Ultimate Reset: Onward to Phase 2!

Today is the first day of phase 2 of the ultimate reset, woot we made it!!  Before we get into all of the phase 2 changes, let’s talk phase 1.

Week 1: Reclaim Thoughts and Wrap-Up
In general pretty good.  I am fairly energetic, absolutely NO stomach issues like I’ve had for months, and sleeping pretty good (when I remember to cut the water off early enough).

Most surprising thing? That I don’t actually miss meat.  This shocks me.  Oh and that I can live on 3 meals a day with no snack and not eat my foot.

Favorite meal? The day 1 fish recipe, the kale-egg-whole wheat breakfast, the day 2 mexican fiesta black beans and rice with corn and guac, the stir fried veggies, and the assorted oatmeal toppings will all be repeated after this is over.  Also the yogurt with oatmeal combo was new but good.  Of these the favorite vegetarian/vegan meal is definitely the stir fried veggies.  I will definitely make this again, possibly adding shrimp if I wanted a protein.

Least favorite meal? I don’t know what I did different – but that zucchini-cashew soup is totally gross to me.  The texture is not for me at all. I’m hoping the phase 2 soups are creamier and more my style. This is is the only meal that I subbed out (the lunch version of this) for the quinoa salad.

Weight change? 13 lbs gone…whoa.  I knew I would lose a chunk because I’m coming off vacation but I didn’t expect that.  And the fact that most of the phase 1 meals are ones I would eat again, I think this is sustainable (to keep the weight off, not to lose 13 lbs in a week again).  That to me is the most important thing.  The goal for the husband (who lost 8 btw) and I was not to lose this weight on a fad diet and go back to eating like we used to eat.  The goal for us was to use this as a catalyst for permanent change into a “flexitarian” diet of healthy non/minimally processed foods for long term health and weight loss.  That I think we can do very easily from what we are learning here.  Once I start working out again I will just have to add some more calories to the plan so I can support the exercise, but I think that is fairly easy by adding possibly a snack to accommodate the exercise and increasing some of my portion sizes.

Now Phase 2!

The big change this phase is that we are cutting out all meat products, so we are all vegan.  I had to look up the difference between vegan and vegetarian and it seems the big difference is the dairy and eggs question.  It’s actually really confusing to me.  But anyway, We are going vegan for the next 2 weeks.  We also will have the detox supplement 2 times a day this week.  The detox supplement is supposed to be gentle and so far, so good on that one.

Today was the first day of all fruit for breakfast.  I’ve been looking forward to this a LOT.  I really was looking forward to having fruit again, as phase 1 was a little short on fruit.  It was delicious and hold the phone – I was actually full until lunch even though my water was a little low (meetings at work…I can’t keep running in and out).  This surprised me for sure.  I guess I’m learning that I don’t “need” all the food I thought I needed, which is eye opening.  The food in this phase looks pretty good and I’m excited for that.  Although I really am not a salad for lunch every day person in the fall person.  My one big complaint right now with the reset is that I wish there were some alternatives for seasonality.  For example the kabocha squash is not in season right now so I had to sub with a butternut squash.  A lot of the cold meals just are not really my thing, I’m a hot food girl.  I love the steamed veggies and am considering doing those instead of a microgreen salad sometimes, especially since it’s FALL now 🙂

If you’d like to join me on this journey – get your ultimate reset here and I’d be happy to help you through it 🙂

Ultimate Reset: First Challenge and More Tips

On Saturday I spent the day helping my sister apartment shop in the city.  This was my first real challenge on the reset so far.  Bringing food was pretty much impossible because we were walking and using public transpo all day and carrying all that food just was not really a realistic idea since I’d need ice packs and all that.  So I just brought my book and my supplements and tried to order the best I could.  We ended up at a Mediterranean restaurant so I ordered a salad with all kinds of veggies and couscous on it with no dressing.  I felt that was very similar to the dinner for the day.  For dinner I had the lunch (we were back at home so I cooked).  Felt good about that decision and felt like I did a good job.  I also brought two huge bottles of water with me.  I didn’t drink as much as I should have because I realized quickly that bathrooms were hard to find.  But I did drink a lot.

So today was my 5th day on the program.  I’m happy to say that I feel really good and am excited about what’s to come.  I’m shockingly okay with the lack of meat in my diet and even more shocked by the lack of cravings for meat.  When shopping today for week 2, I actually felt a little sick when walking through the meat department from the smell.  What’s up with that?  I also notice that when I do think about meat, it’s really seafood that I think of.  Things like oh, after the reset this would be great with a little shrimp or catfish. I’ve never thought about red meat or pork or chicken or turkey.  These were ALL the staples of my diet before this so I’m really surprised.  Maybe this thing is really changing me for the better?

