What About Your Friends?

I have a huge social problem that I really have no clue how to address.  I know I’m not the only one.  The big issue is that most of my social interactions have food involved.  Let’s get lunch.  Late dinner.  Party is a potluck, bring a dish to share.  So on and so forth.  In general the American life experience revolves around a table filled with food, drinks, and friends/family.

While those experiences are fantastic, they also are not really conducive to weight loss and a healthy active lifestyle if you are one of few or one of the only people in your friend/family circle who is attempting to live a healthy life.  I have like two sets of friends.  My friends who are all about being healthy/trying to be healthy and my friends who don’t prioritize their health.  I love them both, but as I really try to help myself, I struggle with how to spend time with the second group.  I don’t want to be one of those people – the people that dump their friends when they get in shape.  However now that I’m starting to get it.  My lifestyle is changing and it’s going to keep changing.

This is on my mind because I’ve recently had 2 conversations that make me wonder how to keep my friends.  One friend asked why I wasn’t coming to a meetup (I’ve been in this meetup group for like years) and I said well, it’s a dessert themed event and I really do not want to be in that environment.  The invite literally mentioned tons of desserts and sampling and all that.  As someone trying to lose weight, why would I want to be in a situation where that is going on?  I’ve tried before to bring my own food and it’s just awkward.  I spend so much time explaining myself, answering questions, and at the same time trying to kill my cravings that it’s just not worth being in the situation because I’m not having fun with friends.  I’m having survival with sweets in a mine field.  The second conversation was a friend who kept mentioning a late dinner after an event and I could feel the conversation get really weird when I said I’ll be at the event (which will have activity!!) but not at the late dinner out.  I don’t need to go to dinner at 9:30/10 pm.  I just don’t.  And it’s not like it’s a special thing, somebody’s birthday or anything.  It’s going to be at whatever is open (so a diner?) at that time.  No thanks.  But I’ll see you guys for the non- food part.

Is it because when I say no, I’m trying to lose weight (when I’m asked over and over why I won’t eat or do xyz) or no, I don’t want to go out to eat, I’m putting a mirror on other people?  Does it become, well what makes you think you are special?  I’ve heard these friends put down another girl who a while back lost a ton of weight because she got skinny and “too good” for everybody.  I feel like I’m being put in that category now and it’s awkward.  Is it going to be easier when I am more set in my diet (vs. now where I’m still actively trying to make changes and struggle with cravings, ect.)?  I have spent a lot of time the last few weeks with friends who are healthy or working towards health.  And those times are fabulous.  Because they are easy.  It’s not a constant explanation or saying no situation.  I like that situation and I do want to find more friends who live that life.  Is that the sacrifice of weight loss?  Friends who won’t convert to the healthy way of life naturally fall out of your life?  That’s kind of sad.

Hump Day Rambles

I got my shakelology in the mail yesterday!  I haven’t tried it yet but I am curious about the recipes that came with the package.  I don’t want to really use too much in trials yet because the point of it was to use it during the ultimate reset and there really isn’t too much extra (I purchased the single serving packages because of my schedule instead of the big package and you get a few less servings that way).  We have the ultimate reset packages and are planning to spend a lot of time over the next week or so reading and understanding and prepping.  We anticipate starting after Labor Day because the added challenge of having a long food based holiday right near the start.  Trying to set ourselves up for maximum success!  

I did some closet weeding this week too.  I have a lot more things that fit, a lot more things that don’t fit (too big) and a lot more options than I thought.  I really never notice how much I lose, just how much I gain.  It’s not until I get dressed that I realize that I have lost a lot of weight.  When my pants are too big or my shirts are hanging off of me.  I don’t know if this is normal or not, but it is what it is 🙂  I am really pleased that I’m almost 100% back into my summer 2011 wardrobe!  There are a few tops that I still can’t get into but literally like only 3 or 4.  It’s so nice (and cheaper!!) to be able to shop in regular misses tops again!
From now until I start the reset I’ll be really just doing whatever I feel like doing.  Seriously – no plan.  Not really enough time for anything planned.  It’s kind of liberating 🙂  After the reset I’m going to do a pretty intense plan the last quarter of the year so I can hopefully reach my goal for the year (which was to lose the weight I gained last year).  I’m currently only 18 lbs away from that and I do think this is feasible if I stay focused.  Especially with all of the work I am planning on doing in September with food and food choices.  

