Hypothesis on Body Revolution

I still am almost 4 lbs down from last Sunday.  In the past week I’ve lost almost FOUR lbs while traveling around the northeast.  People this included 2 4 hour car rides, 2 flights, meetings, and a trip to cheesecake factory.  Losing weight on the road CAN BE DONE.  It just takes some thought and some dedication.  I don’t do my official weigh in until Monday morning and I’m heading off to a girl’s weekend to celebrate my friend’s upcoming wedding, so that number may change on Monday morning.  I am not planning on going buckwild tonight with food when we go out.  But I am saying I’ll probably have a drink or two which is not what I usually do.  That’s the reason I woke up at 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning to get my workout in before I head out 🙂

Speaking of the workout – today was Workout 4 of Body Revolution.  I liked this one way better than 3.  I think the truth is that I just don’t like the all front side workouts (1 and 3).  And in a shocking change – I can do the prisoner get ups.  I think they are in 30 day shred, I could NOT do them.  Now I can.  I couldn’t do the right side with weights, but I could do the base exercise.  The left side I could do with 5 lb weights.  #progress

And yes, I like to use hashtags in everyday life 🙂

Tomorrow is a planned rest day, but I may walk or something in the afternoon after we get back from the bachelorette weekend.

JM at Home (Friday)

Doing my weekly JM workouts.  Today was workout #3.  I didn’t like it, lol.  I’m going to be honest – I really don’t like the program so far.  Her weird combination of old school aerobics and yoga is just odd.  And she never offers modifications for the workouts that are harder for us big people.  Plank into crescent pose over and over….really?  I never really get into the workout, I just get through it.  I am sweating halfway through – so it’s not like I’m not getting a workout in, I just spend the entire time wishing I was doing anything else.  I really have a love/hate relationship with body revolution.  I get done and feel like I got a good workout and I’m very pleased with that.  But I don’t get that post exercise high (or during exercise good feeling) that I get with some other things.

In other news – I decided my loose change jar was going to become my bodyrock equipment fund.  It’s not a very big fund – I only have about $75 in there.  But if I throw my extra spending cash (I do a cash based budget) in there at the end of every week as a rule, it should grow quickly.  I am not sure what the best piece of equipment to start with would be for me.  The dip station/equalizer would be fabulous b/c I have no alternative way to do those exercises.  The sandbag would be great so I can use a little more weight and build strength. Those are my top two choices.  The ugi ball would be really cool to have for those exercises, but of all the equipment I feel like this is the least necessary with what I already have.  Or I can pay way less and get a medicine ball.  I’ve even seen one with handles.  I’m also considering making one from the tutorials I’ve seen online just so I can have the option to increase the weight as needed.  To buy an ugi or medicine ball would mean shelling out cash every time I was ready to go up in weight.

Any bodyrockers read this and have suggestion on the best piece of equipment to start with?  I do have a Gymboss already so that’s done.  Also, if you are a bigger person – equalizer or dip station?

Girl Crush (Wednesday Apr 25th)

Girl Crush was a killer workout because they did a tutorial for those of us w/o the ugi ball or are not in stellar shape (yet!).  Perfect.

Girl Crush – 10 sec off/50 sec on for 3 rounds
Plank w/ Leg Jump 31/34/37
10 High Knees/10 Kicks 3/3/3.5
Woodchop + Jump 13/13/14
Pushup+burpee + Fwd/Back Jump 4/3/4

Ab Bonus
Walk In/Out Plank 4
Oblique Twists 12
Knee Raise and Touch 12

Really awesome hotel workout.  I’m in a hotel with a small open space and this fit perfectly.  It’s a travel keeper.

Sexy by Summer (Tuesday Apr 24th)

Catching up!  I’m on the road this week, so I’m pulling out the workouts that I can rock out bodyweight style.  Tuesday I did Sexy by Summer for the 2nd time.  I LOVE this workout!

6 times through
50 high knees
10 half burpees
10 squats
10 straight abs
total time: 18:08

I did this workout 1 minute 20 seconds faster than when I did it the first time (April 5th).  How’s that for improvement!!

Weekly Weigh In + Gym Time!

First order of business – weigh in.  I actually weighed in yesterday since I am out of town this week.  I lost 1.8 lbs last week for a total of 15 in the last 11 weeks.  It’s the last week of my fitbook and I’m out of town on travel, so hopefully I can lose a pound or so this week.  I will be happy with a maintain, but a loss would be sweet.

On to the workout.  Today my coworker asked me to go to the gym with her so I did.  I haven’t been in a gym in a LONG time and I wasn’t familiar with what this one had at all.  I put together a weird workout because after being on the elliptical for a while I decided I wanted to do some weights.

