P90x – Finishing Week 1

Today was the last workout of week 1 of P90x!  Day 7 of the week is rest or x stretch.  I may do the stretch tomorrow in the evening before bed or I might just go to sleep, lol.  I’m pretty tired this week from the workouts and from bad sleep. I woke up at some point last night when my husband woke up with a stuffy nose and dropped his glasses on the way back to bed and was up for a little while.  So I started my workout at almost 6 am…about 30 minutes late.  I considered waiting until after work to exercise, but I knew I was already tired and wouldn’t get to sleep in much anyway so I just went for it.  It was hard, but I pushed play and pushed through.

So let me tell you about the workouts I have done the past few days.  I already talked about the first two here.

Shoulders and Arms – This workout is brutal.  In a good way.  It repeats a shoulders – biceps – triceps rotation for an hour.  Brutal.  One note for this workout for me was that I needed a wide range of weights.  My triceps are stronger than they were before INSANITY, but still relatively weak.  So I ended up using 8 lbs for some of the tricep workouts and up to 20 for some of the shoulder ones.  Very wide range.  My shoulders BURNED during this one because let’s face it – most bicep and tricep exercises use the shoulders as well.

Yoga X – This is a 90 minute yoga class.  The first half is the classic yoga poses – lots of chatarunga and warrior poses.  These are the burner poses where you pour sweat holding positions.  Then the second half is the balance and ab section of the workout.  My balance is awful, just awful.  So it will be interesting to see how I progress over the next 12 weeks.  This workout is really long and wore me out.

Legs and Back – Or it’s alias – pullups and lunges.  This workout didn’t seem that hard while I was doing it, but I certainly felt it the next day.  One thing about this workout – you don’t use weights for most of the exercises.  That’s pretty cool – you get a crazy leg burn from mostly bodyweight moves.  I did this one yesterday and I will tell you that this morning when I woke up my butt was so so sore.  I point this out because I found that I had to modify a lot of the moves to accommodate my knee.  My knees aren’t the greatest and had been feeling much better after all this weight loss but I still have bad days.  Unfortunately going into Leg Day it was clear I was having a bad day.  I didn’t squat deep sometimes and modified some of the one leg exercises to put weight (some, not all) on the non working leg.  So even with these mods, my buns are burning…which is excellent to me.  I used the Equalizer again for the pull ups/chin ups and felt like I got a good back workout with that.  Honestly, I probably will stick with this until I am in a place where I can actually do a pull up.  I get a better workout than I do with bands for my back because I do have to pull up my body.  I am still using a bent knee position – so it’s not my whole body weight but I have noticed that as I straighten my legs it gets harder so that’s how I’ll advance the move.  Here is a video on pull up variations on the Equalizer if you are interested just to see how it looks.  Note – I only am doing this modification because I already had an Equalizer.  I did not buy one just for P90x.  If I didn’t already own one I would go with the bands.

Kenpo X – Today’s workout.  Now I will be honest – right now this is my least favorite of the P90x workouts.  I don’t hate it at all, so don’t mistake my least favorite statement = hate.  It is just a weird workout to me.  The actual Kenpo parts are fairly low intensity for me for cardio.  My heart rate maxed out around 140 but was mostly around 120-130 the whole time.  The “breaks” which are the high cardio intervals from my body’s measurement are jog/jumping jack/x jump time.  I didn’t mind the lighter workout today because of the buns being fried and the poor sleep I mentioned earlier.  But I was surprised it was so light because the folks on the DVD were drenched, lol.  Maybe I’m just getting super fit, hahaha!

In general I am really digging P90x after one week.  I definitely like the variety of workouts over the course of a week – cardio, yoga, weights, and whatever kenpo is supposed to be.  I feel my body sore in all the right places.  I still think I’m going to be tired of Ab Ripper X in about another week or two…you do it 3 times a week.  But other than that – no complaints 🙂

Okay this is extra long so I’ll leave it here today.  Questions on P90x?  Leave me a note 🙂

Hungry for Change

Tonight I watched the documentary Hungry for Change on Netflix. This documentary is extremely popular in the Instagram fit community and finally say down and watched it.