Anyway, in the first 5 days I’ve learned a LOT about this program – and whole foods cooking.  Here are some thoughts and some things to think about on the reset:

  1. Read not only what you are cooking, but the recipes the day before.  There are many recipes in this plan that require foods to be chilled/marinated/soaked for 1-2 hours in this plan.  I’m spending a lot of time trying to prep these things the day before so lunch can be grabbed in the morning and dinner can just be put together fairly quickly.  Also for the baked tempeh (a breakfast for day 6) I just don’t have time to marinate my food for a hour before eating in the morning.  So this is crucial to being able to stay on the plan for me and something to think about.
  2. Buy more dishwashing soap/detergent.  I swear I’m running my dishwasher all the time now.  With all the cooking and prepping it’s just necessary.  I also handwash my pots/pans, so I’m spending a lot of time cleaning up in the kitchen.  Plan for this.  You don’t want your dirty stuff sitting around because with all this fresh food you are just asking for the gnats and ants to come in.  Just plan an extra 20 or so minutes every day to make sure things are clean.  Also – this is where looking ahead helps.  Sometimes if multiple things need to be cooked or steamed you can just do a quick rinse of the pot and keep cooking.  Reduces waste and helps you stay on track.
  3. Refrigerator space is a premium.  I still haven’t figured this out – but my refrigerator needs some organization.  I mean I can’t find really anything right now after shopping for week 2.  And I only have 2 days left of this week, so it’s not like I have a bunch of extra stuff.  I’m going to sit down tomorrow probably after I cook dinner and try to organize things better.  I really would like to not spend like 5 minutes looking for green onions if at all possible.  Any refrigerator organization tips?  Anyone?
I’m going in on Wednesday to get my body fat and measurements taken, so I’m excited.  I haven’t had them taken since before vacation officially, so we will see how things are.  I did take my body fat on my scale on day one of the program so I do have something to use as a base.  

Ultimate Reset: Days 2-3

Let me start by saying that I developed a raging sinus infection complete with sore throat within the first day of the program.  I am not surprised, I’ve been on quite a few airplanes and that’s typically what gets me.  A little cold turns into that after a few flights every time.  With a lot of cold meds and some cough drops I’ve been able to deal.  I know that’s prob not ideal on the program – but I really had to take them.  I’m following the program as is and just taking cold meds when I need them.

The first 3 days of the program have gone really well.  I’m officially back to pre-vacation weight (yay!) so from here on out all this is “new” weight loss.  Every meal has been really delicious except the lentil-lime salad.  I am pretty sure it’s because I didn’t cook the lentils enough.  I typically like them mushier.  I ended up really not digging that meal so I had a shakeology for a snack and then a later dinner.  I didn’t want to be that low on calories for the day.

Today is going to be a crazy day. I’m going to be in the city all day, so I’m going to basically end up eating out for some of the meals.  I figure since lunch is the sushi, if we go to a Japanese place then I can get similar food.  Dinnner is stir fried veggies so I think I can manage that as well.  I’m going to bring an approved snack (apples + almonds) so I have some backups.

All in all – right now I’m a fan.  There is a LOT of food at each of the meals that I’ve definitely not been hungry. Score!

Ultimate Reset: Day 1

Here we are, day 1!  Took my pictures and starting weight/body fat.  Oh boy did I have fun on vacation :/  But all that is in the past and from here on out maybe that won’t happen again. Especially since I have my hubby on board.

Breakfast (which I forgot to take a picture of) was really filling and delicious.  I just threw the eggs and steamed kale on the bread and made a sandwich.  It was awkward scheduling this AM to do the 30 min wait between supplements and breakfast.  I thought about it, but didn’t really think about it the night before.  I prepped my breakfast during the 30 min, but it took me longer to eat it than I expected.  I also realized at this point that for lunch I need to think ahead.  This is going to be interesting.  I typically eat at all kinds of weird times (or grab and go) and this is going to force me to think about it more.

