Prep and BodyRock Lite

BodyRock recently added BodyRock Lite to their burn, sculpt, flow product line.  I did my first lite workout this morning and loved it!!!  Lite is really a misnomer.  It’s not easier and it’s not really any faster (this morning took me 23:02 to finish) and it’s definitely not any less reps.  The difference between lite and a typical burn workout is the simplicity of the exercises and equipment.  This was today’s workout:

1) 100 Sumo Side Lifts – Using the pink Sandbag
2) Push-Ups – 50/75
3) Tricep Dips – 50/75
4) Step Ups – 50 Left & 50 Right Leg
5) 15 Slow Stability Ball Crunch With Maximum Weight –  Using the pink Ugi ball & Sandbag or Stability Ball (I threw in 15 w/o weight as well)

I did 50 of 2 and 3 and it was a workout.  I was dripping sweat and feeling great.  The difference between this and typical is that I didn’t have to study the video a million times and/or watch it during the workout to get through it.  I also had to make no modifications b/c I couldn’t complete the workouts.  I really like these lite workouts as they allow me to complete the workout exactly as written with no issues.  

Low-Carb Prep.  I’ve been studying Atkins again.  It’s been a long time (maybe 8 or 9 years) since I’ve done it.  And I only did induction back then.  This time I want to do the whole program and see where it takes me.  I’ve been reading up and also starting to look at the foods I eat to see how much sugar and net carbs they have.  Eye opening.  My plan right now is to lower my carbs for the next week or so (until I get back from my trip next weekend).  Then I’d like to hit induction hard. I may have another trip immediately following my weekend trip and if that happens, then I may shift a bit.  I actually think Atkins would be easier on the road than a low-fat/low-calorie diet though, so I may give it a shot.  I’m going to reserve that decision until I do a little more research into convenience foods (I know – not ideal but for travel it’s a reality I need to research) and see if I can create some good list of snacks that are shelf stable in the case I don’t have a refrigerator in my room and/or a kitchenette to prepare some simple foods (boiled eggs mainly).  

Ready for June

May has been a pretty hectic month!  A wedding, a business trip, a trip for a graduation, and family in town.  To say that being on track has been hard is an understatement.  But I’ve been trying!  I have been bodyrocking when I’m able and walking.  But it’s time to focus on diet.  I’ve been feeling very blah and it’s time for a re-focus.  My friend is doing a low carb challenge and I’ve decided to join her for June.  There are several reasons for this.  The main one being that low carb is the one program that I’ve done that really worked well for me.  As in I got the results not typical results.  I also find it easier to stay on than any other diet.  I remember stopping Atkins in college only because it was too hard at the time to do living in a dorm eating dorm food.  I didn’t really have the ability (or a kitchen) to do it right.  I haven’t seriously done Atkins since.

I’m not sure if I’m going to do Atkins induction or if I’m going to make rules for myself to eat lower carb.  I’m kind of terrified of going on a structured diet because I’ve failed at every attempt.  At the same time I’m looking forward to having a structure again, something to lean on.  The only thing that I want that really isn’t on Atkins induction is fruit.  I’m not looking forward to giving up fruit for any stretch of time.  But I could do the 2 weeks and see how that goes.  I can add fruit back in (some fruits anyway) after that so I won’t be permanently away from it.

BodyRock has gone well.  I haven’t done the May challenge as completely as I’d like just because of all the being out of town.  I have done the first week and loved it.  I think they have a June challenge planned, so I’ll keep with the May workouts until that gets a few days posted.

Low carbing plus bodyrockign should make my July 1st progress pics awesome.  I hope.  I’m leaving for the beach in 1.5 months so I would also like to have some amazing progress by then!

Thong Shape Up (Cinco de Mayo Workout)

Saturday I did an amazing workout – from 3/18 the thong shape up.  It’s a long workout, which was fine with me since I had a food filled weekend on tap including a wedding to attend.

Main Workout 10 off/20 on, 6 rounds in each set
Set 1
Jump Mat Pushup – 2/2/3
Pushup – 4/7/7
Set 2

Jump Mat Pushup – 3/3/3
Pushup – 6/6/8
Set 3

Squat Jump + Clean and Press – 3/3/4
Switch Lunge and Kick – 6/5/5
Set 4

Squat Jump + Clean and Press – 4/3/3
Switch Lunge and Kick – 7/8/8

Abs 10 off/50 on
Plank toe floor touch – 14
Reverse Curl – 17
Plank toe floor touch – 12

Cool Down (weighted)
Clean and Press – 10
Push up and reach – 8
Side to side chest – 16
Bent over row – 10
Goblet squat – 10
Left lunge – 10
Right lunge – 10

I used a 30 lb bar for the clean and presses and bent over rows.  Used 16 lbs for the side to side chest.  This workout was a scorcher and a longer workout, which I like.  I need that sometimes.