This movie took all of the stuff I try to (1) remember daily (2) tell my family (3) live and put it into a coherent 90 minutes. It was fantastic.

It started with a commentary on the food industry. How many manufacturers use addictive food additives and tons of chemicals to get us hooked. How fat free foods are filled with sugar and in fact are awful for us because of that. How just eating real non processed foods are better for us because the body knows how to handle them.

Then it went into discussing eating whole foods, juicing, exercise, affirmations….just everything. Discussed what foods the body uses to detox naturally and how they detox. About visualization and how treating yourself positively changes your body’s way of functioning. I took so many notes. This movie put a lot if the jumble of what I have read recently in straight lines for me. It explained why I felt so awesome right after the reset and why as much as I love my husband, I feel a little less awesome since his job brought him back to me lol. How I need to stand strong in eating cleaner so I can get back to where I was instead of feeling 85%. How I need to really make sure I have 6-8 servings of produce, most of them vegetables.

Ok I will stop rambling incoherently at 1am about a food documentary. But I will ask you to check it out and please watch. As far as I’m concerned this needs to be required watching for every single person, it’s on that level lol. I will be back on my hardcore grind starting when I wake up. I am still eating well, I just am making an ok choice instead of the ideal one just a little but too much for my liking. Time to change that. Time to CHANGE!

Have you seen it? What did you think??

January Read – THRIVE

I have set a lot of goals for myself this year and most of them require learning more about something. Business, food, exercise, ect. I will read at least one book a month that is personal development and/or purely to learn something new.

This month’s read is THRIVE: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life by Brendan Brazier. I picked this book after it was recommended to me by another Beachbody coach. I don’t know if I will ever eat vegan or vegetarian 100% of the time. But I do know that I need to learn better how to put together filling and nutritious vegan meals so I can eat more of them and be fueled for P90x properly.

I just started reading this book and will post a review after I finish. I also am taking a Coursera class on nutrition this month. I really need to understand food more and the only way to do that is to study.

Has anyone read THRIVE? Any other nutrition books, especially plant based nutrition, you recommend? Please leave me the titles in the comments of those or any other personal development books you love 🙂

P90x Time!!!

So I’m now 2 days into P90x and wow is it different from INSANITY lol.  I have done two workouts:

Chest and Back + Ab Ripper – which could be renamed pushups and pull ups and ab exercises I can’t really do yet.  It was a GREAT workout and kicked my butt…well my arms really.  I don’t have a pull up bar and I can’t do pull ups anyway.  My door jam thing for my bands went MIA since the summer.  So I used my Leibert Equalizer and pulled up on that.  Gotta make it work however I can.  I feel it in my upper body so I know it was good.  This workout is pretty awesome.  The Ab Ripper workout is intense.  Many of the exercises I just can’t do yet so I modified as appropriate.  Total workout time is about 65 minutes.

Plyometrics – which is AWESOME.  After doing a full round of INSANITY, this was a great change up.  Yes you jump and yes you jump a lot.  But because of the format of the workout it just feels so different.  I still got a crazy awesome workout, there are a lot of squats in this bad boy.  But it was so so good.  I felt this in my hips and buns today.

Tomorrow on deck is shoulders & arms + ab ripper.  I find it interesting how often ab ripper is done during the workout.  I wonder how quickly I will either (1) get tired of it or (2) get used to it.  I’m excited for arms though!!  I am desperate for my arms to tone up, I have quite flabby arms.

Equipment wise, I didn’t buy anything new for this.  I have a lot of misc weights and bands in the house…and other equipment really…so I figure I will work with what I have until it’s just too light and not workable anymore.  I would love the power blocks or selectechs or something like that but it’s just not in the budget right now.  Perhaps later this year.  It would be nice to have them to be able to switch weights easily and to not have so much random equipment lying around.