Ahh Retail Therapy

So the past few days have been pretty annoying. I got a ton of bug bites and decided after a day of itching like mad to skip a few workouts in favor of a rest- Benadryl- cortizone 10 spa treatment regimen. I’m pretty bummed about not working out, but I feel 85% better so it’s worth it. Tomorrow will be another rest day so hopefully I can get back to 100% by Monday.

Anyway, I had to go to an event today that was at my favorite mall and I got there super early because for once there was zero traffic. So…I treated myself to a little retail therapy at Lucy. Lucy is my absolute favorite sportswear store and a lot of their pieces are good for casual wear, not just the gym. I do rotate between gym, outside, and home, so I have a good excuse for nice gear, right?? Almost every flight I take I have on a Lucy sweater. I am too bootylicious for a lot of their pants. But their everyday pant is pretty much my staple for workouts.

First, the clearance pieces. The purple On Your Toes Bolero ($19.99) and the orange Sexy Hoodie II ($29.99). Last piece is my splurge of the trip, the tan Around The World Jacket ($79.00) I still want the green version too, but I think the tan is better since everything I own is a dark color anyway. Love everything and definitely will use the heck out of them. The bolero and the jacket will def be work and weekend appropriate and even as I keep losing they will be good to wear, at least for a while.

So with that shopping done, my legs may be up to 90% better 😉

Resting and 6 Weeks In!

I forgot to post my check in!  I didn’t have one last week because I was on travel for work.  But here we are halfway through my nutrition program.  I’ll be honest – traveling sucks for weight loss and consistency.  Every time I go on travel and I come back home I feel out of control with eating and eating right.  It’s really hard for me to just jump right back on track and this week with the two work trips, little to no fresh food in the house, and general exhaustion.  The general exhaustion is a theme here.  I think I’m too much like my mom in that I really don’t take breaks and vacations and I’m always “on” all the time.  I haven’t taken a proper vacation (meaning more than 3 days in a row out of the office for only relaxation purposes) in literally a year.  Additionally, I’ve spent a lot of my time running through airports (according to my tripit account I’ve been away from home on 15 different trips already this year) and I think that plays into the stress and lack of rest.  I think I’m just so run down that the mental energy tank I need to work out and focus on diet and work and be a responsible adult is about empty.  Looking at everything now, I think that same thing happened last year and contributed to the breakdown I had with diet and exercise.  I was just exhausted and out of the strength to do all that stuff.  Lesson learned.  I am definitely going to think about this because I see the breakdown coming.

Now for the check in.  It wasn’t as good with so much travel and these breakdowns.  I was the same weight.  But I did lose .1% body fat, so that’s good.  Means I’m maintaining and not losing muscle.  I also had a HUGE drop in my stomach measurement – 3 inches.  I’m sure that comes from being active, even though I wasn’t eating as well.  And also that is why I probably stayed the same instead of gaining weight.  This week, I took some time off from exercise kind of accidentally.  I was supposed to meet with the trainer Monday and Wednesday in the evening and it really threw me for a loop.  I cannot do evenings anymore like that, I was exhausted every night and had lots of trouble sleeping and lots trouble waking up.  Noted.  Now I’m switching back to mornings this weekend, which is odd because I’m going on vacation anyway, but I’m hoping to stay active in the morning while I’m gone.  I’m really ready to get back to my mornings because I can tell the difference and tell why I wasn’t working out as consistently when I was doing evenings (I just switched to mornings in January of this year).  If work was stressful and awfully annoying (which this week has been every.  single.  day.) I had zero energy, desire, and willpower to do anything.  And I never got into it….the whole thing was just bad.  So I ended up with a bit of down time this week because I was so exhausted.  I am ready to hit it hard and get back to the schedule that works for me tomorrow.

