Operation Size 16 Video Edition

Posted a little video on my thoughts on my challenge.¬† My focus areas for the week are discussed in the video this week instead of me writing them out ūüôā

Also please let me know if there are topics you would prefer I vlog about instead of blog about!¬† Or blog about instead of vlog about.¬† I’m still figuring out what I want to do, but I do like the weekly video check in right now.¬†

Leave me a comment here or on my video on you tube with your answers to my questions about workouts too, I would love to hear from you!!!

Operation Size 16 Update!

It’s been 7ish days so here is my photo update!

Left on both photos is the older picture if you can’t tell….

I’m actually pretty shocked. ¬†My weight has gone up, I feel like I haven’t lost a thing, I feel BIGGER. ¬†So this is also a “this is why we take photos” post too I guess. ¬†I was actually sitting here before doing the side by sides thinking that it was time to re-vamp my whole P90x effort or possibly stop P90x and start doing a mostly cardio focus again because it was doing nothing at all for my body and I wasted a whole 3 weeks before figuring that out. ¬†I guess it is doing something, I just couldn’t tell.

I will be shooting a video tonight about the challenge and some of these P90x feelings tonight. ¬†I have been very busy thinking about what I should do/if I should do/what is RIGHT for me a lot…I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon.

Life Happens

Doesn’t it? ¬†The first 5 days of February have been pretty annoying, not going to lie. ¬†I have that feeling that everything I do is wrong, have you had that? ¬†It probably is a combination of hormones and work and life. ¬†I am feeling very stuck lately and while I can give myself a challenge in weight loss to get moving, I’m not sure I know what to do for other things to jump start them.

Part of this is the fact that it’s that special time of the month (sorry boys) and I have massive cravings. ¬†I am trying to get through it. ¬†I made healthy nachos for the super bowl and that was a good substitute for junk. ¬†Just took a layer of real fresh tortilla chips and pilled on refried beans, ranchero beans (some random organic can I found at whole foods, lol), fiesta cheese, and a TON of onions and red/yellow/green peppers. ¬†A ton. ¬†Popped it in the oven for about 20 minutes and then put salsa on top. Boom. ¬†Done. ¬†But I still want to eat EVERYTHING. I hate my new prescription…this didn’t happen on the old one. ¬†Alas it is what it is and I’m trying to work through it. ¬†I did have chocolate yesterday…and I really didn’t feel better. ¬†I still felt cravings and I felt bad for eating when I KNEW it was just the hormones, not an actual want. ¬†I am doing better today and continually reminding myself throughout the day that yesterday was yesterday and it won’t ruin me. ¬†I am a firm believer in the fact that ONE day won’t kill you…it’s just one day. ¬†But it’s what happens after that one day that determines your success. ¬†So I’m focusing on the fact that I know in my heart that one chocolate bar, no matter how large it is, won’t make me a size 26 again. ¬†I also missed my workout yesterday after sleeping in after the Super Bowl and I know that really mentally messed with me. ¬†I don’t miss workouts often…literally 2x in the last 6 months. ¬†And the reason I don’t is because I feel so restless. ¬†I don’t even like rest days…I just have gotten into a move it all the time mode lol. ¬†Today I attacked P90x Legs and Back with vigor!

The other thing is that I am really really focusing on my career and my future lately. ¬†I am focusing on finding training and learning opportunities to make me a better engineer and a better project manager. ¬†I have not been doing as well at that as I should over the last few years…which I have been¬†disappointed¬†in myself with. ¬†I have been focusing on the work – which I should of course – but I also need to focus on how to make myself smarter so I can do the work better. ¬†I’m adding that as a goal this week to my weekly goal writing session – I literally JUST¬†decided¬†that. ¬†That will be my jump start. ¬†I need to stay on top of what is new in the project management industry…that will help me not only at work, but in my LIFE lol. ¬†If that doesn’t get me unstuck I really don’t know what will. ¬†I already am reverse engineering that goal…this makes me excited.