Lunch is a microgreen salad and dressing.  I’m terrified that this will not keep me full.  I also was terrified about eating it.  I typically put a lot of stuff on my salads – eggs, meat, cheese, ect.  This salad was full of….veggies.  And that’s it.  It wasn’t bad because the dressing was delicious.  But it was hard to finish.  I’m sure I’ll pay for that later (so glad I brought a snack right now).  Something was bitter in my salad mix (something in my leafy greens) and that was disgusting.  I bought a different tub than I usually do in order to get a bigger one (more bang for my buck).  I may stop tonight and get my old trusty Olivia’s spring mix from the grocery store.  It may cost more, but the greens mix is one I really love and I don’t have any bitter greens in it.

Alkalinize is as bad as everyone said it was.  Use just a little bit of water and chug quickly.  It tastes like bleh.

I decided to snack today as I was worried about getting through the evening.  I did a shakeology.  Taste was great but man is it gritty.  I need a legit blender for this stuff, lesson learned.  I only drank like a quarter of it – I’m odd with textures.  I also probably won’t snack much.  It was super annoying to have to wait 2 hours after the snack to start the supplements.  That means a 2.5 hour break between snack and dinner.  Considering I only had a small bit, I was starving by dinner time.  I’ll just wait and start having an earlier dinner at home.

Now I’m sitting with dinner.  It’s delicious.  Catfish (substitution because I had this beauty of a piece of catfish in the freezer I needed to eat and prepared exactly the same way as the salmon recipe) with asparagus and boiled potatoes.  It’s a lot of food and I am enjoying this after just a salad for lunch.

I’m prepping for tomorrow too.  While I was letting the fish marinate I cooked the chicken for the greek chicken salad and made the dressing.  Oats are also ready to go, just will need to be reheated.

This is definitely the healthiest day of eating I have had in a while and I am glad for it!

Gulp – Day Zero of the Reset

Tonight the hubs and I are both prepping our meals and snacks and supplements for tomorrow.  I’m nervous for sure – the fact I’m having just a salad for lunch is a big change. The fact my refrigerator is 95% produce is a big change.

I made the creamy garlic dressing.  It’s freaking delicious.  The ginger one – um not so much.  It tastes like salt lick.  I don’t know how to fix that and I’ll probably never make it again.  Or use what I made.  
The salad took some prep, but looks and smells good.  It’s scary having a salad with no meat.  I don’t know how I’m supposed to be full – I’m definitely bringing a snack for the afternoon.  I know the snack is a crutch and we are supposed to try not to use it.  And I will try not to use it.  But I’m not stupid enough to go to work without it because if I need it and don’t have it – I’m shit out of luck and falling off the program 10 hours into it.  
I set up a timer on my iPhone to keep track of the supplements.  It’s a cool app called 30/30 that lets you put in events and how long until the next one.  So basically I can start it when I take the first supplements and it will alert me for each meal/snack/supplement after that.  This is going to be crucial.  
I also realized I forgot to buy distilled water.  Tap water it is for me tomorrow.  I’ll probably buy some tomorrow.  
I’m scared to step on the scale.  I’ve been on vacation basically since August 22nd.  I’ve worked out here and there but I also drank a lot more, ate out a lot more, and generally let it all hang out a lot more.  I’m sure it will not be a pretty weigh in tomorrow. If feel pretty crappy anyway from all that, so this is a good time for this.  I’m really ready to be on track.  
Doing the reset with me?  Let me know in the comments!  Want to play along?  Pick up one here!

Sweating it Out

For the first time in the last few days I went to workout. I’ve been on relaxation/long weekend mode a little too much and today I started feeling really blah. Today’s workout:

20 min elliptical
15 min strength (squats, ballet drops, crunches, lunges, leg lifts)
20 min elliptical

All while watching the Tigers game. Sometimes when motivation is lacking, a good tv show helps. I am the queen of hitting the gym during a tv show or sports event. Makes time fly, I promise. Lower intensity + longer duration.

Ultimate Reset Prep

A nice long 4 day weekend is exactly what I needed after a 7 day vacation, right?  I’m taking my own advice for sure and getting my rest and relaxation on.  I definitely need it.  I didn’t sleep well at all after I got home because my stomach was not doing well.  Honesty time – I’ve had a lot of stomach problems the last week or so.  I’m sure of it was a touch of food poisoning but the latter part of the week I can’t explain like that as it was days later.  With that said, I’m actually really happy that we are starting the reset soon because I’m hoping all of this will clear up.