Catch Up Time!

Hey world 🙂  I’ve been super busy with work and traveling for work so I got a little behind in my posting but I’m back!  Thought I’d share a few thoughts and some new stuff that is going on.

Morning workouts….I love you.  Seriously.  This week I switched to night to meet with the trainer and it pretty much sucks.  I feel so low energy all day, low energy at the gym, trouble sleeping and still wake up before my alarm.  No way, sorry back to mornings ASAP!

The hubs and I have been talking about health a lot lately.  I happened to mention the Beachbody Ultimate Reset to him and he kind of ran with the idea.  Ran with it to the fact that we have actually ordered it and will probably be starting in mid September.  Oye.  I promised him that if he wanted to do it, I would do it with him all solidarity like.  Why do I make these promises?  Love?  Anyway, we talked about it and I actually decided to sign up as a coach to place the order.  I know why there are a million coaches now – the discount if you are buying things regularly (which I kind of have already with them…hmmm) is WAY worth it.  For us to buy all the reset kits and the shakeology we both decided to throw on after research since my schedule especially is highly unpredictable, well let’s just say we saved a ton of money.  I don’t plan on being a pushy seller or anything like that because those pushy Beachbody coaches all kind of freak me out, don’t worry.  And I also have been a fan of Beachbody for a while – I own 6 of their exercise programs and never coached when I was buying those.  Those I really did buy honestly because I really just liked their product and wanted to try these programs.  Ironically, I suck at doing 60 or 90 days of anything, but I still buy all these 60 or 90 day programs.  Shrug.

I will probably journal the Ultimate Reset fairly detailed just because I think if I commit to journal it, I’ll keep honest with it.   It’s a pretty big commitment and you don’t workout during it really except yoga and walking and stretching so I’ll be going CRAZY most likely by day 4.  I’m concerned about the diet options…but I’m excited by them.  I’m concerned because it is a challenge.  I’ve read almost the entire beachbody forum on Ultimate Reset before we ordered and I am convinced that I can get through it, but I know it will be a challenge.  I almost said no because I travel and it’s somewhat unpredictable.  But then I decided no, that really can’t be a reason I don’t do it.  My schedule is ALWAYS an excuse for why I don’t stick to anything and from what I can tell there are ways to make it happen.  I really really hope to get out of the program a better relationship with food, kick some cravings, and also a better situation in the kitchen for the hubby and I.  We have never been in the same place with dieting/healthy eating/healthy lifestyle so if this puts us on the same book (let alone the same page – oh rejoice!) then that is worth the total cost of admission.  That difference of opinion on trying to be healthy has made weight loss and sticking to a meal plan very difficult for me over the years and I’m just really hoping that at the end of all this we will be of the same or at least a closer mind.  Anyway, I’m not sure when we will start.  We will get it probably while I’m on girls getaway vacation and I believe our thought is to start at some point after the holiday.  We can spend the long weekend reviewing the materials and figuring out what we need, ect.

I love having a trainer.  The workouts are killer and I’m losing inches like crazy.  FOUR off my stomach in the past 2 weeks and I’m totally wearing all my old pants.  But I miss Insanity, lol.  And my morning workouts.  And BodyRock which lately I’ve totally abandoned and really really miss!!  I struggle with balance in my workout schedule for sure.  I love all the weight training but need to figure out how to kind of get it all in.  Like a day of insanity, a day at the gym, a day of bodyrock – rest, repeat.  Something like that would be almost ideal and get me to not miss any of the things I love or things I need.  My friend suggested I do a week of each, which is also an intriguing idea.  That would be a constant shake up of things and might be a good way to stay excited.  Basically pick a program of the week so to speak and go after it.