In general though – I do just need to start doing the woosah a bit more. ¬†The last 2 months I have been go go go. ¬†Life changed a LOT in November when the man finished his job assignment in Tennessee and I don’t think I’ve really had the break I need to deal with that. ¬†Deal with it sounds wrong…more like process it. ¬†Yes, that’s it. ¬†I need to process how my life changed while he was gone and how it’s different now that he’s back. ¬†I was so busy soldiering on through the summer/fall while he was gone…I don’t think I have changed gears back into a more relaxed life. ¬†It’s time to start really doing that and start mentally getting out of get through it mode and get into the living life mode.

Kale and Feta Breakfast Casserole

I love eggs. ¬†Like I realized during the Ultimate Reset that truly, eggs are probably my favorite food. ¬†So when the man asked for a breakfast egg casserole I was more than happy to oblige. ¬†Enter Kale and Feta Breakfast Casserole (or lunch casserole…which is when I eat it).

This recipe starts with very few ingredients. ¬†Very simple and very easy to find…you probably have most of them at home already.

10-12 oz fresh kale, washed and coarsely chopped
2 tsp olive oil
3/4 cup crumbled feta cheese (about 4 oz)
12 eggs, beaten
1 tsp. spike seasoning
salt and pepper to taste
First things first, preheat the oven to 375F/190C.  Wash and dry the kale, then coarsely chop.  Heat oil over medium-high heat in a large frying pan.  When oil is hot, add the kale and cook until kale is wilted and starting to soften, about 3-5 minutes.  
Spray a 9×12 casserole dish with olive oil and put kale in the bottom of the dish. ¬†Crumble feta cheese over the kale. ¬†Beat eggs with spike seasoning, salt, and fresh ground black pepper; then pour eggs over kale/feta combo. ¬†Take a fork and gently stir so veggies and cheese are well distributed in the eggs.
Bake the casserole 40-45 minutes or until eggs are set are the top is starting to lightly brown.  I cooked mine the full 45 minutes and it was darker brown and still awesome.  Serve hot.   

There is a note that it tastes good with a dollop of sour cream, but I didn’t have any so I didn’t have it like that. I did serve with a little salsa and roasted veggies on the side, which made a fantastic lunch. ¬†This was a great taste. ¬†I don’t know how familiar you are with spike seasoning, but it is awesome for vegetables. ¬†I used it a ton during the reset to steam veggies and fell in love with it. ¬†It’s very much a staple in a healthy kitchen in my opinion!

Let me know what you think of this one if you try it!

Operation Size 16: The Beginnings

Morning everyone ūüôā

Woke up bright and early this morning to get the stats and pictures done before my workout. ¬†It was cardio day, which is one of the shorter days, so I had a little extra time ūüôā

First up the pictures. ¬†So the jeans go on and zip up. ¬†But as you can see- they are not ready for prime time yet. ¬†Too much muffin in the pan for me and I have too much junk in the trunk for these to leave my house…

And here are the stats:
Weight: 236.8
R arm: 15.5
Chest: 40.75
Waist: 33.75
Belly: 45.5
Hips: 52.5
R thigh: 30
This is my starting point this month…I am so excited to see how these numbers change. ¬†That leads into the challenge this week, which is to PUSH. ¬†One of the things that is very different with P90x than I am used to with cardio only challenges or a classic weight lifting program (where you are in a gym in a rep based program instead of a time based lifting situation) is that I have had a harder time figuring out how to push and get results. ¬†I think I am starting to figure that out because I’m pretty sore today from yesterday’s chest and back + ab ripper x workout. ¬†And I need to continue it and really push. ¬†It was easier to figure out the push level for chest and back because it’s push ups and pull ups mostly. ¬†It will be harder for shoulders and arms tomorrow but I am determined to figure it out. ¬†It also means for cardio, sometimes not listening to Tony’s cues (this means you Kenpo X) and going at a speed and pace that gets me that hot sweaty mess look that I want. ¬†If the goal is to move the dial, then the plan has to be intense enough to get the results I need. ¬†So let’s go! ¬†
What is your area to PUSH in this week? ¬†Leave it in the comments ūüôā