Weekday Holidays Should Be Banned

Today is the weirdest Thursday ever.  Having a holiday yesterday, so a random Wednesday off was odd.  And it’s odd because the 4th of July is specifically a night time holiday.  Yes people bbq and all that jazz – but the joy of the fourth happens after dark.  Which means I was up until about 11:30 pm listening to cannons outside my house being set off and then car alarms going off from said cannons.

The 4th of July is distinctively less fun when one is (1) by herself and (2) has no children and (3) has to go to work the next day.

Anyway, I did manage to get up at 5:30 AM and knock out my 3rd Insanity dvd – cardio strengthening or whatever. Okay, let’s be real and call it what it really is – cardio jump around with a few pushups and squats.  Okay much better.  Seriously though – I kind of love Insanity so far (and no I’m not a beachbody coach, I don’t plan on becoming a coach either).  It’s hard, intense, and designed to make you basically feel like you should crawl into a corner and die after every workout.  I get that most people don’t like that – but I do.  I’m pretty sore everywhere after this workout – upper back, core, thighs, bum – and it was only 45 minutes (with a good length warmup, stretch, and cool down).  Tomorrow is cardio recovery – because those two words go together?  I’ve watched bits of it and it looks like it’s a yoga based workout so we’ll see.  I am excited for a good stretch going into pure cardio which I’ve heard is hell on earth.  Like I told my friend who got me into this mess in the first place – if you don’t lose weight doing this, you didn’t want to lose weight in the first place.  It’s that hard.

I’m also on day 4 of my nutrition plan.  Whoa.  I’m actually really proud of myself that I’ve stuck with it through the holiday.  I’m getting creative with making foods for dinner at least.  Lunch has been pretty standard salad with chicken and mashed sweet potato (oddly delicious).  Maybe I’ll do a day of eating in pictures to show what I’m eating.  I did create a Pinterest board that shows some food ideas that I’m collecting that fall within the plan OR I think I can make fit the plan with very minor modifications.  I figure if this is going to be a lifestyle, I better collect ideas that make it work for me so I don’t just give up.  I will be looking for more ideas for raw veggies (I’m supposed to have 2 cups at lunch time…and salad greens will get old really fast).  That board should grow a lot over the next 12 weeks at least.  I will probably be getting an update (minor I’m sure) in a few weeks based on how things go.  I’m positive eating the plan and doing insanity will be a sure fire weight loss plan.  I’m definitely going to be doing mainly Insanity for my workouts for the full 60 days (I may throw something else in here or there depending on travel or if I get bored or something).

Insane in the Membrane

So yeah…we are kind of doing this.  I say kind of because I’m not sure if I’m going to follow the 60 days as strict as the schedule because I want to add weight training back to my life and I’ve always struggled with the beachbody style of doing the same workouts for 60-90 days even when I love the workouts.  This is only 60 days though – so it might actually happen (I usually get through at least the first month…)  I’ve had insanity for a while but I’ve been intimidated by it and pretty scared.  It seemed harder than P90x because I’m not a cardio girl – I’m a strength girl.  Which is why I think I tried to become a cardio girl lately.  But since my homegirl is doing it…I decided to join in and go for it figuring since she’s a day or so ahead she can warn me 🙂

Today I did the fit test…holy hell.  I mean it’s just a fit test.  Not an actual workout.  Lots of rest.  And yet I was drenched with sweat and I’m already feeling it.  So all of my fears are confirmed about being scared – but at the same time I’m pretty giddy as I LOVE a good hard workout.  Anyway, here are my Day 1 fit test results:

Switch Kicks – 35
Power Jacks – 31
Power Knees – 80
Power Jumps – 30
Globe Jumps – 6
Suicide Jumps – 9 (btw – why can’t he just call them 1/2 burpees????)
Push-Up Jacks – 7 (I guess…I’m quite positive my form was horrendous)
Low Plank Oblique – 30

So there it is…Day 1 Insanity fit test scores.  I definitely am excited to see what the actual workout looks like since the fit test was pretty intense.

Nutrition Plan – Wake Up Call

So the first thing I noticed about my plan was the calorie count – 2500 calories a day.  Whoa – that’s a lot of calories.  But I guess when it’s all clean and healthy food you can eat more.  Okay so today was day like 0.5.  I did a lot of prep yesterday (I got my meal plan last night) so I ate most of the day on the plan.  This evening though I had a non-plan dinner, mainly because I had some food left over that I wanted to finish and also because I didn’t have anything prepared for dinner to eat on plan yet.  I finished that up today while watching Army Wives so now I’m ready for tomorrow to be an all day affair.

All of the meals are fine and I think I will be okay doing this long term.  The only meal that I really hate is the breakfast.  It’s too much food….way too much food.  I really am not that big into breakfast foods in general – and the amount of food she planned was crazy.  Even with subbing out the protein shake for the egg whites (EIGHT) of them – I was barely making it through the oatmeal.  There was an option in the drop down for 2 tortillas – and I think I’m going to switch to that.  Then I can have it with the egg whites and make breakfast burritos with veggies and salsa.  That is so much more appealing than oatmeal and egg whites (why do people insist on putting these together??) and on top of both of those a cup of melon.  I’m going to send her a note about that change and see what she says.


Happy July!!

I’m excited for the half of the year mark because I gotta be honest – 2011 has been a rough one.  My life is about 180 degrees different than I thought it would be this time last year and I’m hoping to really turn it around by doing the best for ME for the rest of the year.  I also got invited to be in a wedding next year – so that is hella motivation to focus on myself if nothing else is.

I decided to go talk to a nutritionist and try to get a better plan for myself and food.  I’m struggling pretty hard with trying to stay on track and stay with the program and I think this will be good.  This place I would do a check in with weight and body fat so definitely encourages me to stay on track so my check ins are showing the right trend.  I should be getting my plan later today or tomorrow and I’m pretty amped about it.  The nutritionist was super nice, asked lots of questions about why I’m struggling and what my hopes were for the program.  Whenever I figure I will probably start on Tuesday with the plan unless I get the plan early enough today that I can hit the grocery store and prep for lunch tomorrow.

I also am considering joining a gym again.  She was all about my cardio but really thinks I should push the weights again.  I used to lift heavy and I have slowly this year switched from the more traditional heavy lifting thinking that cardio would be better for weight loss.  I’m willing to go back to it – I actually really loved lifting heavy!  I was actually really happy to hear that she thinks the heavy lifting for my body type will be beneficial and give me great results along with the nutrition program (she is also a trainer).  So I’m thinking of joining a gym.  There is a gym near me with really great hours and a really great price (half of what I was paying at the old gym) that is just opening, so I may go check that out.  I really am going to dedicate myself the next 6 months to get the body I want by 2013.

I’m still doing really well with my list I posted of little steps.  The walking has been limited just because it’s been about 100 degrees the last few days and it’s just too hot out to walk.  I have tried in the AM to get it in but even then, it’s been almost 90 in the morning!  Crazy!  But either way I’m doing well with the other items so I’m happy.  When the weather gets more reasonable I’ll be outside again and moving my body.