Speaking of inches.  I’ve lost like zero inches on my butt in 1.5 months.  Thighs, arms, and especially the stomach are ridiculous.  But my butt is almost exactly the same.  It’s kind of ridiculous and it’s why my old pants while I can wear them – they are still a bit tight in the booty zone.  I know you can’t spot reduce…so I’m just patiently waiting for all the work I’m doing to eat enough fat everywhere else to decide to hit the butt.  But I can gripe about it a little…so I am 🙂

Vacation starts in ONE week.  Excited isn’t even the right word.  It’s also the last week of the weight loss challenge we are doing.  I’m in 2nd place right now and I’m about 100% sure this past week wasn’t one of my best.  So time to kick it into overdrive to get back to my 1-2 lbs a week range.  Nutrition on point, exercise on point, sleep on point.

Speaking of sleep…good night!

Ramblings on Healthy Traveling

I probably should have taken more pictures for this post.  I’m so terrible at that, but I’m going to do better next trip – deal?  Ok moving on as I paint pictures with my words….

This week I had 2 trips – one was a driving trip and one was a flying trip.  In order for me to keep on track I have to really put in work.  The downfall of traveling is that sometimes my exercise schedule just doesn’t happen.  Not because I don’t want it to, but because of schedule, delays, or just exhaustion.  Traveling is tiring work and I’ve pretty much decided that my secret for success is being a perfect as I can be on diet while trying to workout when possible.  So let’s talk strategy, shall we?

Hit the Road!
I will preface this section by saying – when it comes to certain things I don’t mind spending money.  I will penny pinch and shop clearance for a new granny sweater, but I will pay almost full price (come on – if you are ordering online and aren’t googling “company here promo code” you are not doing the internet right.  Anyway, one of my favorite pieces of travel gear is my 6 pack bag.  I have both the 3 and 5 level bags and I LOVE them.  Anyway for a road trip no matter where I’m going, one of these is coming with me.  As this was only an overnight trip and a very short one at that, I packed up my 300.  I brought with me bottled water, Chobani, protein bars and protein powder.  The hotel did not have a refrigerator and at 6am the next morning my ice packs weren’t even completely melted.  Perfect – my Chobani was still ice cold and ready for me to eat pre-workout.  First way I stay on track.  Second, I brought my workout with me.  I actually have converted some of my DVDs to files on my computer only for the purpose of putting on a thumb drive to bring with me to travel.  I didn’t do all – that would be ridiculous!  But I do have them with me in case the hotel gym is crap (which, hello – this is so common) or I’m in the mood to have someone tell me what to do for the workout because I don’t have it inside myself to do it.  So for this trip this week, I ate my still cold Chobani then did an Insanity workout.  I took my remaining protein shake with me to my meeting and since it was over relatively early, at lunch at home after driving back, having a 2nd snack on the road instead of a meal.  I needed to beat traffic 🙂  With that – I was only gone about 20 hours but I was perfectly on track.

I also always request a refrigerator and microwave on EVERY trip.  Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t.  But always request it.  Always.  If I have it, then I don’t have to rely on my 6 pack bag as being my refrigerator.  And then I can shop for what I need and eat as if I’m at home.

Friendly Skies!
Flying presents a LOT of challenges for the healthy girl on the road.  Let’s start with food.  Since there are so many limits to what you can bring on the plane, it can be hard to go with the old stand bys.  With having to get to the airport so early, it’s not impossible to have to eat 2 -4 of my 6 meals a day in an airport depending on the flight.  Even a short 45 min commuter flight ends up being at least 3 hours between getting to the airport to check in, get through security, actual flight, then getting baggage.  And that assumes no delays – which you never should assume because that is how you get in trouble!  Most larger airports are easy to find a good meal in assuming you have the time to do a little recon.  It’s the baby airports that kind of suck.  Like Omaha (I love you Omaha but…) that airport has the equivalent of a concession stand – nachos, burgers, and scary old sorry looking salads with no style, totes economy class.