Before starting P90x I took new pics and wrote my info down so I can submit it for the Beachbody Challenge 🙂  I love love that I get a shot at winning some cash just for exercising…that makes me happy.  Added perk to something I do for myself.  I will post pics every 30 days from p90x to hopefully see some PROGRESS!!!!!

In other news, I got my new webcam today!!  I am so excited you guys.  I am going to do some vlogs about P90x and health and fitness topics.  Is there anything that you would like to see/hear?  Leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list 🙂

Week of January 14th – Meal Planning

Another week and another batch of meals.  I’m getting back with the meal planning after the crazy holidays and being out of town.  I’m also really working to be better with prep with the hubby back in town.  I did decide that I am going to modify how I meal prep.  I am going to do two meal preps a week instead of one big one.  The man and I get really bored with meals and just need a lot of variety.  So here is this week’s meals we have planned so far:

Orzo and Chickpea Salad – one note – I made this sans mint since neither the man or I are super crazy about it.  it was still delicious.  I served it over a bed of romaine lettuce and green pepper. (vegetarian)

Crockpot Pinto Beans – Haven’t tried this one yet but it did finish in the crockpot this morning…excited to have with rice and salad.  I love beans for protein, fiber, and all the other nutrients. They are SO filling and as I’ve mentioned before – I love love them on the vegetarian diet.  I may grab some wholly guacamole or DIY some to go with these and some corn a la one of the reset meals. (vegan)

Spinach and Bean Stir Fry – This one is from a cookbook I have at home.  Have not cooked it yet, details to come.  (vegan but the serving recommendation from the book is to have with boiled eggs so it’s a vegetarian meal)

Salad – Basic tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, bell pepper, mushrooms…whatever we want thrown in a container.  I made a greek vinaigrette from the Ultimate Reset guidebook and we eat it with that.  This is a good lunch and I have some fruit with it.  How I get to my veggie servings, especially if I’m having beans and rice for dinner. (vegetarian or vegan)

I also bought a ton of fruit – strawberries, pineapple, banana, and oranges to have as snacks or as dessert.  Shakeology in the morning of course…it keeps me sane as I try to get out of travel mode.

30 Day Push

Like many people – I often set goals for myself.  Goals at my 9-5, goals for my personal life, goals for my body, goals for where I want to be in a few years.  And I generally meet my bigger goals.  But not always my smaller goals.  I sometimes put on the backburner the thing that would really make me happy because they aren’t the top things.  I am good at accomplishing one or two things a year, but it seems like everything else gets shafted for those few things.

Enter the 30 day PUSH.
The 30 day push is a program set up by one of my fitness idols Chalene Johnson (she’s the woman who leads Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire, and created Turbo Kick).  It’s a program that is set up to get you to (1) establish your priorities then (2) based on your priorities, determine what your goals really are (not what someone told you they should be) followed by (3) creating a system to get you to accomplish these goals.  It’s really been an amazing experience the last 12 days starting this process and starting to implement the system.  It’s a big change for me and it’s been a good change.  I am now seeing my productivity skyrocket and I’m making time for the things that will make the biggest difference in my life.  To make this even more lifechanging my partner in crime, the hubby, is doing it too.  It’s really awesome to talk to him about these goals and priorities, especially when we realize that there are things we can do to help the other get farther towards one of them.  Almost all of our goals are aligned somehow – we didn’t do any of that part together – so that is pretty cool.
The 30 day PUSH program is 100% free and definitely something that I would highly recommend looking into if you are looking for a really good program to help you with goal setting and goal achieving.  I am a member of a PUSH group for accountability, which has been very awesome.  Most of us are halfway through.  If there are people that are interested in starting now, please sign up and email me – healthyengineer@gmail.com – and I will set up another group.  If you just want an accountability partner email me too.  I have a few right now and it has been amazingly helpful!  My goals are all over the map – professional, personal, and physical – and I’m confident I will achieve them in 2013!!

Heading home

Currently lounging at the airport waiting for my flight home. Can’t wait, I miss my husband. When he was working in TN I loved traveling, it was a nice break from an empty house. Now that he is back, I am more ready to get home for sure.