This weekend the hubby and I are getting ready for next week.  We watched the reset your health DVD this morning before he left for work (I’m playing dutiful housewife today).  It’s basically the videos on the site, but it was the first time we watched together.  Today I printed the grocery lists off the participant portal and read the program and nutrition guide.  The recipes look pretty good even though there are a ton of things I have never eaten before in it so I’m a little scared.  The hubby is excited about the fact men get to eat a little more and probably is planning on eating all the extra man servings.

Today I started doing the shopping for the reset.  Started because some of the stuff the store just didn’t have (like asparagus…..huh? or tempeh…ok) and I need to make a run to another store (probably whole foods because I know they will have all this stuff) to finish off.  It took me FOREVER to shop, mainly because I’m shopping at a new to me grocery store and I just didn’t know where things were.  The other reason was that I just wasn’t familiar with a lot of the items on the shopping list so I had to just really look hard for stuff and read packages and all that.  I don’t typically buy like farina and seaweed and miso paste (which is refrigerated, who knew!).  I’m glad I didn’t wait until the last minute because some of the stuff wasn’t at one store and now I’m not in a bind trying to find things the day I need them.  I’m sure I’ll need to get more fruit but everything else should be good for a week.

Some tips I have already for anyone getting ready to prep.  The first being READ your program and nutrition guide first.  It will save you heartache and time.  After that:

  1.  If you are doing it by yourself, try to go to a store that sells bulk foods if at all possible.  This may be better for 2 people as well, not sure on that math.  But it’s definitely clearly better for 1.  But some items you need really small quantities and they may be foods you don’t know if you will like or eat in the weeks after the reset.  The list is for 4 oz of oatmeal, so a bigger container isn’t a big risk as oatmeal is a relatively clean healthy grain most people like.  But you only need 4 oz of farina – which is a bigger risk (for most people anyway).  A bulk store if you can find it may save you from spending a ton of money on things you don’t need or won’t eat after the 21 days. 
  2. Buy ziploc or whatever containers you want for storage.  You will have lots of containers of open grains over the course of the next 21 days.  
  3. Plan ahead.  Print the grocery lists for each phase (phase 1 can be found here) and check what you already have off.  Read the full grocery listing in the program and nutrition guide that comes with your reset kit and know what you need to modify (for example – for men there are some options to have more of certain things at meals).  The listing in the back of the book on what each ingredient is, it’s benefit and what stores sell it is really helpful.  
  4. Budget. If you don’t cook at all, you are going to spend a lot of money on your phase one shopping trip.  Not because of the food – but because of the spices and condiments/oils.  I cook a LOT and I find that most of the condiments and some of the spices I already had.  These are the most expensive items I think and will drive your costs up.  The good thing is that if you notice on the shopping list, most of these items you buy now and will use the entire 21 days – meaning you will not spend nearly that much the following 2 weeks.  Know this going into it. 
  5. Clean out your refrigerator and cabinets.  Not just because the book says that you should, but because you will not have room for your groceries if you don’t.  Seriously, I felt like I bought enough groceries for a year – and it’s only supposed to be for a week.  If you are doing this with multiple people especially, you won’t have room for your 12 pack of pop with all these veggies!  Same with your pantry – all those spices and condiments need to go somewhere 🙂
Those are all the tips and tricks I have from just the past couple of days of working with the program book and grocery shopping.  I’m going to take the advice of many sites I’ve read starting tomorrow and start cutting back on the junk.  I was on vacation for 7 days and then jumped right back into work (literally – I ran into an associate at the airport landing from vacation and then started texting my boss because I found out then that we had an 8am meeting with the VIPs) and now am on the long weekend social calendar.  So basically, my diet is NOT what it usually is and hasn’t been.  I’ve been drinking lots of wine/strongbow and eating out (restaurant or just not at my house) almost every meal after breakfast.  This weekend I’m going to eat at home as much as possible, cut out the alcohol again, hydrate like mad, and just be more normal.  I already don’t drink pop (haven’t since January) and don’t drink coffee, so I’m not at all worried about caffeine effects thank goodness.  I’m also going to really watch portions.  I was eating 6 meals a day for a very long time and now will be going to 3 with maybe a snack, so I need to just cut back from that a little so I’m not eating my fingers off with hunger at 1pm on day 1.  
Okay I think that’s enough from me for now.  I’m going off to search for a good yoga dvd (leave me a recommendation in the comments if you know one) to do during the reset and then curl up with a good book and relax.  It’s been a hectic week/month and I would like to start September off nicely. If you decide to do the reset and want to do it with me, you can pick it up here 🙂  I’m starting next Wednesday!