There are a few ways I tackle airports.  My bars and shakes are my bffs.  Protein powder in a shaker cup or in the tub have never given me a problem with TSA. And post security you just have to buy a water to mix it with.  Bars are easy and great on the plane to grab and eat.  Protein is the best for me personally because it keeps me full.  When figuring how how much to pack to eat I do think at least the day before about how my day will lay out and once I put the trip in there, see what and how many meals fall into the travel to the airport/flight time.  Also if a short delay will mean I miss another meal, I add that in as well just to be safe.  Then I pack enough supplements to cover all meals while flying.  Is this ideal?  Hell no.  I’ll be the first to say that.  But I’ve flown a heck of a lot and I’ve been in trouble before when you want to buy food and (1) oh you are in row 30 and they ran out of everything but m&ms and pringles at row 25 (2) flight was delayed and the only thing open at the airport when you landed was mcdonalds (3) concession stand aka Omaha (4) delay on first flight is so much that instead of the 1.5 hour layover you thought you had to grab food you have become a contestant on airport mad dash to get to your next flight. So on and so forth.  Bottom line – I’ve learned that I can’t assume that I will have time to eat in the airport except for the time before my first flight assuming security works with me on that.  So I’d rather bring the bars and protein and not need it than need it and not have it and be stuck buying those pringles and m&ms.  When you are hungry and desperate, that’s when you make the worst decisions in life.  Being prepared stops the walk of shame in the concourse 🙂

On this trip I was lucky to have a good sized fridge/microwave.  I did a grocery shop for almond milk (for mixing with powder), fresh fruit, microwaveable breakfast (these cedarlane all natural egg white omelettes fit the bill with fruit!), chobani, and bottled water right after I checked in.  So while this is again a short trip (literally about 48 hours), I have had a lot of my meal needs taken care of, no problem.

With both of these – flying or driving, you can always be more prepared than you think.  Like I said earlier – request the microwave and refrigerator.  Scout out the airports for possible good foods in your concourse if you are nervous.  Pack your non-perishables or perishables depending on drive vs. fly.  ALWAYS bring your exercise gear.  Always.  Make time for exercise or activity.  Beach walking burns your thighs as I learned today.  Go kayaking or hiking or some other activity that is new to you.  Or just go for a walk.  Move early and move often.  Tell your travel companions what you need.  My coworkers all know that if we are looking for a hotel and what everyone’s needs are mine are simple – gym and hopefully fridge/microwave.   I’m the only one who doesn’t say this loyalty program or that!  Lastly – get some sleep!  Is all this work?  Yes.  Is it more than you have thought about before?  Yes!  Is it going to be worth it when you end the trip not only not gaining weight, but LOSING a lb or two?  YES!!  I’m finally getting to the point where I’m starting to think about the end state, not the short term.

Side note – if you read all this – bless you, LOL!

Grocery Haul (Travel Week)

Grocery time!