Elliptical – 25 minutes
Bench Press  – 3 sets of 8 reps with 70 lbs
Pull Up – 16 (whole stack of weights)
Lateral Raise – 3 sets of 10 reps with 50 lbs
Hammer/Rainbow Curl – 2 sets each exercise of 5 reps with 20 lbs
Side Ab Pull – 2 sets each side of 10 with 20 lbs
Tricep Pulldown – 3 sets of 10 with 40 lbs
Rowing Machine – 10 minutes – 1500meters

Not bad.  I used to lift healthy all the time but since I’ve switched to mainly home workouts I don’t do it much at all.  I was really surprised that I still felt very strong.  Guess all those burpees are paying off 🙂

Tomorrow back to bodyrock….I miss it 🙂

1000 Rep Dream Body Workout

Today’s mission, the 1000 Rep Dream Body Workout from April 18th  I’m not gonna lie – this workout scared me.  I started off planning on doing half the workout but after getting into it quickly decided I would go for the whole thing.  Because I did that, I had a weird split.

Kim’s Version of the Dream Body Workout
Complete 25 reps of exercise 1-10 and exercise 11 as written.  Then repeat.

1) Half Burpees
2) High Knees
3) Bag Drop & Half Burpee Tuck Jump – 20 lb bookbag
4) Scissor Lunge
5) Elavated Plank Knee Tucks – Elbow & Cross (Alternate between L&R Legs)
6) Touch Floor Jumping Jacks
7) Lunge & Kick – Left Leg 
8) Tuck Jumps/High Knees
9) Lunge & Kick – Right Leg 
10) Criss Cross Reach Through Abs (Alternate between L&R Legs)
11) 250 High Knee Skips
Time: 46 minutes and 44 seconds
Oh.  My.  God.  This workout was beyond insane.  I worked hard, really hard and I feel really good about that.  I honestly did not think I could do this workout, which is why I had planned to just do half of it.    When I got through the bag drops, which was seriously the hardest thing in this workout, and did the next exercise or two, I realized I could do the full sets.  It was hard, don’t get me wrong.  I had LOTS of water/rest breaks and I also had to pause to watch the video for a second to remember what number 5 was.  Still, I’m pretty impressed with my time and the fact I actually did finish the whole thing 🙂

Thursday with Jillian

Michaels that is.  Today I did my JM Body Rev workout for my goal with my body rev peeps.  I’m gonna be honest.  I like the workouts, but I don’t like spending 2-3 days a week on them instead of doing BodyRock.  So how do I solve that problem?  She does both strength training workouts (so workouts 1 and 2) back to back one morning.  Boom, now I got my strength done and only lost one day of doing what I want to do.  So the deets:

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution
Month 1/Week 2
Workout 1 and Workout 2
8-10 lb weights

I started out at 8 lbs last week, but I made the decision to up the weights for this week’s workouts.  Reason being – body fat blasting.  Over the last few months I haven’t been really eating a fat loss diet or doing fat burning exercise.  Mainly cardio, lighter weight/body weight workouts, and eating way more carbs than I should.  I’m losing weight, so it’s good.  But I want to start working at diet and doing more lifting.  I think I’m going to start putting aside $$ and get a sandbag for bodyrock soon so I can have some real weight (I’m using a bookbag or hand weights now, but that limits the amount I can use) for some of the exercises there.  And I need to start watching my carbs.  I have a busy social/travel calendar the next few weeks but after that, going to start consciously working on my carb intake.  Nothing drastic or counting (I’m officially off counting anything except reps and sets), but just setting some goals to start driving down my processed carbs (not fruit and veggie carbs!!).  I hope that will help really boost my results.

My Body Rocks (Wednesday)

Starting this blog to record my workouts. I would like to easily go back and see what I’ve done, track improvements (reps/weight increases/duration), and track my progress. I’m a new BodyRock fan and that’s the base of my workout program (at least right now 🙂 ). I will be doing a bootcamp in May, but other than that, mainly BodyRock, ZWOWs, DVD programs, or my XBOX. I’m a home workout kind of girl 🙂
I don’t have a lot of the BodyRock equipment. Actually, I don’t have any. So I make substitutions either with weights or equipment I already have in the house or by modifying the move. I’ll list here what I actually do, but link to the workout so you can see it in it’s full equipped glory. My “sandbag” is a small book bag with weight plates in it.

Today’s workout was from April 16th called My Body Rocks. I also did the ab bonus from the 16th as well.

My Body Rocks
Prisoner Squat Jump + Knee Up – 26/15/21
10 Mountain Climbers + Clean + Press (15 lb “sandbag”) – 3/3/3
Squat + Front Raise (8 lb dumbbells) – 13/13/12
Side Twist + 1/2 Side Burpee Jump – 5/3/4
Ab Bonus
Bike Abs + V-Up – 10
Punch Abs – 13
Side/Front Leg Lifts L – 7
Side/Front Leg Lifts R – 7