for the rest of the week.  Another tip – the top of the recipe says one serving for the roasted tofu.  Then the bottom line of the directions says one serving is 1/4th of the recipe.  I figured this out after buying 4 lbs of tofu unfortunately.  Hopefully this helps you out before you have a ridiculous amount of tofu then realizing something must be wrong.  So oops.  I hope the recipe is good because I have a lot of tofu to eat now.  Does tofu freeze?  Questions questions.

Focus T25 Begins!!

So today is day 1 of this new 10 week (at least) adventure with Shaun T and my awesome fitfam.  Today’s workout was CARDIO from the Alpha phase and it was intense in all the best ways you can take that word.  This was mostly lower body focused with lunges, squats, and lots of high knees.  I feel it in my core and I feel it in my bum already.  Most workouts were a minute, but a few were only 30 seconds.  I LOVE the burnout concept, it’s like the review of what you just did and just moves with no breaks.  Shaun T uses the full 25 minutes for the workout and it’s not boring at all.  If you have time to think about the time, you aren’t FOCUSED 🙂  I do have 2 complaints though – the first being that I wish Tania was on screen more (I know, I can’t believe I said that either).  As the modifier, she should be visible at the beginning of every exercise but sometimes she wasn’t shown until halfway through.  I can see this frustrating exercise newbies that are depending on her to show them the option.  The second is that I wish that the lunge series at the beginning was later and/or different.  The turning side to side while you are still kind of cold is kind of scary to me (maybe because I had terrible knee issues until I lost about 50 lbs and I’m a bit paranoid).  I wish it was straight forward or the turning part was always slower.

But in all seriousness, can I be honest that I already think this will be my new favorite program?

1. It moves so fast that it’s over before you know it even really started.  10 minutes when by before I even knew it.  Love that – I wasn’t clock watching and when I did, it was only the last few minutes because I was EXHAUSTED!

2. The progression is genius.  I loved the fact that the moves built on each other and built intensity.  It was a great way to test myself and push myself (it’s only a minute!) and it gave me a lower intensity option to use when the high intensity option was too much and I could go back and forth. I think it made me have a better workout because my brain was quicker to find a low intensity option instead of just stopping and taking a breather.  Genius genius.

3. It’s intense.  You know why you can do 25 minutes and get results?  Because it’s real work that Shaun T is asking of you.  Real work and real sweat.  This is 25 minutes of focus and intensity and if you give your 100% then you get 100% back in 25 minutes.  And focus and intensity doesn’t mean you have to do the high advanced option.  It means giving YOUR all and YOUR best – whatever that may be.  I did one of these a few weeks ago following only Tania (aka miss modifier for these workouts) and I got a great workout. This can be scaled to any level – just make sure you WORK your level!

4. It’s only 5 days a week.  I’m kind of excited about that.  The 6th day is an optional stretch and I already decided that would be my yoga day!  I like that I can add yoga in easily, it’s one thing I really liked about P90x – that it included yoga.  Now I can add a 6th day of yoga for flexibility and woosah without having to do a 2 a day or skipping my rest day.

5. It’s still on SALE!!!  So because of how popular this program was during the first month (over 37,000 copies sold) and some of the shipping delays, the challenge pack deal is being extended through August.  So now there are THREE awesome challenge pack deals – TurboFire, Body Beast, and Focus T25.  So there is something for everybody this month.  Short on time? Focus T25.  Looking to have a little more dance and booty shaking?  TurboFire.  Are you looking to lift heavy and change your body with weights?  Body Beast.  And you get breakfast for 30 days in the same box 🙂

Okay so that’s today’s analysis.  I’ll be back with more as I do more of these workouts!!