My groceries for the week with some of my cleaning products peeking out!  Well most of them – I realize now that I forgot one thing 🙂  This week is a small shop as I will be in and out of town, so I didn’t need to get as much.   I have a $80/week shopping budget I stick to and this week I spent $57 total.  Not bad!
1. Bottled Water – I don’t usually buy this, but I wanted to get this for the week to keep in my car when traveling to and from (and during).  My Sigg is great, but so awkward in the car to drink from.  These are better and I never drink hotel water for some reason.  
2. Fruit (grapes and clementines)
3. Chobani (pre-workout or mid morning snack)
4. Avocado Oil – This is a new thing I decided to grab since it was a travel week and I didn’t need as much other stuff.  I wanted to try it because it is a great healthy fat AND it’s really good for high heat cooking.  I’ve heard such great things about it, definitely want to see if I like it.
5. Newman’s Own Cheese Pizza – this has a really great ingredients list and is a great vehicle for a meal.  I’ll cook it about half way, then pile on my meat serving.  When I take it out, I make a salad (just greens and cranberries) and pile it on top of my portion of pizza.  Delicious and feels decadent when it’s really not.  Oh I also add some red pepper flakes, yum!
6. Applegate Farms Chicken Sausage and Patties – this is a stock up item because they are all kind of pricey because Applegate items are natural and antibiotic free.  I like the sausage for the egg bakes I make for breakfast and the patties to use in salads sometimes because it takes 2 seconds to microwave.  I try to plan to have food for all my meals but let’s be honest – sometimes I am in a jam.  These save me from a situation where I’m starving and dinner looks to be 30-60 min away and am desperate.  
7. Perdue Chicken Breasts – I love these because they are individually packaged but I usually don’t get them b/c they are really pricey.  They were on sale today so into the freezer they go!  I keep my food costs down by buying things on sale and freezing them until I need them.  These are Jamaican jerk flavor – whatever that is supposed to be?  Yes I have never had jerk chicken before.  But I guess I will find out.  These also are low in carbs, even with seasonings, so another good quick thing to have on hand.
8. Olivia’s Organic Spring Mix (not pictured) – Salad greens plain and simple.  I have some left from the big container I bought last week, so I just bought a small container.  I am not a fan of spinach, but spring mix pretty much rocks my world.   

Non-Scale Notes

I went for a run/walk today….it’s been a long time.  But according to Nike+ I didn’t do so bad pace wise.  I felt much better than the last one in June or so – those lbs I’ve lost the last few months are helping.  Running is not my favorite activity mainly because I am too overweight to enjoy it.  I mean let’s be honest – it’s not comfortable to run when you are not fit.  It can’t be and if you say it is you are lying 🙂 It’s uncomfortable and hard and just ugh.   But it works and I used to be a runner of sorts and I sometimes miss being that runner.  So I’m going to try to become one again by walking and running occasionally until I can run more and more and more.  Today I only ran about a half mile.  And saying ran is a very generous description of a shuffle.  But I feel the work I did and feel good about it.  Good mentally.  Destroyed physically.  I tried to do some JM Trouble Zones afterwards to get some weight in…child please.  My legs are a mess and my arms are tired too.  Takes a lot of arm pumping to get this booty down the street.  I did manage about 25 min though!

My taste buds are all maturing and becoming healthified.  I ate at Ruby Tuesdays the other day.  Just needed a break from cooking and wanted something different.  Made a HUGE garden bar salad and had the tilapia trio.  Only ate about a third of the trio (ate the rest just a few minutes ago for dinner).  I then ordered dessert to go.  I haven’t had dessert in over a month and I’ve been JONESING for some.  Before I lose my mind in a pint of something awful, I had something small.  The thing is – everything just tastes weird.  The fish a little too salty and the dessert was mega sweet.  Wow.  It cured that need for something different and sweet and now I really just was ok.  I guess my body is really adapting to this new eating style.  That’s good.  I walked right through the sweet stuff at the grocery store today (my store is shady – the yogurt/eggs/milk/cheese is across from the ice cream) and felt just fine.  No cravings, no longing, no desire to get anything.  This, this is a new thing.  A good thing, it sure is easier to stick to eating veggies when the dessert isn’t calling out to you AND when you know it won’t taste as good as you think anymore.

Olympics – I’m such an addict.  I mean I waited SO long to go workout because I was in the sports zone.  Woke up and watched track prelims, then Serena (because really, did Sharapova do anything??), then diving and trampoline…more track…volleyball…more track.  It’s ridiculous.  I’m currently watching beach volleyball.  It happens every 2 years now that I go into the Oly hole of no return….I love this stuff.

For the Record (August)

Exercise Program:
2-4 days a week of Insanity DVDs
2-3 days a week of strength training at the gym
1-2 days of rest a week

Thoughts: I do enjoy this set up and the workouts.  I have 4 appointments with a trainer scheduled for August, so that will make up a lot of my strength training on the schedule.