Had a good week of travel I think. Unfortunately my stomach wasn’t enjoying the trip the first few days. I did manage to stay consistent with exercise and got lots of sleep. I wish I felt better, but alas, what can you do.

In exercise news – only a week until p90x starts!!! I’m so excited!! So ready to get back on a schedule. I’m glad I waited. Between not feeling good and the schedule it would have been really hard to get started. Sometimes things happen for a good reason.

I’m pretty tired, going to sign off. Ready to board this flight so I can go straight to sleep 🙂

Hotel Circuits

I am on travel again – this time all the way to the west coast.  I’m in California trying to live the good life between finishing stuff up for work and working on my 30 day push to do list.  Before I get into my travel fit post I’m going to wax poetic about the 30 day push program Chalene Johnson has.  It’s a FREE 30 day program that talks about how to align your goals to your priorities and to create a pathway to getting your goals accomplished.  I’m on day 8 of the program and already I’ve made some serious realizations.  It’s been good and I’ve been able to better talk to my husband about where I want to be and that leads to just better overall communication.  It’s good.

Okay more on that later.  But for now – traveling fit!  Okay so I will say that I’m SERIOUS about my fitness now – as you can tell.  And this means that I seriously refuse to be in a situation where I can’t get my workout in.  This means 2 things.  #1 – I check the gym status at the hotel before I book.  I try to only stay places that have gyms.  And #2 – I bring DVDs with me.  This week I brought Turbo Jam and the Fast and Furious 20 min INSANITY workout.  So basically I have a plan and a backup plan.  This allows me some variety, especially right now while I’m between Beachbody programs, to mix it up.  It also was crucial to me in case one plan wouldn’t work – like a tiny gym or a gym with limited equipment or no room to do a DVD.

So tonight was gym night.  I hit the gym pretty hard for some circuit training.  This gym was stocked with a full set of dumbbells, medicine balls, and a swiss ball – score!

Warm – Up – 5 min elliptical

Circuit 1 x2
25 crunches
15 pushups (started on feet, ended on knees)
15 squats w/ medicine ball
12 bicep curls
12 deadlifts

Do circuit 1 2x before moving on to circuit 2

Circuit 2 x 2
L side Woodchop (w/ weights)
10 frog jumps (INSANITY call back, lol)
L side single leg squat

R side Woodchop (w/ weights)
10 frog jumps (INSANITY call back, lol)
R side single leg squat
Weighted leg raise

Cool -Down – 15 min exercise bike

Pretty good workout if I say so myself.  Hit all the important body parts plus got a good sweat and cardio burn.  I did go a little light on the arm workouts because I am so sore from Turbo Jam and Les Mills Pump already.  So I focused a lot on core and the “basic strength moves” aka pushups, squats, crunches.  I am really really pushing towards doing more on my toes.  Insanity has gotten me far with that goal.  I did 5 on my toes the first circuit and 6 on the second go around.  So I definitely am improving.

As I get ready for P90x I’m getting SO excited for more weights.  My body feels different after a weight workout for sure and it’s been a log time since I’ve put a circuit together.  I really enjoy putting workouts together – a reason that a PT cert is something else that I have been thinking about because I love this kind of stuff.  If anyone tried the circuit out please leave me a comment and let me know how you liked it!  I am not a trainer – just a girl who likes this stuff.

2 months

I am on day 62 of INSANITY and took some pics of my progress. I’m beyond thrilled at my body changes from the workouts + eating clean + shakeology.

I am not done, not even close. But I have come SO far this year. I have changed my life. I have found that this – health and fitness- is my passion. I want to help people become a healthier version of themselves. I want to open eyes and help people have a better life. You don’t have to have a 6 pack, you just need to be healthier. Eat healthier, move more, sleep more, be more aware. It’s January 1st. There isn’t a better day to start working towards these goals. Please please shoot me an email if you are ready to start – healthyengineer@gmail.com. Right now I’m helping with Beachbody programs but I have big plans this year to become certified in nutrition so I can do even more.