Sunday was a rest day, which is good b/c my butt was BURNING from all the squats/lunges.  Today I overslept, so I didn’t get a morning workout.  I’m going to re-start the 30 day challenge I think tomorrow.  I decided to wait until it was farther along since I do my workouts in the AM and I need the workout to be there the night before so I can watch it and prep for the morning’s workout.  I have a lot of travel ahead of me this week and next, so I may hold off on re-starting until I get back in town next weekend.  I haven’t decided yet – I’ll see how travel friendly some of the workouts are.

Weigh in today – plus 3.2 lbs.  But considering we lived it up pretty big this weekend – open bar, dessert, mac and cheese…shall I go on? I’m not at all surprised that the scale shows an increase today.  I fully expect that to be gone after a few days of back to normal eating.  I also didn’t exercise as much as normal b/c of the schedule and visitors.  Not stating these as excuses, but just facts of the situation as I sometimes need to remind myself that the reason for a gain on the scale is very obvious.  This week it was a lot of food combined with less exercise – which will equal a weight gain.  I am ok with this because it was a special weekend…not the normal for me.

Hello BodyRock Flow (May 3)

This AM I did the first BodyRock Flow workout!  It was really short – only 4 minutes total – but really intense. The workout – Seriously Hot Yoga – was variations on the awkward pose to work the buns and thighs.  I started sweating about 2 minutes in and had a really hard time with holding the pose for 30 seconds.  I managed to get into every pose in a moderately deep knee bend.  I’m interested to see where this goes and how flexible I can get.

First Ever Bootcamp

May 2nd I went to a bootcamp I bought a Groupon for.  I was pretty excited to try something new and hopefully get an amazing workout.  And I had to be in order to get up at 4:30 in the morning for it.  Well I was sadly disappointed.  The bootcamp was disorganized and there were a lot of times when people just stood around.  I would keep working just because I wanted a good workout and there was nothing else to do.  The instructor seemed overwhelmed.  The only time she seemed to have it together was when she had us all do the same thing at the end – but even then she didn’t keep track of time.  So when we partnered up instead of seeing where everyone was and giving both partners even time, she but the 2nd partner’s time in half.  She knew some people and chatted with them instead of focusing on the whole.  In short – I wasn’t really that impressed.

I’m glad I got a groupon.  Some people paid almost $300 for this thing.  I would have been PISSED if I paid that much and got that kind of class out of it.  I’m probably going to go back at least one more time and see how it goes.  If it doesn’t improve though, I’ll just stay home.  I can go ahead and do my own thing and get a better workout, lol.

Fitter for Summer – May 1st

Today I did the Fitter for Summer 30 day challenge fit test to kick off the month of May with Bodyrock.  I did a combination of the beginner and intermediate bodyweight tests, scores below

Beginner/Intermediate Mash Up Fit Test
Squat Jump + 1/2 Burpee 10/7/8
Pushups (all on knees) 17/18/18
Tricep Dips (off couch) 12/12/15
Abs (off couch) 12/14/14

I’ll be honest – yesterday I didn’t eat well so after I finished that fit test I decided to push myself a bit.  I did JM body rev workout #4.  I’m glad I did, I felt much better afterwards.  I really do like workout #4 – it’s my favorite so far.

Last item of the morning – the bodyrock flow fit test. I’m very excited for the Bodyrock Flow program to kick off.  I really do enjoy yoga and want to do more of it.  I’ve never consistently done a yoga practice so I’m definitely hoping that the yoga takes the same 12 minute format so I can keep up with it.

Flow Test
Downward Dog – heels not on floor, back of legs tight
Pigeon – trouble getting into position with hips straight, hip stays high (need pillow), tight front leg
Dangling – hands on floor, straight legs
Standing Back Bend – very slight back bend, any farther makes breathing difficult

JM Week 4 (Monday)

April 30th I did JM body rev workout #3.  I didn’t hate it as much this time probably because I knew what was going to happen and I knew it was the last time I’d have to do it 🙂  Both of those things severely helped my attitude.

Also today was weigh in day AND measurement day.  I just finished the fitbook 20twelve challenge so it was total body change check in time.  Results were that I lost 18.6 lbs in 12 weeks along with 16 inches.  Not bad, eh?  I was really pleased with this.  Even better – I reached my goal and the last week of the challenge I wore my old jeans out.  All in all, I’m really proud of myself for pushing through.  I set a very aggressive goal of 20 lbs in the 12 weeks so I was only 1.4 lbs short of that. I’m still working on my goals for my new fitbook, I’ll post them later this week.