Meal 1: Chobani
Meal 2: Oatmeal Smoothie or Egg Bake
Meal 3: Big salad – meat, spring mix, cheese, cranberries, light dressing
Meal 4: MaxPro shake + 5 triscuits
Meal 5: Same as Meal 3 or meat, rice, veggies (cooked)
Meal 6: MaxPro smoothie (with fruit, ice, almond milk, sometimes a bit of cocoa powder or PB2)

Thoughts:  I struggle with eating all this food some days.  Now that I have the smoothies it’s easier to get down for sure.  The breakfast is the constant struggle – but I’ll get there.  One day.  For now I do the best I can to stick with my macros.

So far for 2012 I’m down 30 lbs and about 1.5 clothing sizes.  Definitely more progress on top than on the bottom but progress is progress and I am happy for that.  No matter how it comes off the point is that it is coming off and I am working towards my goal.  I started at size 26 pants and now I can get into some 22s.

August Goals:
1. Lose 8 lbs (always…this is the goal every month to weigh in on Monday with a 2 lb loss)
2. Eat clean on travel/vacation (DE, FL, MN – the only day quasi off is fair day because it’s once a year and I really want a cheese curd or two!)
3. Start walking/riding in the evenings (after work, before it gets dark at least a mile or two walk or a 20ish min ride…this is less about calorie burn and more about not sitting all night)
4. Lose a clothing size (let’s get into those 20s shall we!)

August Already

I’m kind of blown away that we are officially in August already.  I’m trying to figure out what I did the first few months of the year because I certainly don’t remember.

Did Insanity this morning (pure cardio).  It’s definitely getting easier to stay with the video the entire time instead of taking a break every 2 minutes.  I still take lots of breaks – but I am noticing more exercises that I’m getting that whole minute of work in vs. before where almost every exercise had at least one break.  I really like the Insanity program – way more than I thought I would.

My workout schedule is such a mess.  I do a lot of insanity, some weight lifting, and some resting.  There is really no method to my madness right now even though I’m trying to plan.  I think because I’m conflicted about what I should do vs. what I want to do vs. what needs doing I’m just all over the place.  I think really deep down that as long as I’m moving and getting the intense cardio during the week a few times I’m fine.  But I do wonder if what I’m doing is right for my goals.

My nutrition plan got a little stricter this week – a little less bread and rice with a little more protein at meal times.  I don’t really mind – the healthier bread and brown rice aren’t my favorites.  She also wants me to have my breakfast on exercise days (meal 1) split – half right after I workout and half at the normal time.  Good idea but it again makes it hard with what to eat.  I guess I could do the smoothie, drink some, put it in the freezer until I get ready to head to work, then finish?  I also wish that of all the meals that had reduced carbs, breakfast was one, but alas, lol.  I’m going to do more egg burrito/rollup/something research this weekend.  With that, I could make 2, eat one right after and one later.  Or maybe it’s time to check out the egg muffin recipes?

I wore my size 22 pants to work yesterday because I got told that my other pants were ridiculous.  They were really big (and comfy) and I know I should probably not wear them.  But they are comfy and I love comfy.  Anyway the 22s are not at all comfy.  But they do fit like pants are probably supposed to fit.  I’m going to go through this weekend and see what fits and what doesn’t…something I should have done a while ago I suppose.  I mean after losing 30 lbs, one should probably not be wearing the exact same outfits like I am.

Speaking of losing 30 lbs – I’ve decided that 65% was upper body, 10% hips/butt, and the last 25% from my thighs.  I look decidedly more pear than I’ve ever looked.  I know lower body weight is harder to take off…I’ve read that lots of places.  And I’m trying to be patient, really.  No, really, I am.

My next reward is going to be this tank from FireDaughter.  I’m in love with it and I need it to be mine.  I think I will order it in another 15 lbs (because it’s custom made and takes a while) and hopefully by the time I get it I’ll have lost 20 and it will be my reward to myself (along with a nice pedi and/or massage!) for getting all the weight gain off.  I hope to be able to order that in 7 weeks…so time to put a move on it.